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What is Fiverr How to earn money now

What is Fiverr How to earn money from Fiverr If you are looking for opportunities to earn money in the internet, then you must have heard about Fiverr too. So let us tell you that this is a website that gives you a chance to earn money sitting at your home. Let us tell you that this website is the world’s largest market for freelancers, where millions of people give their services every day and take money in the form of dollars in exchange for the service.


What is Fiverr

Let us tell you that Fiverr is a website where there is a deal between the seller and the customer, that is, the seller can sell any work according to his skills, like if you are a good web designer or you can edit logo, video, photo with photoshop. Or if you can give a good review of something, then you will find hundreds of such works in Fiverr website.

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Talking about the history of this company, it was launched in the year 2010, since then this website has emerged as the world’s largest online job market, today it has crores of users and every day crores of transactions take place in this website.

Now you must be thinking that we will have to work for Fiverr in this, but it is not like that at all If you can give good reviews then people like you who have to earn money.

After reviewing his app, instead that person sends you some dollars through Fiverr website. So here the job of the Fiver website is to introduce the customer and the seller online. When payment is made after the work is done, Fiverr website keeps some part of it with them and gives the rest to the worker, in this way the work of all three, the customer, the seller and Fiverr is done.

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How to make money from Fiverr

To earn money from this website, you should be good in any field like we have told you earlier that you need logo, writing, web design, funny videos, animated videos, photo editing with photoshop, ebook cover designing, app development As such, one or more of the tasks should come.

By doing these things you can earn a lot of money from Fiverr, however you will be given 5 $ (dollars) for the first work, after that if you have become expert in any work then you can increase your fees.

 Here you must have got a lot of information about what is Fiverr . When you go to this  Fiverr website, first of all you have to create an account in this website with a username in it with your Gmail ID. After this, you will also have to create a profile of yourself, in which you have to write about yourself, what work you can do.

Along with this you also have to upload your real image. Once the account is created, you will have to request for work. If you do the work given by the front well, then instead your profile will be upgraded, after which you will start getting work automatically.

What things can be done to earn money in Fiverr

  • By making a review video of a website or app
  • by designing a logo
  • editing photos with photoshop
  • Sharing someone’s website link on social media
  • Writing articles or blog posts for a website
  • ebook cover design
  • If you know coding then make an app
  • marketing social media
  • making a website for someone
  • making a funny video of something
  • making animate video
  • by graphic design
  • advertising and much more
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Now you must have known what is Fiverr, how to earn money from Fiverr,  if you do not have much knowledge on any subject, then you can simply take a mobile and make a video for anyone. Fiver website is very useful for those people who want to earn money part time or full time sitting at home. If you are also willing to earn money, then you should try working on this fiver website once.

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