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An easy way to make money daily Now


Till date you must have heard about different ways to earn money from many people, your friends and relatives through online and offline medium. And you must be working on that too. Even many people like you would be making online income from internet very easily by using those methods. 

But just think that there is a way to find out in which neither you have to work hard nor do you have to create any content. That is, how much fun it will be if you start earning $100-$200 daily without spending much brain.

Yes friend, today we will be discussing about some such great ways by which you will be able to earn money from internet. 

You will go and see that I was not even posting the article for a few days because I was experimenting on making money in this way and when I felt that it can prove to be true and accurate for you too, then I worked hard for this work online.

Liked to tell you about how to earn money. I hope you will also like it, even if you earn in any way like YouTube, Blogging, Affiliate etc. Let us discuss how to earn $100-$200 daily.

Simple Ways To Earn Money From Internet Online – Earn Daily

I also believe that the best way to earn money online is through YouTube, blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing etc. I also earn by writing a blog, but in spite of this, I ask you to earn money by uploading videos. 

Keep in mind that here I am not talking about making videos like YouTube, but I am talking about earning money by uploading videos. In which only you have to invest a lot of your mobile data.

People talk about how to earn money by selling mobile data. That is the same, people who earn money online or offline, they move ahead by investing their time, money, effort etc., without investing, nothing is received. Some of these have to be invested even if you spend only time or mobile data.

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Now you have come to know that we can earn $100-$200 daily by uploading videos just by investing a lot of mobile data. But here the biggest question arises that where will we upload this video which can give us so much money in return. 

The answer is that the biggest and most popular company of social media is Facebook. About which probably more than 90% of the people of the world know and you will also know. Even you must be using the Facebook app.

You must also know that money is earned from Facebook, but you must have heard one more thing with it that you have to publish your own video and when the watch time and followers are complete, then we monetize our page. can make income. 

But I will not talk about working so hard. You have to earn money by doing smart work, that too without working harder than Facebook. Let us go into detail about it –

Earn money from Facebook

When you useFacebook, you also watch videos many times. Which includes Movie, Kapil Sharma Show, Comedy, News etc.

 But it will be surprising to know that more than 80% of the videos are copyrighted but still people earn money from it. While this is not possible on YouTube.

 If you upload any movies, TV shows, serials, etc. here after editing a lot, then on seeing it, millions of views come in it. The number of views that come in Facebook videos and it will hardly come anywhere.

Today someone commented to me that brother you explain things very well. Keeping that in mind, let us explain to you how to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook.

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Facebook Page

You have to create an FB and pagemaker the page attractive by putting some information, photos etc. And the video that you think people might like, you have to download it either from YouTube or from Facebook itself. 

When editing is completed, upload it on your Facebook page without thinking anything. You will see that in a few days the views will reach in the millions. And your followers will also become very high.

To make money from Facebook, the page has to be monetized, for which the criteria are that your page should have 5 active videos, should be 30 days old, should have 10,000 followers and watch time of 60,000 minutes. 

Which is completed in a few days, if you also publish a video daily. 

easy way without hard work

After fulfilling these criteria, you have to apply for application monetization. If there is no policy issue on your page, then ads will start appearing in your videos and you will be able to earn money from here.

Most people on Facebook earn a lot of money by following this method, that too copyrighted videos. To give you confidence, we would like to tell you that once you open your Facebook app and watch the video. 

Surely ads will come in it and someone must have downloaded them from YouTube, edited a little and uploaded them on their page. 

In which there are millions of views, now you think how much money that Vanda must have earned. If by chance your page is not monetized while the followers have become too much. 

Then what will you do so that you will be able to earn money, let’s know about it –

How to make money from copyrighted videos (content) – Earn Money

Many times it happens to us that in spite of having millions of followers on our page, Facebook monetization is not enabled. So there is nothing to worry about. 

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You must have heard a saying that “Whoever has the public listens to the world”. It is 100% true, if you have followers on Facebook page then there are many ways to earn money. 

people can earn money by creating a blog and bringing traffic from there, you have to make YouTube videos and if the views do not come, then from here you can bring thousands of views.

 By giving affiliate links on your own page, you will earn a lot of money from there.

All that is needed is the followers that will be available by uploading the video. I would only say that even if you are earning money online, you should still do this work. Because pages on Facebook become viral very quickly. 

And the work you are doing and earning money. By reaching people to him, you can increase your earning by two to three times. Which will prove beneficial for you.


Finally today you learned about such an easy and tremendous way to earn money. From where you will earn money as well as whatever you are making money from now,

you can increase it manifold. That too by investing just a little mobile data. 

This is smart work which not everyone does. If you do not have time to edit the video, then download the video from Facebook itself and publish it on your page. 

You mean your followers and if you want to monetize then you will have to edit a lot.

So friend, I hope you liked this way to earn money online from internet. If you think this article needs to be improved or if there is any doubt, then do let us know by commenting so that we can help ourselves and you. 

Please do me so much favor that you must definitely pass this article to your friends. Share it !

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