City Mall Franchise: What is it, why take it, how to take it? Full profit and loss information

City Mall Franchise: What is it, why take it, how to take it? Full profit and loss information

Are you looking for a job for yourself or are you thinking of starting your own business? 

But you are not able to start anything due to lack of investment of thousands and lakhs of rupees. 


Then there is a good news for you. In the year 2019, a company has come whose name is City Mall. 

This company is giving you a chance to do business and that too by staying at home. 

Yes, you heard it right. 

city mall

To do business with this, you just need to have a mobile phone. Which is also in your hands now. 

So how can you start your business with this company, what will be its process? How much profit will you get on how much investment? 

In today’s post, Earningmitra will inform you that How to get City Mall Franchise

So let’s start and get to know about Citymall Company before How to get City MallFranchise

Citymall Company Profile 

Company Name Citymall 
Company TypePrivate 
IndustrySocial E-Commerece
FounderAngad Keekala and Naisheel Vardhan
Foundedyear 2019
HeadquarterGurgaon , Haryana,India
Customer Care Number9513165509
Number of customers associated with the company over 5 million 
Citymall Entrepreneur More than 100,000 small entrepreneurs were created.
City Mall Leader Earnings So far the leaders of CityMall have earned a total of Rs.5 crores. 
MissionMaking Micropreneurs (Small Entrepreneurs) in every corner of India by harnessing the power of Internet and Community.
tag line fair price every day 

What is CityMall? 

City Mall is a Social Ecommerce Startup that sells Products through Social Media Platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram. 

City Mall is a community commerce platform that targets 300 million new internet users living in small villages, towns and cities of India.

What is CityMall Franchise?

All the companies want to increase their business but cannot work everywhere by themselves. Therefore, by taking some money, she gives her business module to those people who want to do business by joining hands with them. Similarly, Citymall is also joining people with it to increase its business. 

This is called Citymall Franchise. 

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This company is running since 2019. There are about 10,000 products on this platform from Mobile to Grocery and gradually the list of these products is increasing. 

City Mall Franchise Business Plan 

Their Franchise Business Plan is that in small areas where big companies like Flipkart and Amazon do not deliver the product. Like Gud Gaon Delhi NCR. City Mall has started delivering in the same area. 

The medium of doing their business is that they make leaders, leaders make their customers. 

When the customer places an order, after the leader has the deal, he delivers it to the customer and the customer gets the product without delivery charge. 

Gives two types of plans- 

  • Gold Plan 
  • and Premium Plan 
Benefit gold plan premium 
product commission YesYes 
guaranteed income plan YesYes
sales training YesYes
Help in adding customers YesYes
marketing kit No Yes
Fee Amount 3,000 rupees 6,000 rupees 

Note- Maybe in the coming days, the company may reduce this fee more or less.

No matter what kind of franchise you take. You will have to pay this fee only once. 

And you do not understand that your money will go away like this. If you have a customer then your income will be there. 

If you are in confusion that which of these plans will be right for you, then I will recommend you Gold Plan only. 

Because in both the plans there is only a difference between having marketing kit and not having it. Everything else is beans. 

And by the way, what remains in the marketing kit is a pamphlet, banner, t-shirt and a bag. 

So as far as it is concerned, you can get the job done by asking for a few pamphlets from any other franchisor in your area. 

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Just to show people about your work, what do you do? 

Why Take a City Mall Franchise?  

guaranteed monthly income

If you get associated with City Mall by franchising it, then it is sure that you will have to earn money. 

Help in creating a customer 

There are some customers of the company who download Citymall App from Play Store or Apple Store after seeing ads from here and there. 

In this way the company will connect you for free to the customers around your area. 

Then these customers who will do the shopping, who will order, then you will earn on the delivery of the company’s product from your side. 

sales training 

You must have heard of training, but what is this sales training? 

So in sales training, it is told how to sell any product, how to present it. How to tell the customer that order your product from here, you will get cheaper than the market rate.

How can you convince them to go shopping, how can you show them the benefits. 

You will be taught all these things in training. 

After taking this training, you can not only sell the product of Citymall, but later if you start any new business of yours, then you can sell things comfortably. 

Marketing Kit 

To do business, the company gives you a marketing kit. In this marketing kit you get 1 bag, 100 pamphlet, and 1 T-shirt. 

When you go out to deliver your customer’s product anywhere in the market, you will wear this T-shirt. 

This will allow people to recognize from afar that you are doing business with Citymall. 

Those who do not know, then they will definitely ask that brother what is this dress, what is its work and what are you doing. 

So marketing kit will help you a lot. 

What are the requirements for getting City Mall Franchise? 

If you want to take City Mall Franchise, then for this you will need these things- 

  • Documents 
  • Investment 
  • Internet with mobile phone 
  • and a bike 

What are the documents required to take City Mall Franchise? 

To take City Mall Franchise, you must have these documents-  

  • Aadhar card 
  • pan card 
  • own photo 

How much investment will be required to take City Mall Franchise? 

For taking City Mall Franchise, you may have to invest Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000. 

By the way, the investment is to depend on what kind of plan with which you take the franchise of Citymall. 

And if you do not have a bike to deliver, then you will take a second hand bike or rent it. 

Ways to earn from Citymall aap. 

In City Mall App, you can take franchise and earn commission by sharing the product. 

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring Citymall App. 

City Mall Franchise kaise Le? 

If you have thought that to take the franchise of City Mall, then for this you have to download the Leader App of Citymall from Play Store or Apple Store . 

So first of all open Play Store or Apple App Store. 

And now search City Mall Leader App 

Now you will see the Leader App of Citymall in black back ground color. Install it. 

After installation, as soon as you open it, you will see some such interface in front of you. 

Here you will be asked for your mobile number. You have to enter a current number. 

Now an OTP will come on your same number. If your number is installed in the same mobile with which you are registering in CityMall Leader App, then this number will be filled automatically. 

After that enter your name 

Now you will be asked for permission for your location. So give permission for the location.

Their App’s System Automatic will detect your location. If the service of Citymall is on in your location, then it will show like this in your screen. 

When you download Citymall Leader App for the first time, after that you will be asked to complete your profile.

You will be asked to complete the profile- 

What is your gender?

How old are you?

Are you married or not?

What do you do? 

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How much time can I take to work with City Mall?

How much is your income?

And then you will also be asked why do you want to work with citymall? 

Whatever you do, tick it and click on the submit button. 

You will ask and submit this form by answering all the questions, after submitting you will be redirected to the city mall leader in your day board. The dance of the city mall app will look something like this.

When you come to the Dashboard of this Citymall Leader App, you will get to see a lot of things here. For example, in the corner of the left side, you will get to see the menu bar. 

On the bottom side of the app, you will get to see the options of Home, Family, Order, Customer and Piggy Bank. These features of Citymall app will be told in detail in front of you.

If you want to take City Mall your friend charge, then for this you have to click on the option of “Complete Payment” given in the dashboard

When you click on this option, a screen like this will open in front of you, from here you can make online payment for taking franchisee of City Mall.

When you make the payment, the team of City Mohalla App will contact you and will give you further information on how to start the business.

Term and Condition- It has been said in the App of City Mall that if someone takes our Franchise, then Payout will be told on the first date of every month. And the company will give you some target every month. It is mandatory for every franchise to follow the rules of Citymall. 

If you do not follow this rule then there may be problem in bonus or commission. 

How much can I earn by taking City Mall Franchise? 

From here you can earn up to Rs 25,000. I do not say that you will earn only Rs 25,000, nor does the company say so. 

To earn, you can earn Rs.5,000 and to earn you can earn Rs.500 and to earn, you can earn Rs.25.000, can you also earn Rs.30,000. 

Because here you get commission on every product according to different category. 

The company gives you this commission from its side.  

Citymall Leader App के Feature 

You will get to see many things in the Dashboard of this app. 

Like your name, how many have you sold? How many customers do you have? 

What are the products of the company? 

On which product what offer is going on? 

Link to share that product. 

And many such things. 

You will get to see Three Dot in the left side of this Dashboard. 

When you click on it, you will get to see the option of KYC along with many options. 

So to take City Mall Ki Franchise, you have to do your KYC. 

When you do your KYC, the company’s employer will contact you. 

And he will tell you what will be the next process. 


U Swy mDIPyfQu76flG8ydhtSnUJO YGaUVS2uehxK7tYHRavP0Ug8Mb9udMrFUkzI 7dbQohkZJfWkia5FzU3FqcEA1jguVKejf40h

You will get all the information related to your online store by pressing the home icon of Citymall App. 


fFKnbZgbPfgheO9Hlw VH6bRv3c id4cGUoN 0QBi8RRROGrcyle9YHLanh XfBBXWTkU2FUXCFDvgQ96wrVvEVFBLePSwV4 M7uAthOTG7f8lyGepWOeGk3L

After the home icon, you will get to see the community icon. From here you can chat with Franchisee connected with Citymall App. In Citymall’s Leader App, the name of the community has been changed to Family. 


zS6xmJ9KCOToO2tDmuemYo5HRkpyNNcjHoRxsqN4O1FuhRhPQJU Al vd9mX9fuEbQAmXRJatcD9O60 bmgXm4xF0 oEKj8d09 G3Y1R0U9lydeUnguwzL5ZqcPKs7Iw 1SgOhoAsesMfCK2uw

After this you will get to see the Icon of Orders. From this section you can see which of your customers have ordered what. 



Which is a different feature of the Citymall Leader app. That is – of customers. 

By clicking on this icon, you will see a list of all your customers here. From here you can also add your new customers. 

Piggy Bank- 


To see the earnings from Citymall app, Citymall team has given this section in the name of piggy bank in this app. 

Here you see Total Sell and Total Commission. 

In this section you also see Bonus Commission, Referral Commission. 

From here you can withdraw your money. You see two options to withdraw money – Bank Account and UPI 

If you want to withdraw money from the bank account, then you fill the complete information of your bank account in this section. Such as Bank Name, Account Holder Name, IFSC Code 

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If you want to withdraw money from UPI ID, then click on UPI ID and enter your UPI ID and enter the amount you want to withdraw. 

After this you will see three lines in the corner of the left side. On clicking on it, such options will open in front of you- 

2XjPYqERgABUApm CoqTFCf1wuq8Jy9D91DkcpYWL2CqRmdXjYav3jSqszLpj6W2fsWi53Dny1WsBg8FaGCWVmgLhdRsl

Here you will get to see Profile KYC Detail Leader Training Video Requested Items and Customer Support Location Change Options Your Profile has already been completed. 

KYC is left to be done so now you click on KYC details as you click on it a user interface like this will open in front 

Jy9baJ0gYqKRzesF0yjlZLxEcUSXJDlWNbN3rFl AepJWlU8 a9 ca UJgQlAl0VILeY2vF9MYQJJowbr6UlH8GShGr8MwsnC175DsrvsrEdPsbZekF7Ewzq5q3

Now your profile has already been completed , all you have to do is add another mobile number to it, then you can add it yourself. 

After this you have to complete your KYC. For this you have to come  to the KYC section .

Here you have to upload your photo. 

Then you have to upload your Aadhar card from both the front and back side and fill the Aadhar number. 

After this you have to upload your PAN card and fill the PAN card. 

After your KYC is accepted, you will get a message of Congratulation from Citymall. 

If you want to know more about Citymall App, then you can learn by watching the training video given in this App. 

If you are facing any problem in working with Citymall App, then you can also take Customer Support from here. 

After successful completion of your KYC, a message of Congratulation will come from Citymall. 

Training Section

If you want to know more about the City Mall app or how to work then you can go through the training section given in the Leader App of City Mall .  

Customer Support

If you are facing any problem in doing business, then you can take the help  of Customer Support of Citymall app to overcome this problem.

Few Minus Points of Taking City Maal Franchise 

  • Petrol is very expensive and the commission available is very less. 
  • Petrol money is not available for delivery. You have to take it from your own pocket. 
  • If for some reason the customer returns the same, then he has to go again, then once again the petrol will burn. 
  • No commission is received when the product is returned. 
  • A small bag is available in which at least 10 packets come. 

FAQ: Often people ask such questions-

Q: Who is the owner of City Mall? 

Ans: Angad Keekala and Naisheel Vardhan are the owners of City Mall. 

Q: Who will give the same for product delivery? 

Ans: City Mall will deliver at your doorstep. 

Q: What do I have to do to get City Mall Franchise? 

Ans: To get the City Mall Franchise App, you have to download the City Mall Leader App. 

Q: Is it safe to buy a City Mall franchise? 

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely safe to take Franchise of City Mall. 

If you can work then you can earn from here. 

Because commission is available, there is a Guided Income Plan 

While taking a franchise, you have to remember that what is the term and condition of the franchise? 

If you want to do business or can do business then you should take Franchise. 

But if you do not have time then you should not take Franchise. 

Q: If a customer orders a similar for himself, will the first one that is the same be delivered to the leader? 

Ans: Yes, the leader will be delivered first. 

Q: How much does it cost to join the City Mall Leader App? 

Ans: Earlier it was free, nothing used to cost money. 

But now the joining fees are 3000 or 6000 rupees. 

Q: If we want to remove City Mall from its customer app to take Franchise, how to remove? 

Ans: You do not need to move, you just have to download the Leader App of City Mall. 

After this, you can take City Mall Franchise by paying Franchise money from this app itself. 

Q: Can’t become City Mall Leader without paying Fees? 

Ans: Right now City Mall has stopped making Leader in Free. You have to pay money to take a franchise. 

Q: If a Citymall Franchisee wants to withdraw his fee, can he get the fee? 

Ans: Yes, it is possible. For this you have to talk to their customer care number.


Friend I hope how to take franchise of City Mall from your mind? 

A lot of doubts related to this would have been cleared. 

If you ever have any question, then you can tell us by commenting, we will definitely answer your question. 

And if you liked the information of this post, liked it, then also share it with those people who do not know about City Mall Big Size that how to earn money from City Mall. 

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