No one will tell you such stupid information about taking Flipkart delivery franchise

No one will tell you such stupid information about taking Flipkart delivery franchise delivery franchise

Flipkart =Ever since the Internet has come, there has been a lot of change in the way people live. Today, from studies to earning and playing to shopping, almost everything has become online.


That’s why every day people keep ordering something online and most of these orders come from the E-commerce industry only. Whether it is an order for a mobile phone or a mobile cover.  


If we talk about the Indian E-Commerce Industry, then the name of “E-Cart Delivery Courier” of Flipkart comes first in this because it is the largest logistics and supply chain of India, which every month Shipment of 10 Million Products More than 3,800 Does it on pin code. 

And even 82% people of India buy products like Electronic Appliances and Furniture from Flipkart. 

That is, the business of Flipkart is flourishing very well.

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In such a situation, if you want to join the king of Indian e-commerce industry with Flipkart and make it a business partner, then-

  • What do you have to do for this?
  • What is the Process of Flipkart Delivery Franchise Apply Online in Hindi?
  • What will you need for this?
  • And what is Flipkart Franchise Approval Guideline or Approval trick?

The answers to many such questions are going to be found in today’s post.

So let’s start and first of all take a look at Flipkart Company Profile because before joining any company there must be some basic information about it

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Flipkart Company Profile 

Company nameFlipkart
Contact number1800 202 9898
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka, India
FounderSachin Bansal and Binny Bansal
Founded (Foundation Year)October 2007 (Bengaluru)
CEOKalyan Krishnamurthy (January 2017)
Parent organizationwall Mart

Flipkart Company Profile

What is Flipkart Delivery Franchise?

Every e-commerce company wants to reach as many customers as possible. But the company itself cannot supply the product from everywhere. That’s why companies give franchise in their own name. 

Similarly, Flipkart also gives Flipkart delivery franchises to spread its business network . Flipkart launched Ekart Courier as a Logistics Partner so that Logistics Partners can help Flipkart deliver door to door products to its customers.

Types of Flipkart Delivery Franchise

 Flipkart normally offers two types of Delivery Franchise-

  1. Standard Delivery Franchise
  2. Master Delivery Franchise

By the way, there is not much difference between these two Delivery Franchise, there is only difference between storage and upcoming expenses-water i.e. investment. Because-

  • Standard Delivery Franchise does not require much storage and investment. 
  • At the same time, more storage and investment is required in comparison to Standard Delivery Franchise to take Master Delivery franchise.

People also look for answers to these-

Why Take Flipkart Franchise?

Here are some reasons why you should take Flipkart’s Delivery Franchise-

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1. Weekly-Payment

If you take a Flipkart Franchise, then like a job, you do not have to wait for the 20th or 22nd of the month. You are given weekly-payment here. 

2.Biggest E-Commerce Company

Flipkart is a very large e-commerce company in India whose network is spread across the country. This is the reason why people from every corner of the country are aware of Flipkart. It has become a big brand from common man to special person.

3.Free Business Training

If you take Flipkart’s Delivery Franchise, then the company gives you training on how to do business with us . The company supports you in every way. 

4.Big Customer Network

Flipkart has a network of many customers . The company ships more than 10 lakh products every month through Ekart. That is, the company gets orders for 10 lakh products every month.  

5.No Customer Waiting

The company already gets 10 lakh product orders per month. In such a situation, if you take Flipkart Ki Franchise, then the company will give you all the work so that you will not have to wait for any other customer. 

6.Easy Work

If you take the Franchise of Flipkart, then you will not have much trouble in this work, you just have to reach the Product Customer through your Delivery Boy. 

7. Provides Business Tool

Flipkart gives all the necessary tools for business to its business partners such as Poster, Banner, Business Card, Format Printing etc. 

8. 24/7 Hours Customer Service

If you become a Business Partner of Flipkart, then you get 24/7 (twenty-four hours and seven days) Customer Support from Flipkart in case of any Shipment Issue. 

9. Advance Technology

Ekart uses Advance Technology to track its shipping parcels. 

10. Low Investment & High Returns

You can  earn big money by starting Flipkart’s Delivery Franchise with low investment .

11. Trusted Company

Flipkart is a Trusted Company. By partnering with it , you can start your business from day one. 

12. Good Commission

You will be given a very good commission on every sale. 

13. Shipment Issue Solution

If any Shipment Problem comes, it is forwarded to the Senior Management Team for its solution. 

14. Flipkart Franchise का Market Potential  

Flipkart’s business started with selling books and today it has become a well-known and trusted online shopping platform in India. For the past few years, Flipkart has captured 39.5% of the Indian e-commerce business. At the same time, Flipkart has made a special identity at the international level as well. So this clearly shows that the market scope of Flipkart Delivery Franchise is very good. If you take Flipkart Courier Franchise then you can earn good money by partnering with Ekart Courier. 

People also read this-

Requirements for Flipkart Delivery Franchise

If you want to take Flipkart Franchise, then for this you will need a lot of things like proper investment with Office and Godown, Delivery Boy and some important documents.

So the information of all these is being given step by step in detail-

# Required Equipments

For Flipkart Delivery Franchise Business, you will need some important things which are as follows-

1. Packaging Tapes-  

You will need Tapes to seal and pack the product. 

2. High Speed Internet Connection-

You must have high speed internet connection for data transmission.  

3. Machinery 

Your Flipkart Delivery Office should have all the necessary machinery such as Computer, Printer, Barcode Scanner etc.

4. Real Time Location Finder

If you want, you can buy Real Time Location Finder Device to track the location of your Delivery Boy.

Apart from all this, you will also need a vehicle cargo van. 

# Staff Requirements | Delivery boy  

To do the business of Flipkart Delivery Franchise, you will need 3-4 staff. And yes, with your staff being well experienced, they should also be responsible for their duties. These Staafs will be needed to do these things-

1. Computer work

Out of 4 staff, one staff will do the work related to the computer. So for this work you have to hire a staff who has basic knowledge of computer. 

2. Product Delivery

The remaining 3 staff will work as Delivery Boy and will do home delivery of the product.

Before hiring your employees, give them proper training. 

# Space needed to take Flipkart Franchise Store

Like opening any courier firm, you will also need space for Flipkart Franchise. If you take a Flipkart delivery franchise, apart from the office, land will also be required to keep the product and for vehicle parking. Therefore, for a Flipkart delivery franchise, you may need at least 400 square feet to 800 square feet of space.


# Documents required for Flipkart Delivery Franchise

If you want to take Flipkart Delivery Franchise, then for this you should have Personal Documents, Property Documents and Business Documents. So before applying for Flipkart Delivery Franchise, you must check whether you have this document with you or not, so that there will be no problem later –

Photographs2 pieces (passport-size)
Identity ProofPAN Card, Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License etc. 
Address ProofPassport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter ID etc.
Age Proofpassport, pan card 
Bank Statementslast 6 months  
Income Proof   income tax return salary slip
IFSC Code ProofCanceled / scanned cheque, copy of passbook  
Business DocumentsTIN number and GST number
Outlet Trade license
Property DocumentRent agreement 
Shop agreement 
Other Documentsemail id 
phone number 

Important Documents List

People also ask-

# Flipkart Delivery Franchise Cost

By the way, Ekart has not made any disclosure about Exact Investment Fee to the general public yet. How much will the investment fee be? It depends on the business size.

Usually, most courier companies take 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees in the name of Security Deposit Money. So by paying this much money, you can take Flipkart Delivery Franchise and become a Business Partner of Flipkart. 

By the way, this investment can be more or less depending on your location and also on whether you are buying land yourself or renting a room for the office.

If you buy land and build office and store room, then more investment may have to be made to start this business. But if you take a room on rent and give it the shape of an office, then it may cost you a little cheaper.

The details of the upcoming investment are as follows-

Security money50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees 
Office/Godown Cost-1 lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees
Land costAbout 1 lakh rupees (if the land is your own then this money will be saved)
Total investment-3 lakh to 3.5 lakh rupees.

Investment Detail

Note- This is an approximate amount of investment to start Flipkart Franchise Business, because the investment for doing this business can be more or less than this.

 Apart from this, these expenses are also covered under Flipkart Franchisee:

 Apart from this, the following expenses are also covered under Flipkart Franchisee:

  • Electricity bill, internet, phone and other accessories
  •  delivery boy salary
  • Petrol cost – Petrol cost during delivery
  • other expenses

When you have to invest in so many things, then the question will be coming in your mind that how much will be the earning, how much will you get profit? So next we are going to talk about this-

Flipkart Flipkart Franchise Profit

The profit received on taking the franchise of any company depends on the franchise management. By the way, Flipkart does not share Profit Potential online like Amazon.

As we know Flipkart is a very big company in E-commerce industry so you can expect to get 25%-40% Profit Margin from Flipkart Delivery Franchise Business. You can contact Direct Company to know more about Profit Margin. 

Similar Information-

Flipkart Delivery Franchise Apply Online

If you are thinking of applying online to take Flipkart’s Franchise, then let us tell you that Ekart has not launched any Franchise Application Form yet. In such a situation, there are only two options to apply for Flipkart Delivery Franchise- 

1. Via Email. 

2. And by calling on Toll Free Number. 

If you want to take Flipkart’s Delivery Franchise, then Earningmitra’s advice is that you should contact the company for Flipkart Delivery Franchise through email, because Flipkart has not given any application form related to Franchise Offer in the homepage of its website. 

Although they have given a toll-free number to improve the product and their service, then you can call on it for information related to Flipkart Delivery Franchise Kaise Le. 

Here I am going to give you information about Flipkart Delivery Franchise Approval Guideline In Hindi through email-

Flipkart Franchise Approval Guideline|Approval Trick 

So when you apply for Flipkart Franchise, then during Business Discussion, Flipkart people will ask you many questions. From your given answers they will judge whether you are the right person for Flipkart franchise business or not. 

If you want to get Flipkart Franchise, then for this read the below given Flipkart Franchise Approval Guideline|Approval Trick Section carefully and carefully-

1. Don’t Hesitate

Do not panic while applying for a franchise business or at the time of answering the question asked. 

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2. Pretend Delivery Boy

When asked the question, you have to tell that you have already talked to 2-3 Delivery Boys. That means already you have a Delivery Boy.

3. Show Legal Paper

To take Flipkart Franchise, you should prepare the legal document of the land / office in advance. So that when they ask you for them, you can show proof. This will help you a lot in taking Flipkart Franchise. 

4.Keep Ready Required System

That is, for Flipkart Delivery Franchise, you have to keep the necessary things like Computer, Printer, Scanner, Internet Connection ready.

5. Mention Nearby Courier

While applying for Delivery Franchise, you also have to mention about the Courier Office nearest to your office. (Relevant Courier Office, your office should be at a maximum distance, so that the chances of getting a franchise increase for you)

How to apply for Flipkart Delivery Franchise In Hindi? 

Ekart is the Official Courier Partner of Flipkart. If you want to become a Courier Partner of Flipkart, then follow these steps to request for Ekart Delivery Franchise-

Send Email to–  

You have to write an email in such a format- 

Subject line: Interested For Ekart courier Franchise

Description:  Hello team, I want to start Ekart franchise business in my local area.Here in my city, Ekart has no branch and people facing problem while getting orders from Flipkart.Please guide me with necessary details.Here are my details : 

Name – Write  your name 

Address- Write your full business address

Pincode – Enter your Pincode. 

Contact Number- Give your mobile number which is active for 24 hours. 

Note- You do not have to copy Same-To-Same Format. Otherwise, there may be a problem in getting the Flipkart Delivery Franchise, because someone else may have read this information before you and sent a similar email.

Nearby Courier Company- If there is any courier office / company near your office, then give information about it along with the distance in kilometers from your office. (Please specify more distance from your city)

Now send this email and wait for the company’s reply for at least 7 days. If you are eligible for Flipkart’s Franchise Business, then you will get a reply from the company. 

Flipkart agent kaise bane| Flipkart Delivery Franchise | Agency | Distributorship | Dealership Contact & Mobile Number

For Flipkart Delivery Franchise Inquiry, You Can Contact On Flipkart Customer Service Number.

Flipkart Franchise Toll Free Number: 0124 6150000

Official Address Information

Here is the official address of Flipkart store-

Flipkart Internet Private Limited,

Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor,

7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block,

Flipkart Delivery Franchise Loan

If you want to take Flipkart Delivery Franchise but you do not have enough money then you do not need to be sad. Promoting Make in India, our Prime Minister has brought a scheme named Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. Under this scheme, the government has issued an order to all the banks that the youth who want to start their own startup should be provided loan at the least interest rate. Therefore, you can apply for a loan from any bank under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana and start Flipkart Franchise Business .

FAQ: Often people ask this kind of question-

Q: How can I become a business partner of Flipkart?

Ans:  You have many options to become a business partner of Flipkart. 
If you want to sell the product on Flipkart, then for this you can register yourself on If you want to deliver the product then you can take Flipkart Delivery Franchise. Apart from this, you can also become a business partner of Flipkart by giving GST, Filing, Accounting, listing services and stuff related service. ,

Q: Is Flipkart delivery franchise a good investment? 

Ans: Flipkart says that our Delivery Franchise earns a profit of Rs 50,000 to 2,00,000 per month. 

In addition, Flipkart also gives them a commission of 10% on every sale. 

An average return (profit) of 25% is available on investment. If you take the franchise of Flipkart then you can cover your investment in 6-8 months. 

So we can say that Flipkart delivery franchise is a good investment. 

Q: Which courier does Flipkart use to deliver the product?

Ans: By-default, Flipkart uses all delivery (courier) partners to deliver the product. 
But Ekart Logistics is their own logistics brand and Flipkart mostly uses its own Ekart courier services. 

Q: How do I call Flipkart delivery agent?

Ans: If you want to talk to Flipkart agent then you can call on this number-1800-202-9898
. And you can get more information about Flipkart delivery services.

Q: How many days does Flipkart take to give Franchise Approval?

Ans: Flipkart gives Franchise approval within 15-30 days. 

How to get a Flipkart Delivery Franchise? [Conclusion]

So now you know how to apply to get Flipkart Franchise.

How much investment will have to be made and which documents will be required? How much profit margin can you earn from this business, you have got information about all this through this article. 

So Earningmitra hopes that this information has proved to be helpful for you. 

Therefore, share this information with your friends, also to those loved ones who need it so that they too can start their business. 

By the way, how did you like this information, do tell by commenting. Because your comment is very important for us so that we can improve ourselves further.

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