Tricks for stealing your girlfriend's instagram profile Now!

Find your friend’s Stories in Instagram Now 

This is a very amazing trick that you will see anyone’s story on Instagram. But they will not even notice, meaning they can secretly see the Instagram story of their girlfriend or friend and when they come to know the truth that you have also seen their story. So in such a situation you will become a hero in their eyes! kidding friend. But it is true that you will see someone’s insta story, but your name will not go on his phone.

best Instagram Story Tips and Tricks

Isn’t it an amazing trick that can make everyone crazy. Let us introduce you to those who make you a hero in the eyes of your friends without wasting any time.

Isn’t it an amazing trick that can make everyone crazy. Let us without wasting time introduce you to those who make you a hero in the eyes of your friends –

The coolest Instagram story tricks ever

The great trick of Instagram Story is that when you see someone’s story on Insta, you first click on the story for that. To see the next and previous photo or video, you tap on the right and left side of the mobile, due to which the story slides. But the problem with this is that as soon as we see him, our name goes to the person in front. By which your friend or girlfriend gets to know who has seen their insta story.

But many times we want to see someone’s story, but our name should not go to them. Meaning we have only one question that without showing our name or hiding our identity, how are the stories seen. In such a situation, these amazing Instagram story tricks will come in handy today – which we have explained with full details below.

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hide your identity and watch insta story

From now on, whatever story you want to see without showing the name, first of all click on the story next to it and open it. And to see the story behind, scroll a bit on mobile. So that you can see their story, keep in mind that it should not come on full screen in your mobile, but keep it on half the screen by holding it. In such a situation, you can see their story but none of your data will reach them. If you do not understand now, then see this image below

In the same way, you have to hold the screen of the mobile a bit. Isn’t it a wonderful trick, by doing this you will see the story of the front, but they will not even know. You also have to be very careful while applying this trick. Otherwise, even by mistake, if the story comes in full screen, then your name will go to your friend or girlfriend.

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