How To Earn Money on EverShow App Now

How To Earn Money on EverShow App Now

Today I am going to talk about evershow app. that you make money online using evershow app . You must be watching short videos, but how good it would be if you can earn money while watching videos. In such a situation, I have brought you the ever show application, after using which you will be able to earn money too. Many people were also facing problem in logging into the app, whose solution is given in this article. So let’s read evershow app review and know what is evershow?

How to earn money from evershow app – How to earn money from evershow

In this article, we will know about evershow in detail, what it is and how you can earn money from evershow. You will get to read about it below, how you can log in to this app and how to create your account. I have seen many people that they have otp problem while creating account, many people were also facing problem in identity verification, so that’s why I added its complete information in this article so that you too earn money from evershow app and could withdraw it.

What is evershow? – What is Evershow

This is a short video sharing mobile app in which you can upload short videos, play live, but most people use evershow only to earn money. Because the more videos you watch in this app, the more coins you will get and you can also withdraw it by converting evershow coin into main wallet. There is also a vip account in the evershow app, which you can upgrade and increase your earning.

Evershow app features

You must have seen videos like short video, tiktok on youtube, evershow also has some similar features. But its best and special feature is earn money from evershow. Due to this feature, this app is becoming popular. The design and look of this app is also very good which attracts the user to use it. When you download the evershow app, you will see that it has a very easy and simple tool that any user will understand very well what it means.

Like I told you, the features of earning money in the ever show app are amazing. In which money is earned by watching videos, you can earn money by referring your friend. When you watch a video in the evershow app, there are some ad displays from which you can get coins, you can convert evershow coin into real rupees. So this is some great feature of ever show app.

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how to earn money from ever show app – how to earn money from evershow

So far you know what is evershow, now we are going to talk about how to earn money from evershow app. Look friend, first of all you have to download the evershow app to earn money . Only then will you use it. For this, if you want, you can download by writing evershow on play store or you can also download this ever show short video app from my given link.

login to evershow

When you will install this app in your mobile and open it, first to earn money you have to log in to evershow. You will see a user’s icon in the top left of the app, click on it, then you will see a button to log in to this app. In which the first is login with phone, login with email and one is to create new account. If you have previously created an account in it, then you can log in with the thing with which the account was created.

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And if you do not already have an account of evershow, then click on create new account. Now a screen will open in front of you in which you have to enter your mobile number and password, remember that the password should contain both letters and numbers. After that you will check the box with terms and condition and click on submit then an evershow verificaion code, otp will go in your mobile which you have to enter here.

Let me tell for your information that many people have evershow verification code problem, due to which the user thinks that this app is fake but it is not so, friend there is a button next to send otp on which you will click only then send the verification code. Happens otherwise you will also get stuck in evershow otp not sending problem. After this your evershow account will be ready. If you want, you can also create your evershow id from email id. The process of both is same.

verify identity in evershow

When you will earn money from this app, it is very important to have your identity verification to withdraw it. Because in evershow app you can neither convert coin to rupee without verification nor convert that money to your paytm wallet. That’s why first you go to your profile section, then you will see a setting icon in the top, after clicking on it, there will be an option named Identity Verification in the account section.

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Where you can send some of your personal details like PAN card, or any identity card number and upload its photo and send it for verification. After sometime if your document is correct then it will be verified. Many people have evershow identity verification problem, the only reason for this is that your document was not uploaded properly or that document is fake. That is why you should try that all the information will be filled correctly.

ways to earn money from ever show app

Look friend evershow is the only such short video app so far from which there are many ways to earn money which we will know in turn. But before that, you should put a photo in your profile and change your name too because the profile photo and name given while creating the account is the default. Which you can change by going to Settings.

Earn money with Evershow referral code

Yes friend, there is also a referrer feature in this app so that you will be able to earn money. You will see the refer icon on the home screen of this app itself. In which some rupees are already given as bonus. When you click on it, a screen will open in which the money made by your referral will be shown. When you send a link to your friend and your friend joins this app with your Evershow referral code, then in this way you are given money.

earn money from ever show app by watching videos

This is a very amazing feature of this app which I also talked about above. This way to earn money from ever show app is very easy. The more videos you watch, the more money you can earn. This means that when you watch a video, an ad comes in it and when you see that ad, some coins are given which you can convert into real rupees. Here a question must be coming in your mind that how many coins are available in evershow. So let me tell you for your information when you complete 1000 coin in this app then you will get 1 rupee instead.

monitize evershow video and earn money

Yes, like you upload a video to youtube, then monetize it, in the same way you can create a video in the evershow app and upload it, then the more views you get, the more ads will come on your video, the more you will get money. . Isn’t this amazing feature, whereas to earn money from youtube videos, 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time have to be made. But if you upload a single video on this app and ads come on it, then you get money through evershow. which you can withdraw.

come Online and earn money

There is also a feature of live in the ever show app. By which money is earned but it is only for Pro member. Meaning it has an evershow vip account which is bought by paying money. When you upgrade vip account, you will be able to come live, your earning will increase. You can also come live without vip account but you will not get money from it. If you want to increase followers, then coming live increases a lot, when the followers increase, then whatever video you upload will get more views. By which you will be able to earn money from evershow, meaning you will earn more.

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convert evershow coin to rupee

So far you have known what is evershow and how to earn money from it, now I am going to tell you how to convert evershow coin into rupees. But you always have to remember one thing that you can do this only when your identity has been verified. For this, first of all, click on the user’s icon made on the home screen and open your profile. After that you will see in the bottom that the coin is written and all the coins you have earned as a reward will appear there. When you click on it, a button to convert the coin will appear. With which you will be able to convert your earned coin into rupees.

The history of all the coins you have earned will be shown in the bottom of it and the total coin will appear in the top. You do not have to pay much attention to all those things, just click on the convert button. After that a box will open in which you will write the amount of coin you want to convert. And after clicking on the submit button, it will be converted into rupees. But there is an easier way than that, it will be written in a green color, use all, by which you will convert all your earned coins into rupees.

how to withdraw money from evershow app

All the coins you make into rupees will be saved in your evershow wallet. Which will have to be withdrawn to access paytm or your account. Only then this rupee will come in your real account. When you go to your evershow profile, your wallet will appear, by clicking on which you will be able to withdraw your earned money.

Conclusion :- make money online using ever show app

Finally you taught how to earn money from evershow app and you also know what is evershow. Friend, if you know my opinion on this app, then I will only say that if you want to earn money for pocket expenses then this is a best app. Because money is also earned from evershow referral code. In this I have seen many ways through which money is earned. So you must use it.

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