What is Golden Matcha? Check Golden Matka Result Now mskearnings.com

What is Golden Matcha? Check Golden Matka Result Now

Golden Matka: In today’s time, the name of Satta King and Satta Matka is becoming very popular. But in the same way a popular game named Golden Matka is increasing its popularity just like Satta Matka. The popularity of Golden Matka game is increasing day by day and many markets of Golden Matka have also been created. Golden Matka is being played like Satta Matka game and so is the practice of investing money and winning money. In today’s article, we will give you information about what is Golden Matka.

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Golden Matcha

What is Golden Matcha?

The way the Satta Matka game is running in the market, similarly the Golden Matka game has also become a new and popular game in the market. Many people are investing their money every day from this Golden Matka game. Five markets of Golden Matka game are all over India. have become. The five markets of Golden Matka are very popular and there is a turnover of crores of rupees from each market every day.

Market of Golden Matka

So far, there are total 5 markets of Golden Matka, we are providing this information to you in this way.

Mumbai Express Golden Matka Bazaar

Golden Matka Game’s Mumbai Express Golden Matka Bazar which is a very popular market, the open pair of this market is announced at 11:50 and the closed pair is announced at 12:50 every day millions of people from here in Golden Matka Investing money.

golden matcha

A market of Golden Matka is running in the name of Golden, the result of this market is announced at 2:15 on open pair and close pair at 3:15. Most of the people who invest money on Golden Matka game every day are investing money for this reason.


There is also a market running in the Golden Matka game by the name of Kalyan. Which is as popular as Kalyan Satta Matka game. The result of this market is announced at 4:00 pm in the form of open pair and Karo pair is announced at 6:00 pm.

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Gold Star Golden Matka Bazaar

Gold Star, a popular market of the Golden Matka game, which has a lot of popularity in the country, the open pair of Gold Star Bazaar is announced at 7:15 in the evening and the closed pair is announced at 8:15.

Golden Night Bazaar

The market of Golden Matka which is running under the name Golden Night, the result of open pair of that market is announced at 9:35 pm and the close pair is announced at 11:55 pm as the result of Golden Night Matka market is waiting for millions of people every day. Every day more than 1 person is investing money from Golden Night Bazaar.

Golden Matka Result Chart

In the Golden Matka game, we are providing you information about the results of the market running under the name Golden, in the form of a chart below, through this chart you can get information about the Golden Matka result.

How to play Golden Matka

Golden Matka game is played like Satta Matka. To play Golden Matka game, you have to first go to the official website of goldenmatka.com. After reaching the golden matka.com website, you have to click on the play button and your account Have to play this game while making.

After creating the account, you have to invest your money in Golden Matka by selecting the open pair and close pair, as soon as you submit the money, then after the declaration of the result, you will have to check that you have invested. The number has been declared as the result.

Another number has been announced. If the number entered by you is announced, then you are entitled to take 90 times the benefit of the money invested and if you put ₹ 1000 then you get Rs 90000 again.

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Apart from this, another way to invest money in Golden Matka game is through office, you can reach any Golden Matka office near you and invest money in any market of Golden Matka Golden Matka office is present in all areas of India. You can play this game by reaching the nearest office as per your wish.

How to win money in Golden Matka?

Matka game has only one formula, here you have to select a pair and you invest money by selecting the pair, while the pair is declared as the result, then you get money otherwise the money invested by you is gone. and you will suffer loss. Similarly while playing in Golden Matka game also you have to select a pair and you have to invest money on that pair as per your wish, if the same pair proves as result then you get 90 times return back.

Is it worth using the Golden Matka game?

It is not appropriate to use any type of satta matka game in the country, it is a legal offense to use this type of game in the country, as well as through which game you would have to suffer in your personal life. If you are caught using the Golden Matka game, then you can be sentenced to 1 year under the law and a fine of ₹ 1000, so we request that do not use this game at all.

Where to check Golden Matka Result?

To see the results of Golden Matka first and accurate, you stay on our website, we keep providing you information about Golden Matka results, apart from this, you can also reach Golden Matka’s official website and get information about all the market results of Golden Matka. can.


FAQ’s Related To Golden Matka

How many markets does Golden Matka have?

There are total 5 markets of Golden Matka.

On which site the result of Golden Matka comes?

Golden Matka Result Matka result comes on the official website golden matka.com.

Which market result of Golden Matka gets released first?

The result of Gold Star Golden Matka Bazaar is released at 7:15 am.

How to view Golden Matka results?

If you want to see Golden Matka Result then you have to stay on our website or else you can check it by visiting the official website of Golden Matka.


The Government of India does not allow any person to play satta games, the government has prescribed a sentence of 1 year and a fine of ₹ 1000 to the people who use the satta game under section Tera RPGO of the law . If any person is caught using this game or any person is caught giving advice about this game to any other person, then that person may be punished under this section.

It is our request that do not use this type of game at all, we have given this article only for information. We don’t mean to motivate any person for this article te satta game nor we have anything to do with satta game. If you use satta game and you suffer loss then you are responsible for it, you are not using satta game and don’t let your hard earned money go to waste.

In today’s article, we have given you information about what is Golden Matka and which are the markets of Golden Matka. We hope that the information given by us proved to be useful for you. If any person has any question related to this article, then he can tell us by commenting.

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