Get Rs. 60,000 Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan

Get Rs. 60,000 Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan Now


Hello friends, some time ago if a person had to take a loan from the bank. So for that he needed many necessary documents. But now in the digital era, work has become very easy here and today I am going to tell about one such Digital Loan Service. With whose help we can get a loan of Rs 60000 in just 60 seconds. In such a situation, if you do not know that Get Rs. 60,000 Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan? then you are absolutely right place.

Everyone knows about Flipkart & Walmart Deal and after some time Flipkart has given a huge gift to its customers. The name of this latest offer of Flipkart is “cardless credit”. In this offer we can get instant loan up to Rs.60000.

Before applying for Flipkart cardless credit loan, you have to get information about some terms & condition and follow them. But before that we know that…

What is Flipkart cardless credit loan?

Flipkart already has a PhonePe Mobile Payment App which we use for Online Money Transfer, Bill Payment and Shopping.

But this time Flipkart has launched a new payment mode with a completely new idea. Whose name is “ Flipkart Cardless Credit loan ”, in this we can get a loan of Rs 60000 to buy products from Flipkart.

According to Flipkart, we will not have to wait much for this offer, the cardless credit offer will be approved in 60-seconds and the customer will get a credit loan of up to Rs 60000.

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Cardless Credit Loan Features:

This new offer of Flipkart has many such features that can attract customers and make their shopping payment easy. for example…

  • In Cardless Credit Loan, we will get a loan of Rs 60,000 in 60 seconds. Which can be the fastest loan service ever and hardly any bank provides loan to customers so quickly.
  • We can pay the loan received on Flipkart after one month without any interest ( Zero Interest ) or with No Cost EMI in 3 months.
  • Now we can do shopping of Rs 60,000 on our credit from Flipkart like we do with Bank Credit Card .

Flipkart Cardless Credit Terms:

We all know that not everyone gets any credit loan. It requires some reputation and credit score. Exactly the same is the case with Flipkart Cardless credit, but it is slightly different from bank credit and its terms are somewhat different.

What are the documents required for Flipkart 60,000 Loan?

If we want a loan of 60 thousand rupees from Flipkart, then  it is necessary for us to have PAN card and Aadhar card . That is, if your age is less than 18 years, then you cannot apply for it.

How to know whether eligible for this offer or not?

Cardless credit eligibility check is very easy. We just have to verify our PAN card and Aadhar card through OTP, after that in 60 seconds we will know whether we are eligible for this loan or not.

How can I use Cardless Credit?

Whatever credit loan we get through flipkart, we can use it for shopping and can make payment by selecting the Cardless option while making payment.

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How to repay the loan?

If we do shopping with Flipkart Cardless credit loan, then we can Repay it in two ways through Net Banking.

With zero interest rate in a month or in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, but when we repay the loan from monthly installment, then we may have to pay interest from 14% to 25%.

How to get 60000 Rupees Loan in 60 Seconds ?

It is very easy to apply for Flipkart Cardless credit loan. But this service is not for everyone right now, Flipkart loan feature is available only to those people who do good shopping (Online Payment Method) on Flipkart and their credit is good.

Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan

If the option of this loan is visible on your app, then you just have to click on that option and verify the account through PAN card and Aadhaar card.

After that when you go to My Account Option of Flipkart Mobile App, you will get the option of Cardless Credit there. In which you can see your loan amount and can get information about it by clicking on the details option.

Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan

How to use Flipkart Cardless Credit?

As we talked about, we can use it to buy products from Flipkart. In such a situation, if we have to buy something using Cardless Credit loan, then we can use it by following these tips.

Whatever product we want to buy from Flipkart mobile app. He has to select it and click on Buy Now. But while selecting the product, we have to pay attention to one thing that the product should be within our card limit amount.

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After filling the address, when we go to the payment option, there we have to select the Cardless Credit option and click on Checkout and we can successfully buy the product.

Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan

When and how to do Credit Loan Repay?

Whenever we do shopping using the cardless payment mode, then we have to repay it within a time limit so that our credit score is better and we can get credit loan further.

According to Flipkart Cardless Credit terms, if we buy something in the current month, then the next month will have to be paid before the 15th.

To repay the loan, we can use two methods with  zero interest .

  • We can pay the entire loan together before the 15th of the next month.
  • With No Cost EMI, we can pay the loan in 3 months. In which our entire loan will be divided in three installments and we will have to pay it before 15th of each installment month.
Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan

Friends, Flipkart Cardless Credit loan can be a better feature for Flipkart and it can also increase online transactions in the future. Because there are many customers like us who want to buy the product on EMI but due to lack of credit card, they are unable to buy. In such a situation, they will get Rs 60,000 from Flipkart Cardless Credit Loan in 60 seconds, which can be repaid through EMI. If you have any idea about this then you must share.

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