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Bahamas | 21 Interesting Facts read now

Bahamas is made up of about 700 or more islands. Despite having so many islands of this country, people here are settled on only 30 islands.

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largest cityNassau
capital of this countryNassau
dominant languageEnglish
Governor GeneralSir Cornelius A. Smith
Prime MinisterHubert Minis
Area   13,878 square kilometer
Population     385,637
currency nameDollar

The Bahamas is an island country in the Americas. This country is one of the richest countries in the whole of America in terms of domestic production.

This country became independent from Britain on the 10th of July in the year 1973. Today we will know many strange things about this country in this article.

Come, in this article we will talk about some interesting things about Bahamas :

1. Bahamas is a country with no railway station

2. The popular and national sport of this country is sloop sailing

3. The tree named Lineum Vitae is the national tree here

4. The Laukian National Park in this country is home to one of the world’s largest underwater cave systems

5. The Laukian National Park in this country is one of the lowest underwater caves in the world.

6. The national flower of this country is Yellow Elder.

7. This country became a major center of drug trade in the year 1980

8. This country has 25 national parks

9. Mount Alvernia on this island is the highest mountain in the whole Bahamas

10. The name of the currency of this country is Bahamian Dollar

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11. All the sea that this country has, it has the cleanest water in the whole world, from which we can see up to a depth of 21 meters

12. All the sea that this country has, it contains the most true water in the whole world, from which we can see up to a depth of 61 meters.

13. Christopher Columbus came to this island on 12 October in this country in the year 1492.

14. This country is located at the place of the sea where there is the deepest blue hole of the sea. This hole is known as the Bahamas Blue Hole.

15. The Bahamas Blue Hole is about 202 meters deep.

16. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and also its largest city.

17. This country is on the edge of that eventful place, the name of that place is Bermuda Triangle.

18. The population of this country is about 3,91,135.

19. Pirates who used to be on this island in earlier times used to hide treasure here.

20. Neighboring countries of this country are America, Cuba and Dominican.

21. The main language of this country is English.

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