29 surprising things related to the king of technology, Germany! mskearnings.com

Surprising things related to the king of technology, Germany!

Germany is a constitutionally federal republic a country in Central and Western Europe. It borders Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France to the south-west, and Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west.

Germany comprises 16 constituent states, covers an area of ​​357,386 square kilometers and has a largely temperate climate. With 83 million inhabitants, it is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. It is also the most populous country in the European Union.

Germany is a very decentralized country. Its capital and largest metropolis is Berlin, while Frankfurt serves as its financial capital and has the busiest airport in the country.

Let’s know some interesting things about Germany

Germany has a population of 81 million.

One third of the German country is still covered with forest and woodlands.

The German country is a member of the European Union.

65% of highways in Germany have no speed limit.

Everyone has the freedom to attend the colleges of this country and a person who lives German can also come here. He also has complete freedom.

There are over 2100 castles in Germany.

There are over 1,500 types of beer in Germany.

Germany is the seventh largest country in Europe.

Germany’s capital Berlin has the largest train station in Europe.

The capital of Germany, Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.

Do you know friends Germany is made up of sixteen states.

Germany is one of the most populated countries in the world.

Germany is one of the largest car producers in the world, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Audi and BMW.

The first printed book in the whole world was in German.

CountryFederal Republic of Germany
Official LanguageGerman
Area3`57`168 km²
Population8 Crore 20 Lakh
Population Density228/km²
Phone Code+49
Internet TLD.of
germany europe me

29 interesting facts about Germany – Germany Facts

1. Germany is a powerful country in the world, which has made tremendous progress despite being pauperized in the second world war. Behind its strength is the patriotism and hard work of its citizens, who know how to smile even in difficulties and do not lag behind in fighting and killing.

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2. Germany has changed the course of engineering and today it is helping America with everything from car manufacturing to parts manufacturing.

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3. Germany is ahead of many countries not only in engineering and science but also in arts, sports, literature and trade.


4. Germany’s capital Berlin is the largest city in the country. Berlin is a city 9 times larger than the capital of France , Paris.

Germany is the most populous country in Europe with a population of 5.82 million . For comparison, let us tell you that in 2011 the population of our Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states is more than 8 crore 40 lakhs.

6. The area of ​​Germany is about 3 lakh 57 thousand square kilometer which is only 15 thousand square kilometer more than the area of ​​Rajasthan . In comparison, Germany is at 4th place in GDP and the whole of India is at 7th place.

7. Little Germany has divided itself into 16 states and these 16 states have 493 districts.

8. After the First World War, the number of men in Germany had decreased so much that only 350 men were left for 1000 women. That is, only 1 out of 3 women could get a husband.

9. During the Second World War, the Red Army of Russia had raped about two million women in Germany between the ages of 13 and 70.

10. Every year 5500 such bombs are discovered in Germany which were to be used in the second world war. After these bombs are recovered, they are defused.

11. Fanta Cold Drink was made in Germany during the Second World War. It was created because the then popular cold drink Coca-Cola was made in hostile countries of Germany, from where it was difficult to import.https://www.youtube.com/embed/C8iujof6IL8

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12. Hitler used to kill his army in a special way to pay respect, which was called Nazi Salute. If someone is caught killing Nazi Salute in present-day Germany, even if jokingly, he can be imprisoned for up to three years. You can watch the video related to this salute above.

13. After the Second World War, Germany was divided into two parts. A huge wall was built in the middle of the capital Berlin, which separated the two parts of the country. But in the year 1990, after the union of both the parts of the country, people demolished this wall with great enthusiasm.

14. Between 1989 and 2009, more than 2,000 schools had to be closed in Germany because of a lack of children.

15. In Germany, you cannot name a child in such a way that he does not know the gender , such as – ‘Matti’ and ‘Bobby’ etc.

16. Americans spend more money on their pets than Germany spends on its defense budget every year .

17. From the year 2014, the fees of all college students in Germany were waived, even the fees of students from other countries.

18. If a prisoner tries to escape from prison in Germany, then he is not punished for it because this country believes that every human being naturally wants to be free.

19. The first magazine in Germany was published 350 years ago in 1663.

20. When you call someone in Germany, he starts the conversation by saying his name instead of ‘Hello’.

21. There is no speed limit on 70% of the highways of Germany, but if you run out of fuel on these highways, then you may have to pay a fine.

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22. In the First World War, Germany had become completely impoverished, Germany was indebted to the extent of 96,000 tonnes of gold.

23. In Germany, one cannot say Happy B’day in advance because doing so is considered a sign of bad luck.

24. The German army can refuse to obey its officers if it feels that the task assigned to them is against humanity.

25. BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz are the most famous car companies in the world. All these companies are from Germany.

26. You must have heard the name of Fanta cold drink, it is a product of Germany which was launched during the Second World War because the popular company of that time Coca Cola was made by the hostile countries of Germany, it was difficult to import from there. .

27. There is no punishment for driving at such a speed on the German highway, but if you run out of fuel in the middle of the way, then you can face legal action for it.

28. Germany’s name is also included in the list of countries with the most books. More than 94000 books are published here every year.

29. Out of 1 thousand most popular videos on YouTube , 61 percent are blocked in Germany.

All the videos blocked are of songs. Behind this, the German organization GEMA argues that in their country it is not allowed to show that content whose royalty is not given to its writers.

This simply means that the author of the song should continue to get a share of the continuous earnings from the content. Do you think this is legal in Germany?

Friends, can you give any suggestion that what should we do to make our India like Germany?

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