Captcha | Top 20 Websites To Make Money now

Captcha | Top 20 Websites To Make Money now

How to earn money from Captcha  If you have laptop or smartphone and you want to earn money online then you can also try Captcha. Many people are earning money from Captcha by solving captcha. There is no time restriction in Captcha, you can earn money by typing whenever you want. But for this you will have to do some hard work because the faster you type in Captcha, the more money you can earn from Captcha.

What is Captcha?


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If you still do not know what is Captcha, then whenever you create an account on any website, then the image given below is given.You are asked to write it in the blank box considering it to be correct. In Captcha, you will be asked to solve a lot of captcha and 15 seconds are given to solve 1 captcha, then you can easily solve and earn money from Captcha.

What to do in website to earn money from captcha

  1. First of all you have to go to any of the website given below
  2. After creating your account in the website, log in by entering your username and password. Now click on start.
  3. In almost all websites, you will first be told how to solve captcha, then you should first learn that thing because in many websites, captcha deducts money for wrong solving.
  4. If you do not understand any Captcha, then you can click on stop and click on start again.
  5. Apart from this, you can also earn money from Captcha by inviting your friends in all the websites.
  6. For payment, you will have to create an account on Paypal or Payza because most of the websites pay with Paypal or Payza. You can learn from here how to create a Paypal account .
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Top 20 Websites Paying With Captcha 

You can check and see these websites and also know which website is giving how much money. By the way, there are other websites in the internet like UPWORK which also gives $ 20 to listen for an hour but here you do not have to solve any Captcha. In this, you will have to work very hard first and you should know excellent English in this because in this you will have to talk to the customer in English.

  1. Captchaa2Cash : This captcha website is known for instant payment.
  2. Mars.DoomDNS: This site is currently not running, but many people have earned from it.
  3. Mturk: ​​This website is slightly different from the above mentioned sites.
  4. KeyforCash : This website is also one of the best sites for captcha work.
  5. MicroWorkers: These are also great websites.
  6. Megatypers: This is one of the most popular captchasite and hence many people can earn more money by inviting Megatypers code.
  7. Protypers : After looking at Protypers review, can say that this is actually a genuine captcha work site, website paying high rates. You can also sign up for this site.
  8. Kibup: This website gives 2 dollars for solving 1000 captcha.
  9. KolotiBablo: This is another popular captcha service website. It is giving actual payment to workers/employees.
  10. TypeThat: Most of the online captcha sites are scams, but this site is giving good and genuine payouts to its users.
  11. Goodearner: Many people have said that this is a real payment site.
  12. FastTypers: The review of Fasttypers is that it is really paying people.
  13. Lookandearn: This is another great captcha website.
  14. QLinkGroup : This is a new site, which is well designed.
  15. TypeIt : By typing characters in images, you can earn money from this site. This is a good captcha website.
  16. PixProfit: Work and money are available in huge amounts in this site.
  17. CaptchaTypers : This is another true paying captcha site.
  18. ShortTask : This is a site that gives copy, paste work, apart from this, it gives simple captcha solving.
  19. 2Captcha: This website is going to be very useful for you because if your typing speed is less then you can try it.
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