How to earn 1 lakh per month


Which according to you is the right way to earn 1 lakh Rupees ? Perhaps many ways are coming to your mind, but is this a legitimate way by which you can earn 1 lakh per month ?

You may get the answer in yes or no because you have never used those business ideas practically, but today we are going to know about some earning tips here which are practical and you can use them at least. You can earn 1 lakh rupees every month.

The average salary of professional jobs in India is 20,000 to 30,000 rupees and those doing government jobs are slightly more than this.

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In such a situation, to earn 1 lakh per month, you have only one easy and best way to start your own business and this is the way that can help you earn money in an easy way.

And we have talked about 50 zero investment business ideas even before that which can help us to start an online business. Here we will talk about some such practical business ideas and know that.

Internet is the best marketplace, adviser, teacher, team or business partner for any person. Who gives us the answer to every question without even asking us questions. Today, with the help of this, many people are earning crores of rupees every month and many people are just struggling, while all the people are working on the same idea.

In such a situation, if you really want to earn 1 lakh per month, then you have to first explain what will have to be done to make that business idea successful you are going to do? And what could be the reason for its failure? Only then you will be able to convert into money machine by successfully implementing the business ideas mentioned here.

1) Write A Book:

When it comes to a successful income source, book writing & publishing is considered to be an important contribution in that many people have become billionaires in the world just by writing books, one of which is Harry Potter author JK Rowling .

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If you have good knowledge in any field, then you can write a book of your own and publish it. This can become a Lifetime earning source for you because as long as your book is bought from the market, money will keep coming in your account.

How to write book?(How to write book)

For a person who is a content writer, journalist, researcher, it is easy for him to write a book because he keeps doing this work on a regular basis. But is a social media influencer , search engine optimizer, Youtuber or from any such field where you do not need content or need short content. It is not easy for them to write a book.

In such a situation, that person will have to first make a book writing plan, till he can bind your strategy, thought and form a book, after which he can earn lakhs of rupees by selling. Here some of the bestsellers’ proven book writing tips were told, following which anyone can write their own book.

  • Time & Space is the most important thing to write a book, meaning when and where will you write the book? To write a book, you need calm and solitude and with this, write the most important part of the book in the morning between 4am to 6am.
  • Before starting to write the book, prepare all the tools, case studies, images, index table everything related to its topic.
  • Divide your complete writing project into small parts and set a level of it so that you can write it in a better way with a brief example.
  • While writing a book, always think like a reader and write keeping that in mind.
  • If needed at the time of writing, take the help of an experienced writer or mentor.

How to earn lakhs from book? (how to earn 1 lakh per month from a book )

Where to publish Book Online? You do not need to ask anyone the answer to this question. If you search by writing a book in front of any topic on the Internet, you will automatically find many platforms where you can sell your book, some of which are popular platforms.

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Books

Along with this, there are many places where you can open your own free eBook store and sell books directly. Like Instamojo

While publishing the book online, you will have to keep a fixed price for it and accordingly you will be able to make a strategy that by selling how many people you can earn 1 lakh per month. for example…

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If the price of your book is Rs 100, then to earn Rs 1 lakh, you will have to sell the book to 1000 people and accordingly have to make marketing strategy like organic book promotion, book review, paid promotion.

2) Start A Blog:

There is a question related to blogging, how do you tell your friend, family that you are a blogger? A very good article has been published about this in shoutmehindi. But if your income per month is 1 lakh rupees, then perhaps no one will ask you this question, what do you do?

Maybe I am talking about earning one lakh rupees every month from blogging, then you should find it impossible and apply because 90% bloggers fail in India and they can hardly earn 5000 to 6000 rupees every month.

The right reason for failing is not having the right information, if you want to earn 1 lakh per month from blogging, then first you must have become a good reader, you have to make a good customer, only then you can get success in blogging.

How to make viral blog & Make 100000 Per Month?

Blog is such a way that earning 1 lakh per month can not earn much more than this, but for this, a better niche blog has to be created first i.e. a blog has to be created which can get better CPC and traffic.

To create a viral blog, first you have to research both text and video content and make a report on how a topic is most viral on the internet.

  • According to the report made by you, you will have to analyze yourself that you can do the best out of these topics.
  • In whichever better you can write a post and write for a long time, select that topic and do keyword research related to it and prepare a complete list of keywords.
  • According to all the keywords, different titles have been made to do at least 3 to 4 months regular post which is unique, sharable and optimize.
  • Make an article of at least 1000 words for each title, in which you must use image, table and points.
  • Share the post on a regular basis and guest post on a blog like yours, as well as create better engagement on social media.
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 If you work continuously for 4 to 5 months by following these tips, then your blog will start getting good traffic and first 100k / month, 2000k / month and as you go on doing hard + smart work the traffic on your blog will increase.

When 500k traffic per month starts coming to your blog, then the RPM of your blog will reach about $3 and you can earn around $1500 per month i.e. 105000 per month very easily.

Buy a good domain name & hosting .

Write unique, quality and readable content.

Apply for Google Adsense .

Bonus tips

3) Become A YouTuber:

Today some people have reached such a place which they would not have imagined even in their dreams, because of YouTube, they are earning in millions every month, some of which are popular Bhuvan Bam, Amit Badana.

There is less risk than blogging in YouTube and the biggest thing is that you know that there is some kind of people on the channel, who is your audience? In such a situation, if you set up a YouTube channel on any better youtube topics , then you can easily earn 1 lakh per month.

How to make the channel better by setting up you will get all the information from here.

YouTube Channel AtoZ Guide

Youtube channel, video making, thumbnail, keywords, discription, guideline.

How to earn 1 Lakh Rupees per month from YouTube?

YouTube income depends on the lifecycle of the channel, which means how is the performance of the channel? How long is the video being watched? And how many views comes on the channel every month?

If 3 million views come to your channel every month , then you will get $1 per 2000 views i.e. earning 3 million views every month will be $1500.

This calculation has been done for many channels to see the income report. In such a situation, if you want to earn 1 lakh per month from Youtube, then you have to bring at least 3 million views on the channel every month.


Friends, this is the most unique and practical way to earn 1 lakh per month . By using which you are earning thousands of people. Hope you have also liked these earning tips and one of them changes your lifestyle. How did you like these tips, do write about it in the comment and also share it with your friends.

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