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Easy way to download Facebook and Instagram videos

Know the new way of 2022 to download Facebook and Instagram videos, so if you are searching how to download Instagram and Facebook videos? So here you will find the way to download HD video, whoever is watching the video on social media till now. all its methods will be found here.

It happens many times with us, that when we watch a video on Facebook, Instagram. So it comes to mind that we download it and save it in the Local Drive of our Phone/Computer.

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But it is not known to happen, because neither Facebook gives us this facility that we can neither do nor Instagram. Why is this? Let us understand about this in a little detail.

Can’t download Facebook and Instagram videos?

This question is related to a little technical term. Which we have to explain with a little mind. Whenever we download a video from any Video Streaming & Sharing Websites . So they are of no use in that.

Because if someone will download and watch YouTube from Facebook. So neither will their Time On Site Increase nor will they be able to show their ad on it .

So in such a situation, they try to see more users online and if we talk about Instagram, then it is a personal photo & videos sharing website and it has created its own privacy that it cannot do to itself.

No platform goes that the user should leave their platform and by doing so, the engagement gets spoiled. With this, it is illegal to use someone else’s content. In such a situation, not all social media platforms make it available.

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Easy way to download Instagram and Facebook videos

There are thousands of such methods on the Internet, using which we can save any content offline. By doing this you can watch it anywhere without internet without internet. Here are some ways by which you can save video content on social media.

Here I am going to tell about some such best way to download Social Media Video. Which we can use to download from both these platforms.

Two types of videos are shared on FB,

  1. Public
  2. Private

We can see public videos in search and download them easily with the help of Online Downloader .

Private videos don’t show up in search. We have to search them by ourselves and we cannot do them with the help of online video downloader.

How to download Facebook public video?

Whenever a user shares someone on FB. So he has the authority whether he wants to keep himself public or private. If he chooses Public. So he goes to everyone’s timeline, whoever is interested in him.

facebook public videos

Downloading public videos is easy. Just for this we need an Online Video Downloader web application and at this time https://fbvideodownload.site/ is the best Facebook Video Downloader.

Pickvideo will have to copy that URL from your account by clicking on the “Show Video URL” option. URL has to be copied.

Facebook Video Url

After copying the URL, open the Pickvideo website and paste the facebook video URL and click on the button.

Download Facebook Video

We get to see many quality while downloading. Like 720p, 480p etc. We can do it from here according to our requirement.

Choose Facebook video quality

how to download facebook private video

There are many private ones on FB which we cannot download in the above mentioned way. So there is another way to do this. Using which we can do private videos.

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First of all, whatever we have to make private. It has to be opened and by clicking on the right button of the mouse, click on the “View Page Source” option.

Private videos

As soon as we click on the Page Source option, the New Tab of Programming Code will open in front of us. We just have to copy (CTRL + C) the complete code by pressing CTRL + A Button .

Copy Code

After copying the code, we have to open the Private Videos Downloader website and paste all the copies using CTRL + V Button and then click on the button, our video will be done.

Download Private video

How to download Instagram videos?

Downloading Instagram Video is a bit difficult because we do not get the feature of Video URL Copy  in this. But there is some such online tool. Which makes our work a little easier and we can download any Instagram video using it and save it in our local drive.

First of all login to Instagram account and go to post feed and click on those videos. Which you want to save on mobile this computer. Open it.

instagram video

After opening, we will see the URL in the Browser tab and we have to copy it from the browser.

copy video url

After copying the URL, we have to open the website http://instadownload.site , after that paste the URL. After pasting the URL, the video will be downloaded.

Insatgram Video Downloader

This method works for the website if we want to download the video from the app. So for this we have told in this guide which we can use to do anything.

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Questions and answers

How to Download Private Facebook Videos?

Any person can watch his private videos and the person has the right to download them. In such a situation, your own option is not available on social media. In such a situation, if a person wants to watch his private video or download the video. So it makes sense to use third party tools for this.

Can I download live streaming video from Facebook?

If any live streaming is going on. So it cannot be downloaded and there is no other way. Because at that time that video is not permanently stored anywhere. But they can be downloaded after the live stream is over.

Friends, it is told here that  How to Download  Facebook & Instagram Video Both Instagram and Facebook do not allow us to download videos. But we can download any one from these two websites by using some tricks present on the Internet. If you have any other tips, then you must share about it in the comment.

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