How to Open Panchayat Level Gas Agency Now

How to Open Panchayat Level Gas Agency Now


Are you thinking of taking Panchayat Level Gas Agency , but due to lack of information, you are in the confusion that you do not know how to take Panchayat Level Gas Agency, what should be the qualification for this and will there be some process? 

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So now you come out of all these confusions because in today’s post Earningmitra will tell you how to take Village Council Level Gas Agency i.e.  how to take Panchayat Level Gas Agency? 

So let’s start and first of all know-

How to Open a Free Panchayat Level Gas Agency [Eligibility]

If you want to take Panchayat Level Gas Agency, then some parameters have been made for this. If you meet these parameters then you can get Panchayat Level Gas Agency. That parameter or Eligibility Criteria is like this- 

gas agency

1.Age- Your age should be more than 18 years. 

2. Education- You must have completed your 10th or 12th studies from a recognized board i.e. recognized board. 

3. Being a resident of the village- In the village where you want to take Panchayat level gas agency, then it is necessary that you must be a resident of that village. Otherwise your chances of getting Panchayat Level Gas Agency are less. 

4. Computer Knowledge- Yes, to take Panchayat level gas agency, you must have basic knowledge of computer operation. Along with this, you should have good internet connection, a finger print scanner and printer.

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4.CSC Certificate – How to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency if you If you want to apply for this, then you must have a CSC ie Common Service Center ID. 

If you have this ID then it is good, otherwise you can get it made or you can make it yourself.

But how ? So now let’s know that-

How to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency? How to create CSC ID for  

So to get CSC ID made, you must have some important documents, only then you can get CSC ID made and then take Panchayat level gas agency. 

Documents for getting CSC ID- 

You will need these documents when you fill the online application form for CSC ID. 

To get CSC ID, the names of the documents are as follows- 

No.Documents Name 
1.Aadhar card or voter card 
2.PAN Card 
3.Passport Size Photo 
4.Bank Account Detail 
5.Cancel check (of bank passbook)

If you have all these documents, then now you know that-

How to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency from CSC ID? What is the process to apply for?

How to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency from CSC ID For this you have to apply online. How to do that is being told next- 

Step-1 Go to the official website.

So to apply for Panchayat Level Gas Agency from CSC ID, first of all you have to go to the website of .

Step-2 Fill the details.

Here some basic and important information will be asked about you. You have to fill this information for CSC ID. After giving complete information, make sure to check once whether everything is filled correctly or not. 

Step-3 Make the payment.

This is the last and most important step to make CSC ID, because if you miss, then your CSC ID will not be generated. Nor will you be able to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency. 

Video Credit- Pankaj Babu Youtube Channel

So here you have to pay Rs 1,000. If you can make online payment then it is fine, otherwise you can get this process done by going to any other CSC center. They will make online payment from their CSC Wallet. But for this some extra money will have to be paid because this is their source of income. 

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Step-4 Verify

After payment for CSC ID, etc., in a day or a half, you will get a phone call like CSC people through which they will verify your CSC ID.  

When you get your CSC ID then you can take Gram Panchayat Level Gas Agency.

How to check CSC Registration Status?

If you want to know that what is the status of CSC ID for which you have paid 1000 rupees? So this information is being given to you further-  

Step-1 Go to the official website.

To check the status of your CSC ID, go to the same website from where you have applied for CSC ID. 

Step-2 Find the option of Apply Now or Apply. 

After coming to the website, you have to find the option of Apply Now or Apply and then click on it. 

Step-3 Check Status

After this, the option of check status will also appear in front of you. Now click on this. 

Step-4 Enter the Reference Number.

As soon as you click on Check Status, a small form will open in front of you. In this you have to enter the reference number which you got while applying for CSC ID. And submit it by writing the Captcha Code that is visible on the screen. 

Step-5 Check CSC Registration Status.

When you successfully complete step-4, the status of your CSC registration will open in front of you.  

Note- When your CSC ID is created, you will have to renew it from time to time, because it has an expiry date. Which is done from the same official website. 

If you do not get your CSC ID renewed then you will not be eligible for CSC. 

When your CSC ID is created, then contact the District Manager of your district that Sir I want to open Panchayat Level Gas Agency in my village through CSC ID. 

Keep in mind that you have to contact the same district manager of your district whose gas agency you want to take. 

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For example – If you want to take the gas agency of Bharat Gas, then you will contact the Bharat Gas District Manager of your district. 

Similarly, if you want to open a gas agency of Indane Gas, then you will contact the Indane Gas District Manager of your district. 

These District Managers will make your agreement with the Gas Agency Distributor of the respective company. 

Then the distributor will supply you the gas tank. So for this you will get Godown and an office built. 

And yes, to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency through CSC ID, you should contact only if no other person in 10-12 kms of your area has taken Panchayat Level Gas Agency from CSC ID.  

Note:- Before applying for Panchayat level gas agency from CSC ID, once read its Term Condition and Eligibility Criteria carefully.

FAQ: Often people ask such questions- 

Q: What is the full form of CSC? 

Ans: The full form of CSC is “ Common S service enter  .

Q: What is CSC called? 

Ans: It is a computer center through which the government’s e-services are delivered to rural areas or those which are far from reach.   

Q: What work has to be done in CSC ( Common S service enter )? 

Ans: Many types of online work are done in CSC such as- 

  • Making a passport 
  • Work related to insurance, government and semi-government. 
  • Making a birth certificate 
  • Preparation of death certificate. 
  • Submission of application for government scheme.
  • Providing services related to e-citizen and e-district. 
  • Pension Service, NIOS Registration. 

How to take Panchayat Level Gas Agency [Conclusion] 

When your CSC ID is created, through this you can take Panchayat Level Gas Agency. 

And by taking Panchayat level gas agency, you can earn up to 10-15 thousand rupees per month. By the way, your earning can be more which will depend on your sale. 

If you want to take CSC gas agency dealership for free, then you have to get CSC ID made. You can apply online to get CSC ID made.

And you have got the information about how to make CSC ID.  

How to get Panchayat Level Gas Agency? For more information related to this you can watch this video. All your doubts will be cleared- 

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