How to Earn FreeFire Diamonds Now

How to Earn FreeFire Diamonds Now?


Nowadays, many people are earning money by playing games on the Internet or on mobile. You must have seen that people are earning good money by playing games on YouTube too. There is a similar game called Free Fire. You need Free Fire Diamonds for different functions in this game but they are expensive due to which people look for Free Diamonds.

In this article we are going to talk about Free Fire Diamonds hack.

How to Earn Diamonds in FreeFire? 

There are many ways to earn Diamonds here, but on this blog, we only give Genuine information, that is why here also you will be told only the right information.

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1. FreeFire Diamonds Earn With Bug Reports

This method is absolutely safe and genuine. Nowadays the popularity of this game has increased a lot and many people try this method, due to which sometimes its server is down. You have to wait till the server does not reopen.

FreeFire Diamonds

Let’s see, how this method works.

  1. First of all you have to register by visiting the official website of Free Fire.
  2. You have to register with Facebook where your Free Fire id should also be registered.
  3. After this, whatever details are asked from you, all of them have to be filled up and created an account.
  4. Here you will find some bugs in Advance Server, on which you have to report with the help of your Free Fire Id.
  5. When your report is successfully submitted then you get 100 Free Fire Diamonds.
  6. In this way you get 100 Diamonds on every report. In this method you get maximum 3000 Diamonds.
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2. Google Opinion Rewards

You get a lot of applications for Free Fire Diamonds, but keep in mind that you are giving all your details to them when they are confused about Free. That’s why never use unnecessary apps.

Google Opinion Rewards is Google’s only app, for this it is completely safe. You can also earn Diamonds by using it. Here you do not get direct diamonds, but you are paid for completing some surveys and tasks, using which you can later buy Free Fire Diamonds from Google Play store.

3. Purchase Membership

The best way for any people who need regular Diamonds is to purchase Membership. Because all the time you can not fall in the circle of free.

Its one week membership costs around INR 159 and 1 month membership costs INR 599 . In this way, if you take membership, then you get more diamonds at a cheaper price. This is the only cheap step to buy Diamonds.

Here you also get additional benefits like  S-VIP card . In 1 Week Membership you get 420 Diamonds whereas in 1 month you get 2000 Free Fire Diamonds. Apart from this, if you renew it, then you get 100 diamonds for free.

So in this way you can earn Free Fire Diamonds. Only Genuine methods have been mentioned here. Apart from this, there can be many other ways but we have not tried it.

Image Source : – Google Play Store

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