How to work from home and earn money online

 how to earn money online from home Now?

In today’s time, everyone lives in search of work. In such a situation, if you get work sitting at home and start earning money, then it becomes pleasant to sleep. 

The word earn money online is heard a lot, but why not everyone is able to earn money from mobile. 

The reason for this is the lack of correct information. That’s why most of the people remain confused about how to earn money sitting at home from mobile.

mobile se ghar baithe online paise kaise kamaye

At the same time some people are earning crores of money by working online. Then why don’t you earn, if I talk about ways to earn money, then it can take time to count. 

People earn money from youtube, earn from facebook, earn by making blogs and websites, there are many ways dude. 

All you need is the right guide and information so that you too can start this journey of earning money online. So let’s know how you can earn money sitting at home.

How to earn money online sitting at home – 2022

Whenever it comes to earning money online, you all have some social media like youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. You start feeling that I will also have to make videos, share photos. 

But friends are not only social media from which money is earned, but there are thousands of ways that can make you rich.

But it has to be kept in mind that not all people are comfortable in doing such things. Not all people can do such work. Yes, you can earn money by making videos on youtube. 

Even if you are illiterate, you will still be able to earn money from social media platforms like facebook and youtube.

But the methods that I have told below cannot do all this, some methods may be good for you and some are not. 

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The Method that works well

So you think that I can do it by selecting them and from today onwards you too earn money online sitting at home. 

If I tell my point, then I do blogging, yes I also used to make videos on youtube after seeing other people. But it is said that not everyone can do all the work. 

The same thing happened to me, it can happen to you too, because if you are earning money from youtube then it is not necessary that you can also blogging and write articles well. 

So let’s see what are the ways in which money is earned online sitting at home from mobile.

Like a friend, understand my point and implement it in your life so that you too do not stay in the cycles of earning money online and take your career to the next level.

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earn money online with adsense

Yes friend, adsense is a good way to earn money online, whoever does youtube, blogging etc., they mostly earn money from adsense only. For this, you just have to create a you tube channel, and make and upload videos.

When 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time are completed then you can apply for adsense. But one thing has to be kept in mind that is copywright yes. 

Google Helps you to earn money as publisher

If you copy others’ videos, images and music or voice, then Adsense does not give you approval.

On the other hand, blogging is another way to earn money from adsense. All you have to do is create a blog site and publish some content on it daily. 

while traffic starts coming, you will be able to earn a lot of money by monetizing your blog with Adsense.

The most important thing about creating a blog is that like youtube, you do not make a thousand subscribers. You can also apply for Adsense by writing a post. 

But the more you keep writing the post, the more the chances of getting approved increase.

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Make money online by doing Affiliate Marketing

Whether you know about affiliate marketing or not, I do not know, but let me tell you that people who do it earn money in millions.

 To earn money from affiliate marketing, any product has to be promoted. Along with amazon , filipkart etc., there are many other companies with which you can do affiliate marketing.

For this, you have to create your account on sites like amazon, filipkart and then take a link to a product and share it on your website or anywhere and when people buy your linked product, you will get commission. 

For example, suppose you sold a mobile worth 1000 rupees from your link, then instead of this you get 10% or whatever commission is there. So if you want to earn money online sitting at home, then definitely try affiliate marketing.

earn money by freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest way to earn money online. This means that many companies need work, so if they have to get some work done, then they go to freelancing sites like fiverr , upwork etc. and give work to people there and in return, the amount of money freelancer charge. do gives.

If you want to earn money by becoming a freelancer, then for this, go to the website of fiverr, upwork, etc., create your account and customize your profile well, so that when any client sees your profile, they look like a professional. For this you can watch videos on youtube etc.

You will find many videos. Well, I am going to write this article soon.

When you create an account, you will not get work immediately, you have to wait for a few days. By the way, to earn money online on any platform, you have to wait.

earn money by making android apps

I know friend, if you do not know programming, then you will think that how can we make an app . But friends can earn more from the app than what people earn from youtube and blogging. Earning three to four times more is done from the app. 

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If you do not know how to make an app, then you can get one made by an Android developer . Or even without coding nowadays apps are made which you can do.

It will take some time but when you publish your first app on play store then you will know about the value of making app. 

You can earn a lot of money by placing admob which is a product of Google, that too sitting at home. admob is just like adsense, the difference is that one is for web and one is for android. 

Once you create and publish the app, there is no need to work on it again and again. Which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

make money online store

Hardly many people would know about earning money by creating an online store. But it can make any person rich sitting at home. You have heard the name of amazon, you have heard the name of filipkart, this is the online store.

 If you have a shop or are doing any business, then take it online. With this you can earn money online sitting at home.

Apart from this, you can also earn a lot from other sources mentioned below –

  • social media
  • ad networks
  • online selling business
  • digital marketing

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Finally you know how to earn money online sitting from home. In which we have told some ways, which if you do, then you too can earn a lot of money online. 

Also, let me tell you that if you are starting your journey to earn money online, then you have to be patient.

So friend, I hope that answers to all your questions have been given to earn money sitting at home. If you think that this article should be improved or there is a doubt related to earn money online, then tell us by commenting so that we can help ourselves and you. And finally do share if you like it.

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