How to Create Account in MyFab11 – Sign Up Now

How to Create Account in MyFab11 – Sign Up Now

Nowadays fantasy is quite a popular game, due to which people earn lakhs of rupees in a day. You must have heard the name of mpl, dream11 etc. People earn money by downloading such app. In such a situation, a MyFab11 is also a fantasy app of the same kind from which you can earn money. But today our main topic is to create an account in My Fab 11, which we will tell you through step by step process.

Friends, most of us have many problems in creating an account in MyFab11 app, account verification to withdraw money, etc., which we will explain with complete images today. By the way registering, signup, login etc in my fab 11 is not a big deal, if you use a lot of mobile then you will be able to do this process easily and earn money. So let’s know how you will create an account in MyFab11 app.

What is the MyFab11 app

MyFab11 is a fantasy cricket website and app where you can earn money by forming a team from your cricket knowledge. In my fab 11, apart from cricket, you can earn lakhs of rupees by making your team in matches like Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Volleyball etc., and can withdraw the money won to your bank account.

If we understand this in more simple words, then in myfab11 app you have to make your own team according to your knowledge in cricket or any team from both sides of the match. If the team created by you performs well, if your fantasy score is good, then you can win the prize instead.

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How to create account in MyFab11 app

Look friend, if you have downloaded myfab11 app, and now you are facing problem in creating account or in login or sign up. Or if you do not know how to register in my fab 11, then follow the steps given by us below.

I give 100% guarantee, that even if you have zero knowledge of fantasy, you will be able to create your account in my fab 11 and after verifying your account you will be able to transfer the won money to the bank account. There are total three ways to register in this app, first with email id and password, second through Google account, and third from Facebook, which we are going to learn in turn.

Documents required to sign up and do account verification in Myfab11 –

  1. Your Name
  2. Email ID
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Pan Card

Create account in myfab 11 with Email ID and Password

Step 1: Open myfab11 app in your mobile

MyFab11 welcome screen or open app

If you have not already created an account in myfab11 then click on “LET’S PLAY”. Then a new screen opens in which you have to enter your personal details like name, email, mobile number, password, referral code which you can also see below.

create account or register in myfab11

Step 2: Enter referral code – This is optional, if you have referral code then enter otherwise you can leave this box empty too. Apart from this, if you want, you can use my myfab11 referral code, which is DEHAIDI91 .

Step 3: Enter your mobile number – To create an account in myfab11, you must have a mobile number, which you have to enter. Keep in mind that enter the same mobile number which is active, because later an otp will come on this number, which we are definitely going to get.

Step 4: Enter your Email Id – As we told you earlier that in this process we are going to need an email ID as well. You remove the email id from your gmail app and enter it in this box.

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Step 5: Enter Password – When you have completed the above mentioned steps, then you have to set a password. Which will have to be written twice in myfab11, keep one thing in mind, your password must have a capital letter, a number and a symbol. Along with this, the password should be between 8 and 16 characters only.

Step 6: Tick the check box and click on REGISTER :- Yes friend, to create an account in myfab11, you have to accept its terms and condition, if you want, you can read by clicking on T&C. After checking this box, click on the REGISTER button.

Step 7: Enter OTP – After doing the above mentioned process, an OTP will be sent to your mobile through myfab 11. Remove it from your message and enter it in this box

enter otp to verify your account

Now you have to click on “Verify Now” button. After that your account in myfab11 will be successfully created. Now you are ready to join the contest.

myfab11 dashboard or home screen

Create an account in myfab11 with Google Account

Friend, above we saw the process of creating an account in myfab11, that was through email and password. Now if you have a Google account in your mobile then you will be directly logged in to that too.

create account or register in myfab11

1. Click on sign in with google button

your email account in google

2. Click on the email from which you want to create an account in myfab11 app.

3. After that a new page opens, as you can see in the image above. In this also your name, email, phone number and referral code have to be entered. In the name you write the same thing that is on your pan card, otherwise there may be an error in money withdrawal time.

After entering your details, click on save button, then your myfab11 account will be created. Yes, an otp will also come which you will have to enter, we had already seen its step. Which you will be able to do very easily.

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create account in my fab 11 from facebook

If you have a facebook account ie id, then even that is logged in to myfab11 app. For this you just have to click on the button with “signup with facebook”. After that a popup like this opens where you have to click on “continue with name”.

When you click on continue as name, a new screen will open, in which you will have to enter your name, email, and referral code. Then an otp comes which you have to verify. After that your account of myfab11 app is created.

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Please do not get confused in the three methods mentioned by us. Create your my fab 11 account in the same way as you like. If I tell my point, I had logged in to this app from facebook. Because I was having problem in the first method I told, the register button at the bottom was not working at all. Maybe this is happening due to slow internet of my mobile but you will not.

What did you learn today?

Finally you know how to create account in myfab11 app. In which we told you total three ways by which you can earn money by downloading my fab 11 app and transfer the won money to your bank account. Friends, we have skipped one thing in this article “Account Verification” which will be updated very soon.

So friend, I hope that by creating an account in myfab11, all your doubts related to it will have been cleared. If you think that this article should be improved or if there is any doubt related to my fab 11 app, then tell us by commenting so that we can help ourselves and you.

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