How to earn money using Probo Application Now?

How to earn money using Probo Application Now?

Probo Application is a type of Opinion trading app or betting app. Which gives you the opportunity to trade on things with your own thinking. This is a kind of online trading app on which you can earn money by using your brain and mind on the changes happening in the live market or by playing live matches or money. There are other apps like Probo app like: TradeX , Plug, pokeyournose,EverShow etc.

Who is the founder of Probo Application

Sachin Gupta and Ashish Garg are the founders of this Probo App. This app is completely legal in India but only people of 18+ years can play on this app.

What is Opinion Trading Application

This is a kind of mind-playing betting or trading app that works according to the market, like today the price of onion in Pune will be more than Rs 35 whether or not the price of bitcoin will go up to how many thousand today, India will win the match. To assess the market on the basis of forecasts etc. is called Opinion Trading.

Probo Application

How to Download Probo Application

To download the app, go to Google’s Chrome and type the URL of its website. As soon as the website address of this app is entered, the page of this app comes open on the same page, the option of download also comes on the same page, just by clicking that button, the app gets downloaded.

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How to register yourself in Probo Application

  • To register on this app, first of all you download and install the Probo App in your mobile. 
  • After that you have to open the Probo App. 
  • As soon as you open this app, Welcome to Probo will be written in front of you.
  • Then click on the Get Started button given below it.
  • Now you will see the numbers of all the SIM cards present in your mobile. 
  • Now select any mobile number according to your mind, if you want to enter another mobile number then click on None Of The Above.
  • Enter your mobile number, now OTP comes in your mobile which is automatically detected.
  • Now you are asked to enter the referral code. If you have referral code then put it, if you enter referral code then you get 25 rupees.
  • Now you go to your profile option  and click on it and enter User Name, EMAIL ID and Date of Birth. You can change your name and add a photo whenever you want by going to the profile. 
  • As soon as you fill this information, you are ready to play in the Probo App.

How to play

To play in the app, first select the trade of your choice from all the trades that are visible on the page. On clicking on that trade, questions related to that trade will be asked, as soon as you answer these questions, this app takes automatic matching of their answers and on matching their answers, Rs 25 is transferred to your account. 

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Application Features 

  • In this app you get a chance to trade in the latest event 
  • Here you also get the option of Help and Support, so that if you have any kind of problem then you can ask for help.
  •   You can change your photo and name etc. whenever you want by going to the profile option of this app. 
  • By going to the search option of this application, you can search and play the event according to your mind. 
  • Here you can also see your invested money by going to the Portfolio option.

Earn money with Probo Application

There are two ways to earn money from the app, the first is to tell your friend about this app and share it, as soon as your friend creates his account on this app, you get 25 rupees in your account. Another way to earn money from Probo App is by trading or playing, you can earn money as soon as your answer is received from them, Rs 25 is transferred to your account.


Important facts about Probo Application

  • This application is an Indian Opinion Trading App.
  • More than 300000 people have downloaded this app recently.
  • The company of Probo App claims that this application is 100% Safe and Secure.
  • So far more than 75 lakh rupees have been withdrawn through this app.
  • From here you can withdraw money immediately because in this app you get the facility of UPI.
  • Probo App is of 12.24MB. Which can be easily downloaded in your android mobile phone.

How to Add Bank Account in Probo Application?

To connect this app to your bank account, first you have to go to the wallet section of the probo app, where you will see the option of ‘account verification’ at the bottom. Then it has to be opened. Then you have to first verify your PAN card. As soon as your PAN card is verified, after that, you have to click on the option of “bank details” given below. Now here you can go and add your bank details. If you want, you can also add your UPI id, and you can also change it whenever you want. In this app, money goes into your account within 2 to 3 minutes.

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How to Withdraw Money from Probo Application?

First of all, open the Probo app and click on the wallet icon. On clicking, you will see the withdraw button next to your winning amount, click on that button. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw and after that click on the withdraw now button. Now your amount will be transferred to your bank account which you have already added to the Probo app.

You can withdraw at least 100 rupees from this app, and you should also have at least 100 rupees in your account. If the amount is less than this, then you will not be able to withdraw money from your bank account.

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