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Interesting History of Chess Game read now

History of Chess Game and Interesting Facts | History of Chess game and interesting facts related to it

In today’s era, the ruler of strategy games is called “chess”. We also find mention of the game of chess in the epic Ramayana. Lankapati Ravana made the game of chess to keep his wife Mandodari in mind. In ancient India, these games were not played only for fun and enjoyment. Rather, many lives were at stake in these games.


There is such evidence that chess was born in India during the rule of Chandragupta dynasty (280-250 BC). People believe that the game of chess originated from Persia. In ancient India, this game was known as “Chaturanga” . The game of Chaturanga was discovered in India in the 4th century. By the way, the game of chess is played between two opponents. But the game of Chaturanga was played between four people.

Each player has 16 pieces in chess. Whereas in Chaturanga each player had 8 pieces. In Chaturanga, there was an alliance of two people and factionalism could be broken as per their wish. There is a face-to-face competition in chess. Whereas in Chaturanga there are sidewise battles.

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One important thing is that this game of Chaturanga was played with dice, so it was also a game of luck. Whereas dice are not used in the game of chess. There is no queen or vizier in Chaturanga because in ancient India, queens did not go to war.


The pieces are moved forward according to the count of Chaturanga’s dice. If you get one, then a pawn, if three comes a horse, four comes an elephant and six comes to a king or a soldier. This same composition of Chaturanga has been modified in the game of chess . These games made in our country are played with diversity all over the world.

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Interesting Facts about Chess

  1. The second book that was printed in the English language in the world. It was only about Shatrang.
  2. A maximum of 5949 moves could be made in a game of chess.
  3. After the start of the game, only four moves can be made in 318,979,564,000 ways from either side.

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