How to get a cement agency? What to do for taking cement agency in 2022

How to get a cement agency? What to do for taking cement agency in 2023


There is a time of demand for almost everything, there is a demand for a fan in the summer season, an umbrella in the rainy season and a sweater in the cold season, but cement is a product whose demand remains for twelve months of the year. 

cement agency

India is a developing country, from which construction work such as building construction, houses, bridges, cemented roads etc. is being done here every day. And in these works the demand and consumption of cement is also high. 

And ever since the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme came in urban and rural, there has been a lot of demand for cement. Although there was a demand for cement even before this, but not as much as it is now. 

According to the data, the demand for cement is going to double by 2030. 

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In such a situation, if you want to start a cement agency business and for this you should know that to know the Cement Agency Kaise Le of any company, read this article a little carefully so that you get all the information related to taking cement agency and this Do not face any kind of problem in doing business. 

How to get cement agency

The way to get a cement agency is very easy. Any person can take a cement agency. But before that you have to take some action which is necessary for cement franchise of any company. 

How to choose a brand to get a cement agency?  

There is a demand for cement of different company / brand in every area. Somewhere there is a demand for ambuja cement, and somewhere there is a demand for ultratech cement. Therefore, which brand of cement dealership you should take, it depends on which company’s cement is in demand in your area or which brand has more trust of people over cement.

Therefore , before knowing how to become   a cement dealer of any company, it is important to know which brand has more demand so that the right company/brand can be selected.

How to apply for taking cement agency? How to get cement agency

After seeing which brand of cement is in demand in the market, the second step of cement agency kaise le is to apply for cement agency. Following are the ways to apply cement dealership-

  • Contact with the local chief of the cement agency: To get the cement agency, you can contact the local chief of your district, from the local chief you will get all the information related to taking the dealership of the cement agency.   
  • Contact with Cemet Agency Holder : For information related to taking Cemet Agency dealership, you can also contact the Cemet Agency Holder.  
  • Call the toll-free number of the company that provides the cement agency: You can get all the information related to taking the agency by calling the toll-free number of the company for which you want to take the cement agency.  
  • Apply Online : For information related to taking cement agency/dealership, you should visit the official website of the company. In the home page of the website, you will see the option to become our partner. From here, you can apply online to take the cement agency of the company whose agency you want to take.
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Requirement for taking cement agency of any company 

  • Place to open agency : When you apply to a company to open a cement agency, the company’s team will contact you a few days after the application. The company can send its team to survey your location whether the place where you want to open a cement agency is really the right place. If any other cement agency of the concerned company is already present at your location, then you may face difficulty in getting the agency. To open a cement agency, you should choose such a place which is adjacent to the road and where heavy goods can be easily moved there for emptying. To open a cement agency, you will need 500 square feet to 1000 square feet of space. . In this space, you can easily make godown and office. 
  • Sales Target:  To increase its sales, the cement company gives monthly, weekly or yearly sales targets so that the company can sell more and more cement bags and both the company and the cement dealer earn maximum profit. If the cement company has given a target of selling 25,000 cement bags in a year, then the dealer who achieves the target, the company gifts things like domestic tour, car, watch to those people as a reward.
  • Security money : Before giving cement franchise, any company deposits some money in the form of security monet. However, this money is later returned with interest. The security money of every company is different. Usually it is between 1-3 lakh rupees. Security money also depends on the brand value. That is, the more the cement agency of the bigger brand, the more security money may have to be deposited. 
  • Agency Setup Equipment : To open a cement agency, you may need some simple things such as a chair for the custemar to sit on, etc. Apart from this, you may also need 1-2 vehicles for home delivery of cement. 
  • Manpower: To do this business, you will need to hire some workers who can load the cement from your agency and help deliver the goods to the customer’s house. 

Documents for taking cement agency  

While applying to start a cement dealership business, some information is asked about you from the cement company. To apply for cement dealership, you must have the following documents-

Address Proof :– 

  • Ration Card, 
  • Electricity Bill 

ID Proof :–

  •  aadhar card,
  •  Pan Card,
  •  Voter Card

Bank Account With Passbook

Other Document

  • TIN No. & GST No
  • Photograph 
  • Email ID
  •  Phone Number

How much investment is required to take cement dealership?

A good cement dealer kaise bane it completely depends on your investment because when you make good investment then you will get cement agency of any top brand. And people like to buy branded things even if they have to pay a small amount.  

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The investment coming in the business of cement ki agency kaise le mainly depends on two things, one on land and the other on security money. 

Talking about land, if you have your own land then you will save a lot of money and the coast coming in starting this business will be reduced, but if you buy land then your investment in starting this business will be natural. will increase from  ( Cost of land = will come to about 50 lakhs)

If you want, you can hire a good godown to open a cement agency. Even this can reduce your investment. 

Now let’s talk about security money in the coming investment. So you already know that security money depends on brand value. [security money = around 1 lakh to 3 lakh rupees (depending on the company)]

At the same time, you may have to spend money in buying a vehicle, if you want, you can also run the work by taking a second-hand vehicle. When your business starts growing, then later you can take a new one in its place. [vehicle = Rs 5 to 10 lakhs]

Along with all this, you will also have to pay labor there, so it will cost you too. (labor payment = approx. Rs. 20,000 to 40,000 per month)

Total investment 

If you take a godown on rent and run the work with a second-hand vehicle, then you can open a cement agency at a cost of at least 7-8 lakh rupees. 

cement agency business profit 

The most important thing in any business is profit. If we talk about profit in this cement agency business, then the profit margin depends on the company that how much profit it wants to give to its distributor so that they also remain in profit. Generally the profit received in cement agency business is 10-15 rupees per bag. 

You might say – this is very little. 

But you can earn a lot in just this. If you sell at least 100 bags a day, then you will earn a profit of Rs 1,000-1,500 per day. And according to this, you can easily earn up to Rs 30,000-75,000 per month.  

Other sources of earning through cement agency business 

If you are not satisfied with Rs 30,000-75,000 per month and want to earn even more, then you can increase this cement agency business further and earn more. how that?

If the customer comes to your shop to take cement, then he will need building material such as dust, sand, bar, brick etc. 

If you keep these things together in your shop then you will not only sell cement but your custmar will also buy these things from you. 

If you’re thinking hey! Sand is expensive, so I have an idea for it. 

You buy sand at a time when it becomes cheap and things are cheap only when supply is high and demand is low.  When demand is low, naturally the price will also be low. 

And rainy is a time when a lot of sand comes with water, ie the supply is more and at that time the demand for sand is less. So this is the time when you will get sand cheaply. 

Make sure you stock plenty of sand. You would think that there would be a lot of water in the sand. Let me tell you that gradually its water will come out on its own. A truck becomes one and a half truckloads of sand after the water is drained from the sand and dried.

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When there is a demand for sand, you can sell it at double rate. In this way you can earn big money by selling sand along with cement agency business.

How to take loan to open cement agency  

If you want to start this business and you do not have money or do not have enough money then you can also take loan from bank. To start this business, you will get loan from any bank at least interest rate under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. 

Names of top 10 popular cement agency companies in India

  1. Ultratech cement
  2. Ambuja Cement
  3. ACC Cement
  4. Birla Cement
  5. Dalmia Cement
  6. Mr Cement
  7. India Cement
  8. J. K. cement
  9.  Shree Cements 
  10. Bangur Cements

Some common questions related to cement dealership

Q1. How to get cement dealership?

Ans. To take cement dealership, you will get the dealership after fulfilling the term and condition of the company by contacting any cement company giving dealership.

Q2. How much will it cost to get a cement dealership?

Ans . The cost of taking a cement dealership depends on many things, usually you can open an agency for at least 7 to 8 lakh rupees.

Q3. What is the profit margin in cement dealership business?

Ans . In this business, a profit margin of 10 to 15 rupees per bag is available.

Q4. How to apply for cement dealership online?

Ans. To take a cement dealership, you can apply online by visiting the official website of the cement company.

Q5. What is the cost of a sack of cement?

Ans . The price of cement depends on the brand. Generally, the cost of a cement sack ranges from Rs.400 to Rs.600.

Q6. Is the business of taking cement dealership profitable?

Ans . Yes, the business of taking cement dealership is profitable.

Q7. Which country is the largest producer of cement?

Ans. China is the largest producer of cement. At present, China produces more than half of the world’s cement.

Q8. What is the grade of cement?

Ans. It is available in many grades like 43rd garde, 53rd garde etc. Here 43 and 53 indicate the extreme strength of cement.

 Q9. How many bags of cement do I need for 100 square feet?

Ans. 4 bags (401 kg) of cement are required for 100 square feet.


To take the cement agency of any company, along with you having godown and investment, it is also necessary that the agency of the company whose agency you want to open should not be in your area, otherwise even after everything, you should There may be a problem in getting the agency.

But sometimes it also happens that there are two agencies in the same area. Actually, this happens when the company feels that the first agency present in the concerned area is not giving better performance to the company than the owner, then in such a situation the cement company gives a chance to the second dealer to open his agency. 

I hope that the information given to you on the topic of howto get cement agency has proved to be helpful for you. 

If it is really so, then share it with those needy who need it so that they can also be of some help through you. 

Tell me by commenting how did you like this information? Your feedback is important to me.

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