How to Get Domino's Franchise

How to Get Domino’s Franchise in 2023

People have always been fond of eating something spicy and when it comes to eating pizza, the first name that comes to mind is Domino’s. 


Yes, the word Domino’s has become synonymous with Pizza, that’s why today Domino’s business runs all over the world. 


If we talk about India, then Domino’s has been running its business here for 25 years.

If you join hands with this company then somewhere you can get a lot of profit from it. 

That’s why in today’s post will tell you How To Take Domino’s Franchise i.e. How To Take Domino’s Franchise ?

So stay tuned till the last for complete information about it.

Let’s start and first of all know about Domino’s company

Domino’s company profile 

name of the company Domino’s
industry Fast Food 
Founder James Monaghan , Tom Monaghan Dominick DeVarti
Founded December 9, 1960 (61 years ago)
Headquarters Domino’s Farms Office Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
CEORichard Allison
chair man David A. Brandon
number of locations 17,000
business area Worldwide
product Sweet Cuisine, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwich, Chicken Wings
Service Food Delivery 
RevenueUS$4.117 billion ( 2020)
Number of employees14,400 (2020)

By the way, you must know what is Domino’s Franchise. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t know about it. 

So let me tell you once- 

What is Domino’s Franchise? 

Whenever you go out in the city, you will see many shops made in the same style, these shops are the franchise of a company. The brand name of the company is also written in front of these shops.  

And the company gives its franchise because every company wants to increase its business by reaching more and more customers. But no company can go everywhere and put its shop alone. 

Because no one has that much money and man power. 

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So to solve this problem, the company allows those people who want to work together with the company to open a shop with their brand name. 

Similarly, Domino’s also gets people to open their shop, so that they can reach more customers, this is called Domino’s Franchise. 

Why Take Domino’s Franchise? 

Taking Domino’s Pizza Franchise is a great business idea. Because Domino’s has become the king of the pizza industry, then your business has to go on. 

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Following are some such reasons, due to which you should take Domino’s Franchise- 

  • Domino’s is the most well-known brand of pizza around the world.   
  • Less investment has to be made in taking Domino’s Franchise and whatever investment has to be made, good earnings are earned on it.   
  • Domino’s Support System is very strong. If any person takes domino’s franchise then first training is given to him by the company. After that the company gives franchise of Domino’s and the company helps in building the restaurant like decoration and interior helps in all things.

If now you have thought that if I want to take the franchise of Domino’s only, then what eligibility criteria has the company fixed for this? Know about him also that-

What is the eligibility to take Domino’s Pizza Franchise?

Age- Your age should not be less than 21 years. 

Education- You must have studied at least up to Graduation. 

Land – To take Domino’s Franchise, you should have 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet of land. 

Good Condition- You should be financially strong. That is, you should have a good bank balance. 

Name-respect- You should be seen with respect in the society. That is, there should not be any kind of police case against you. 

Business Experience- If you have experience of doing business then you have more chances of getting Domino’s Franchise. 

If you want to take Domino’s Franchise, then for this you should know that how many types of Franchise does Domino’s offer? And which of these franchises should you take? So that you can do business properly. 

What are the different types of Franchise offered by Domino’s? 

So on the basis of different location Domino’s gives 3 types of Franchise- 

  • Traditional Franchise 
  • Non-Traditional Franchise 
  • and Transitional Franchise 

Now here is the information about all these in detail- 

What is Domino’s Traditional Franchise?

Those Retail Outlets which are opened around Shopping Center, Strip Center are called Traditional Store. 

These outlets belong to both the common customer and Domino’s Delivery. That is, if someone wants to sit here and eat pizza, then this facility is given in this type of outlet. 

And from this store Domino’s Delivery Boy can also take orders for other customers from here. 

What is Domino’s Non-Traditional Franchise?

Those Domino’s outlets which are around office building, shopping mall, stadium, toll road, airport, zoo are called Non-Traditional Franchise. In this, along with Domino’s product, other products can also be sold. 

What is Domino’s Transitional Franchise? 

Such stores or outlets are opened in a few locations where there are not many customers. Only Domino’s products are delivered from this type of outlet. There is no arrangement for sitting and drinking. 

How much investment can come in opening Domino’s Pizza Franchise? 

Whenever we think of starting a Franchise Business, then somewhere this question comes in our mind that how much investment will come in starting Franchise Business?  

So on this the company says that if a new person takes Domino’s Franchise, then he  may have to invest up to  Rs 1.25 crore .

And how much less can this investment be? It also depends on whether the land is own or not to open Domino’s Franchise. 

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If not, are you buying land or taking it on rent.  

To start Domino’s Franchise Business, you have to go with proper planning. Only then you will be able to start the business properly. 

And then even such a huge amount will have to be invested.  

If you already have any land then you will not have to spend money to buy land and you can start this business with 50 lakh rupees also.  

Tip- If you have land but not at the right location where you want to open this franchise. So by selling the land of that place, you can take the land with that money in a new place where there are more chances of running this business. 

How much space is required to open Domino’s Pizza franchise? 

If you want to open Domino’s Pizza Franchise, then you may need 1500 – 2000 square feet of land for this. 

And yes, do keep in mind that there should not be any other Domino’s Franchise within 5 KM of the area where you are planning to open this Franchise, otherwise your chances of getting a Domino’s Franchise may be less. 

Domino’s Franchise Outlet Menu

By taking Domino’s Franchise outlet, you get offers to sell a variety of products, from here you can buy Vegetable Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Pasta, Pizza Crust ,  Pizza Mania , Burger  Pizza  , Farm House Pizza  , Vegetable Margherita  Pizza , Cheese Corn  Pizza , Double You have to sell many things like Margherita  Pizza , Paneer Makhani  Pizza , Choco Lava Cake . 

Which documents and licenses will be required? 

  1. pan card, aadhar card  
  2. address proof  
  3. business registration  
  4. business proof  
  5. Prof. of business turnover of last three years  
  6. Audit Report (if there is already a company)
  7. Character Certificate (PCC)
  8. Ground papers (Own/lease)
  9.  Photographs of the ground from the right, left and front 
  10. GST Number (If you are already doing business then it is not required.)
  11. FSSAI (Food License)
  12. Insurance
  13. Establishment License 
  14. Sub-Franchise Agreement (10 Years)
  15. EPF/ESIC  

How to Apply for the Domino’s Pizza Franchise in hindi ?

If you want to take Domino’s Franchise then you can take Domino’s Franchise from Jubilant FoodWorks Limited. This company has a Master Franchise of Domino’s in India. One has to go to the official website of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited and apply for Domino’s Franchise from there.  

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Contact Number:

If you want to contact the company for Direct Domino’s Franchise, then you can contact through these methods-


Official website:


What is the process to get a Domino’s Franchise? 

  • To take Domino’s Franchise, you have to send the manager the image of the location where you want to open the Franchise.  
  • Then their team will survey your area and discuss with you whether your location is right for the franchise or not.  
  • This team will tell the manager about your location, then the manager will decide whether you should get Domino’s Franchise Approval or not.  
  • If you get the approval, then the company will make an agreement with you regarding the franchise and will get the contract signed.  
  • Your Area Manager will then help you set-up Domino’s Franchise.  
  • The company will provide training to you and the salesman working with you.  
  • The entire process of taking a franchise will take at least 30 days to complete. 
  • That is, after 1 month you can start Domino’s Franchise.   
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Things you should know. 

  1. You will be given Signage Board, Brand Lighting Board and Interior Design from the side of the company. 
  2. The company will provide training to the worker working in the franchise outlet.  
  3. Dress will be given to all the workers on behalf of the company.   
  4.  The company will give you from Billing Software to Inventory App and Loyalty Software.  
  5. The franchise will be operated under the guidance of the company.

Domino’s Franchise Term & Agreement 

If we talk about the Term and Condition of Domino’s franchise, then according to different Franchise Type, Franchise is given for different time which is from this side-

type of franchise Franchise Time Duration 
Standard Franchise10 years
Non-Traditional Store Franchise10 years
Transitional Store Franchise5 years 

Note-  When this time is over, you will have to get your Franchise renewed. And yes, if you do not provide service to the customer properly, then the franchise can also be taken back from you.  

FAQ: Often people ask such questions-  

Q. How to get Domino’s Franchise?

Ans: Jubilant FoodWorks Limited owns the Master Franchisee of Domino’s. 

This company    manages the transactions of Domino’s Franchise in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal . So you can contact on this email to take Franchise- domino’

Q. How many days does it take to get Franchise?  

Ans: It takes almost 1 month. 

Q. How many franchises does Domino’s offer?

Ans: Domino’s Company offers 3 types of franchises. which are like this- 

  • Traditional Stores
  • Non-Traditional Stores
  • Transitional Stores

Q. How much investment can come in taking Domino’s Pizza Franchise?

Ans: If you are thinking of opening Domino’s Franchise then you should have an investment of Rs.1.25 Crore. Because around this investment can come.  

Q. Which Food Items are sold in Domino’s Franchise?  

Ans: Apart from different types of pizzas, pasta, tacos, fries, garlic bread, desserts, beverages are also sold in Domino’s Franchise Outlet.  

Q: How much can I earn every month by taking Domino’s Franchise?>  

Ans: How much will you earn every month after taking Domino’s Franchise? It matters on your Franchise Location because if you are taking this Franchise in High Demand Area where the supply of Domino’s product is less then it is sure that you will earn a lot. If we talk about average earning, then you can easily earn 2-3 lakhs a month.  

Q:Is taking Domino’s Franchise a profitable deal?

Ans: Domino’s has become a big brand all over the world. If you take Domino’s Franchise, then you will remain in profit. Because people of all ages like to eat Pizza.  

Q. How to contact for taking Domino’s Pizza Franchise?

Ans: If you have any query related to taking Franchise then you can inquire on this email-


That’s friend. Now all the doubts are cleared from your mind that you can take Domino’s Franchise Kaise. 

What will be the process of this, how much investment can come and you have already known many other things. 

So hope that after reading this post you can easily franchise it. 

If you still have any question then write it in the comment box.

And what you want to know about next, then you can also tell that. 

thanks for staying here

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