How to earn money using Tradex App Now

How to earn money using Tradex App Now ?

Tradex App is a platform to trade a kind of Opinion   where you can do trading while sharing your opinion, you just have to say yes or no in your answer. Here you get different types of topics as per your choice like: cricket, T-20 cricket, current affairs, crypto, entertainment etc. Just you have to answer the question asked related to this subject, as soon as your answer is correct, in the same way money comes in your account.

NOTE: Your money comes into the account only when your given answer is correct, if your given answer is not correct or your guess is wrong then you do  not get the money. These applications are almost similar to probo app , plug app and pokeyournose website. The special thing about this application is that apart from smart mobile phone and android mobile phone, this application also runs and works in ios.

After all, what is this Opinion Trading?

This is a kind of trading game played with the mind and brain,  which works according to the market, such as today the price of onion in West Bengal will be more than 35 rupees or not or how many thousand rupees the price of bitcoin today  Opinion Trading is called estimating the market or answering questions on the basis of predictions whether India will be able to win the match or not .

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How to Download Tradex App ?

Go to Google and search this app in the search bar. This app appears on the page as soon as you search. Click here to go to the websites of this app. After clicking, download this application and after downloading install this app and when this application is installed then open it. You can also join this application through telegram group.

How to create account ?

After downloading this app, as soon as you open this app, you see the register button there, you have to click on the register button . As soon as you click on the register button, you are asked for your phone number and promo code. After that, as soon as you fill the phone number and promo code and click the submit button by ticking the box of agree,  you get registered on this app. 10 Rs. are found


How to use Tradex App ?

  • When you are registered on the Tradex app,  after that you have to choose a zone according to your choice and choice.
  • In which you have to trade and share your thoughts and opinions. 
  • After this, as soon as you click on the button with start trading, you come to the market page of this app.
  • Many types of events are available on the market page of this app. You can choose any event according to your mind and choice.
  • And can answer the question asked based on that zone. 
  • If your answer is correct then 100 rupees will be given in your account.
  • If any other person agrees with your answer, then the value of your share increases rapidly.
  • For trading on the Tradex app, no money has to be deposited separately in it.
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Note: In this application you are shown a graph-like shape which keeps moving up and down and you have to guess whether the graph will go up or down and this guessing is in the form of the given answer to your questions if your If the guess is correct, then your chances of getting money increase to almost double, but if the same answer is wrong then the money invested by you ends.

How to earn money from Tradex App ?

Money can be earned in many ways from this app.  One is by answering the questions correctly while playing the game . Second by scratching the promo code, third by referring this app to another.

How to Withdraw Amount ?

In this app, Rupees  can be withdrawn through Debit or credit cards, through Net-banking, through E-wallets and through UPI.

How much money can be earned with Tradex App ?

No correct answer can be given to this question because your earning in this application completely depends on your guess and prediction. If your guess is more accurate then your earning is more. And if your guess is wrong more than once then you  also incur a lot of loss. That is why after reading the questions properly in the tradex app and then after thinking well, give your answer in yes and no.

 How much Minimum can be Withdrawal from Tradex App ?

With this app, you can withdraw up to a minimum of Rs 200, which you can withdraw directly by going to your bank account.

Tradex App

Tradex App Features

  • In this app you get full chance to guess about the latest events. 
  • In the Tradex App, you get the option of Help and Support, so that you can ask for help if you have any kind of problem while playing.
  • Here you can change your photo and name etc. whenever you want by going to your profile option.
  • In the search option of this app, you can search according to your mind and the event of your choice.
  • You can see how much money you have invested so far in My Portfolio option here.
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