How to start a Cool drink agency Now?

How to start a Cool drink agency in 2023 ?

If you want to know that How to start Cool drink agency ? So you are reading the right article, I will tell you here how to apply for cold drink agency, how much will be the investment and how much will be the profit etc.

Whether it is feeling hot, to freshen the mood, have a guest at home or to celebrate something. Cold Drink or Soft Drink has its own place in most of our happy moments. 

And this is also because since childhood, we have come to see so many advertisements in TV, radio or newspaper that they have a huge impact on our mind. 

Cool drink

Most of the celebrities of India also advertise them, so we get influenced very quickly by our role models. This is the reason why the market of Cold Drinks is huge in India.

How to get a Cool drink agency? 2023

Talking about soft drinks, there is a Divide in these two categories, Carbonated and Non-Carbonated. 

  • Cola Flavored Drinks, Lime Flavored Drinks, Orange Flavored Drinks. They come under the category of Carbonated Drinks. 
  • And Juices Bottled Water, Ready To Drinks Tea And Coffee all these come under the category of Non-Carbonated Drinks. 

Both these types of customers are present in India. 

Varun Beverage Limited, which is the largest franchise of Pepsi-co in India. According to him, his revenue in 2018 was Rs 3,862 crore.

Coca Cola and Pepsi are the biggest soft drink brands in India followed by Local Brands. 

It is worth noting that the consumption of soft drinks is increasing at the rate of 17% every year, so becoming an entrepreneur in this field is emerging as a good option.

Now let’s talk about taking Cold Drink Agency. 

1. Which company’s Cool Drink Agency do you want to take? 

If you are thinking of taking Cold Drink Ki Agency, then for this you should know which company you want to take Cold Drink Agency. 

Because today there are many brands in the market that do business of cold drinks. 

In them comes the name of well-known brands like  Coca Cola , Pepsico , and Mirinda.

So decide that

You want to get the agency of Coca Cola or you want to take the agency of Pepsico . 

2. Choose the best location to open Cool Drink Agency.

No matter what the business is, location matters a lot and this also applies to your Cold Drink Agency.

Because before giving your agency any company checks that- 

  • Will this business run in the location for which you want to take agency? 
  • Is that the right place to open an agency? That is, people keep coming and going from there. 
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And yes, there should not be a Cold Drink Agency of the same company within 2-3 kilometers of the location where you want to take Cold Drink Agency. Otherwise, your chances of getting Cold Drink Agency will be reduced. 

3. Manage Shop/Office/Godown. 

When you have decided that at which location you have to take a cold drink agency of a company, then now it is the turn to make a shop and godown there. 

It is a good thing if you have your own land to build a Shop-Godown, otherwise you can buy land or you can also take it on rent after seeing a nice room to open a Cold Drink Agency. 

How much space will be needed for Shop and Godown?

Space for Shop and Godown You can decide according to you how big level you want to do this business?

If we talk about Average Space, then its detail is like this-

  • For the shop-  There should be at least 200 square feet to 500 square feet land for the shop. 
  • For godown – To stock the goods, godown will have to be made for which you will need 1000 square feet to 1500 square feet space. 

Total land- Overall 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft space will be required for this business.

4. Get Registration and License made

As long as the construction work of Shop and Godown is going on, then you should get some important documents and business license made. 

Because without these your business will be considered illegal and these documents will also come in handy while applying for cold drink agency –     

Because any company checks these documents before giving its dealership- 

So for this, the company checks some Personal Document (PD) and some Property Document (PD) documents. 

Personal Document (PD) :-

There are many documents inside a personal document such as:

ID Proof :- You should have any of these documents as Identity Proof  

  • aadhar card, 
  • or Pan Card,
  • Or Voter Card

Address Proof :- Similarly any of these will run as Address Proof-

  • Ration Card 
  • या Electricity Bill ,

Bank Account With Passbook (In which statement of transactions of last 6-12 months)

Photograph, Email ID , Phone Number ,

Other Document  

Property Documents such as-

  • Lease/Rent Agreement (If the land is taken on lease)
  • NOC 
  • Property Ownership Documents (If the land is owned by you)
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Business Documents 

So all you have to do is get your company registered. 

  • For this you can register as Private Limited Company, One Person Company or Limited Liability Company. 
  • GST Number- 

Government of India has made tax rule for all business. Under this rule, if the annual income of your business is more than 20 lakhs, then you should have a GST number. To take GST, you have to first go to the GST official website . After that you can apply on it for your business.

But if you are facing any problem in taking GST then you can read this post of Currencyinbox Blog: What is GST – What are the types of GST? – What is CGST, SGST, IGST

5. Apply for Cool Drink Agency? 

When you have set-up everything, now it is your turn to apply for Cold Drink Agency. 

There are many ways to apply for Cold Agency in any company- 

such as- 

  • Apply online by visiting the official website of the company. 
  • Sending mail to the company’s official email address. 
  • Calling the company’s toll-free number. 
  • Contacting the Local Chief of the Company in Your Area 
  • And go to the headquarters of the company and talk. 

Out of these, the process of applying online is more common and easier by going to the official website of the company.

How to apply online for Cool drink agency?  

  1. First of all go to the official website of the company providing Cold Drink Agency.
  2. A Contact Us option will be available on the home page, then a form will open.
  3. Whatever details have been asked in this form, fill it properly and then submit the form.
  4. As soon as the company will get the information about your application, within a few days the company’s employer will contact you. 

After this the further process, they will tell what to do?

But what will you do if even after filling the online form, no reply came or the job of taking Cold Drink Agency could not be done? 

Don’t Worry, you have one more option – Company’s Toll Free Number 

For this you will have to go to the official website of the company once again. Here you will definitely find a toll-free number somewhere up and down. 

 But if you do not want to do all this, then search directly in Google- 

{Company Name] + Contact Number 

For Example – 

If you want to take the agency of Coca-Cola, then you have to search for it.

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Coca-Cola Dealership Contact Number 

Google will give you the company’s contact number in less than 2 seconds.  

And by calling on this number you can directly talk to the company to get Cold Drink Agency.

How much investment will it take to open a Cool Drink Agency?

The next step is Investmet because without it nothing can start, so it should be taken as a challenge. For this you may have to invest up to 30-40 lakh rupees. 

You have to make this investment in these things-

Security Money – This fee is taken by every company. But the fees taken by each company may be different. Well usually it is around 3-10 lakhs. 

Along with this, you will have to take space for Shop and Godown. And if you have to spend money to make it, then take it up to 5 lakh rupees only.

Apart from this, you may also have to buy a Delivery Vehicle if you deliver even in far flung areas. 

After this comes the turn of Working Capital. So you may have to hire 2-4 employees to help in daily work like Agency Management, Office Management, Maintenance, and Transportation. 

Because in business nothing can be done alone. Even if you keep a person of your identity, but someone has to be kept with you.  

Note- You can get more than 10 lakh investment in opening a Cold Drink Agency, which depends on how much Security Fee the company takes. 

How much profit will there be in Cool Drink Agency Business?

Like any business, how much will you earn by taking a Cold Drink agency and how much profit you will get, it will depend on your sales. 

And also on the matter of which flavors of the company you are taking cold drinks. 

Because the commission received on each product is different. 

If you want to know about the profit margin available in opening a cold drink agency, then after applying for a cold drink agency, when the company’s agent gets a call, you can know about it from them.

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How much land will be required to open a Cool Drink Agency?

Total land- Overall 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft space will be required for this business.

How much investment will it take to take Agency?

In opening a cold drink agency, you may find an investment of up to 10 – 40 lakhs, which depends on how much security fee the company takes. 

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