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The name Afghanistan is formed by combining Afghan and Stan which literally means the land of the Afghans. Similar information about Afghanistan – Afghanistan Information we have brought for you –

History and important information

Information About Afghanistan

Country NameAfghanistan
Capital of AfghanistanKabul
Republic Year of Country17 July 1973.
Total Area of ​​Afghanistan)६,५२,२३०।
Areawise Global Rank of Afghanistanforty one (41th)
Total Population of Afghanistan)३,२२,२५,५६०।
Populationwise Global Rank of Afghanistan in the world by total populationforty-fourth (44th)
Total Number of States in Afghanistan३४।
The country’s main national animal (National Mammal of Afghanistan)Snow leopard.
Major National Bird (National Bird of Afghanistan)Golden eagle bird.
The country’s economic trend (Currency of Afghanistan)Afghan.
National Tree of AfghanistanAfghan Pine Tree.
National Fruit of AfghanistanPomegranate.(Pomegranate)
National Flower of AfghanistanTulip Flower.
National Sport of Afghanistanextinguished
Major National Dance (National Dance of Afghanistan)Attan

Important information

Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , is a port-less country located in Central Asia and South Asia. The population of Afghanistan is approximately 32 million, making it the 42nd largest country in the world by population. It is bordered by Pakistan to the south and east , Iran to the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to the north, and China to the northeast.

The country occupies an area of ​​6,52,000 square kilometres, which makes it the 41st largest country in the world. Human settlement in Afghanistan started in the Medieval Stone Age and at that time this country was connected with the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

As time passed, Afghanistan became the home of many people and after this many military campaigns were also launched, mainly by Alexander the Great ,  Mauryan Empire , Muslim Arab, Mongol, British, Soviet and many western powers. ruled over it.

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It was on this land that the Kushanas, Hephthalites, Samnids, Saffarids, Ghaznavids, Ghoris, Khiljis, Mughals , Hotaks, Durranis and other major empires were born to establish a vast empire. The political history of present-day Afghanistan began with the Durrani and Hotak kingdoms in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, Afghanistan became the buffer country of the “Great Game” between British India and the Russian Empire. After the Anglo-Afghan War in 1919, King Amanullah made several unsuccessful attempts to modernize the country. But then the country was quite peaceful during Zahir Shah’s 40-year-long monarchy.

A series of coups and civil wars in 1970 had devastated Afghanistan in ancient times.

List of States in Afghanistan

The country of Afghanistan, settled in the continent of Asia, used to be a part of India many decades ago, in which some of its territory was included under India until the partition of Pakistan from India.

The border that was between India and Afghanistan since the creation of Pakistan as an independent country is now located between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In total 34 provinces / states, Afghanistan has divided the country for administrative system, here you will be able to know the names of all those states, which is like this –

  1. Badghis
  2. Badkshaw
  3. Farah
  4. Balkh
  5. Baglan
  6. Ghor
  7. Daykundi
  8. Jojan
  9. Bamyan
  10. فارياب (Faryab)
  11. Ghazani
  12. Herat (Heirat)
  13. Helmand
  14. Kabul
  15. Khost
  16. Nangarhar
  17. Kapisa
  18. Paktiya
  19. Nuristan
  20. Kandhar (Kandhar)
  21. Kunduj
  22. Jabul
  23. Kunar
  24. Logar
  25. Laghaman
  26. Nimuj
  27. Paktika
  28. Parwan
  29. Panjsheer
  30. Sar-e-Pol
  31. Samangan
  32. Uruzgan
  33. Maidan Vardak
  34. Takhar
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Religions in Afghanistan

Islam is the most populous major religion of the country of Afghanistan in South Asia, under which people of this religion make up about 90 percent of the total population of the country. Apart from this, people of Hindu and Sikh religion also have domicile in the country, whose places of worship It is found here at various places.

Until a few centuries ago, a small number of Jewish people also lived here, most of whom later migrated to Israel, today a very small number of these people live here.

Languages ​​of Afghanistan

Dari and Pashto languages ​​have been accepted as official languages ​​here, of which the Dari language is very similar to the Persian language, the same Pashto language is the main language of the Pashtun region, which is also used in common dialect in Afghanistan.

Apart from these languages, Indian Hindi language is also used here and the number of Urdu speakers is found here. Some neighboring foreign languages ​​are also used within the country, including Uzbek, Balochi, Pashay, Turkmen and Nuristani.

English language is generally used very little in the country, if you say, only people who have taken higher education give importance to English here.

Major food type of the people of Afghanistan country – Staple Food of Afghanistan Peoples

Here you will be able to know about the main types of dishes of the country of Afghanistan, whose list we have given below, such as –

  • asafoetida
  • Chopan Kabob
  • Aushak
  • gosh e phil
  • Afghani Green Sauce
  • Borani Pumpkin
  • Kabuli Pulao
  • Haft Mewa
  • cool
  • Borani Banjan
  • speaking
  • afghan lamb kebab
  • afghan jalebi
  • mantu
  • sheer khurma

Festivals of Afghanistan

We have given a list of religious, cultural and national festivals celebrated in Afghanistan throughout the year for your information, in which the major festivals included are –

  • Victory of the Muslim Nations
  • Nav Roz (Parsi New Year)
  • National Labor Day
  • Islamic New Year
  • afghan independence day
  • anniversary of revolution
  • eid ul fitr
  • mawlood ul nabi
  • Lailat ul Qadr
  • eid ul adha

Famous Tourist Places in Afghanistan

If you are also thinking of visiting Afghanistan, then the following tourist places can prove to be really great places for you, which includes –

  • Bandh A Amir National Park
  • Buddha of Bamyan
  • Zahak Historical Site
  • spin house
  • Babar Garden
  • Tora Bora Caves
  • new branch
  • Kabul Zoo
  • mess ayanak
  • Queen’s Palace
  • kazaki dam
  • shah steely
  • chill turret
  • Banda A Chak Water Dam
  • shibar pass

History of Afghanistan

In ancient times, Afghanistan used to be a part of the country of India, in which Gandhara came under the then major Mahajanapadas, Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas during the Mahabharata period, was originally the daughter of the same king.

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Afghanistan was ruled by many empires from ancient times to the end of medieval history, including Kushan, Greek Bactrian, Ottoman Shahi, Hindu Empire, Alkhon, Ghaznavi, Mughal rule, Ghori dynasty, Lodi, Durrani etc.

After the rise of Islam, Afghanistan was dominated by almost Muslim rulers, in which most of the people here accepted this religion, or most of the people converted to Islam and became Muslim. Buddhism was also propagated here before the AD century, under this some Buddhist religious sites are still present in Afghanistan, as well as some ancient Buddhist statues have also been received from this land in the excavations under the Department of Archeology, whose history is about 2000 years. is old.

Regarding Afghanistan, we can say that in this country not only the rulers and empires changed according to the time, but religious, social and cultural changes also happened wonderfully. In medieval history, the Ghor Empire and the Ghaznavi Empire of Ghazni were considered to be very powerful, whose rulers had invaded India many times.

Khilji dynasty

Apart from this, the origin of the rulers of the Khilji dynasty was Afghanistan, from where they were displaced and established their Sultani rule in India. Zahiruddin Babur , the first ruler of the Mughal Empire, was also originally from Afghanistan, whose most of the empire was established in the city of Kabul, even today Babur’s tomb is present in the Kabul Garden of Afghanistan.

History The famous Battle of Saragarhi took place between the then Afghans and Indian British rule, in which only 21 Sikhs killed about 10,000 Afghans, UNESCO has also taken cognizance of this war. There have been a total of three wars between the British and the Afghans, the same is the history of the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan.

Social Life in Afghanistan

The influence of Islamic religious beliefs is most visible on the social life of this country, in which some of the fanatics here have also done the work of destroying peace and peace in social life for the last several decades.

Till date, education and fundamental reform remains the primary issue of this country, the same lack of equal rights for women in the society is also present here. Has harmed the peace and common lifestyle of the countries.

Taliban ideology has often interfered in the personal life and administrative system here, as a result, even today, except in a few selected places, basically poverty, illiteracy, fanatic religiosity, oppression on women, unemployment situation is seen in most of Afghanistan.

Although some people have focused on science, medicine, technology and industrialization in the country after getting higher education , but until the original religious fanaticism and illiteracy are not removed from this country, it seems impossible to bring a complete change in the normal life here. . Generally you will see people following Islam here, who celebrate festivals etc. according to this religion.

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Culture and Tradition

In ancient times, before the rise of Islam religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. had more influence in Afghanistan, according to which the beliefs and traditions related to these religions were followed in the then society life. The propagation and spread of Islam in about the seventh century led to major religious changes in this country, and by the twentieth century, more than 90 percent of the total population of this country is living here according to Islam.

Today, the entire culture of this country is based on Islamic ideology, in which life is lived according to this beliefs and ideology from life to death . are accomplished.

Afghanistan War Timeline

  • In 1709 AD, a local tribal leader named Mirwais Hotak rebelled against the Safavid rule and established his own independent rule by defeating a ruler named Gurgin Khan.
  • Mirwais Hotak’s son Mahmud captured Isfahan, the capital of Persia in 1722, for which he fought with the local king, which is known as the ‘Battle of Gulnabad’.
  • There was a war between Nadir Shah of Iran and the Hotak Empire in the year 1729, in which the Hotak ruler was defeated, this war between them is known as ‘Battle of Damghan’.
  •  In the year 1738, the Hotak Empire was completely abolished, in which the last Hotak ruler Hussein Hotak was defeated by Nadir Shah by Nadir Shah.
  • The third battle of Panipat took place in the year 1761 between the Afghan ruler Ahmed Shah Abdali and the Maratha Empire , in which the Maratha Empire had to face defeat.
  • In the year 1837, there was a war between the Sikhs and the Afghans, in which the Sikhs defeated the Afghans by giving bitter retribution, but in this war, Harisingh Nalwa, the first commander of the Sikhs, was martyred.
  • The first war took place between the British-Afghan in the year 1838, in which Dost Mahmud was taken prisoner by the British troops.
  •  In the year 1878, there was a second war between the British and the Afghans.
  • The third war was fought between the British and Afghans in the year 1915.

Friends, if you have liked our given information about Afghanistan, then read some more interesting things about Afghanistan –  Interesting Facts about Afghanistan  which you will be surprised to read.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Afghanistan – Gk Quiz on Afghanistan

  • How many states are there in the country of Afghanistan? (How many states are there in Afghanistan?)                                                                                                         
  • Answer:  thirty-four (34)
  • How many languages ​​are there in the country of Afghanistan? (How many languages ​​are there in Afghanistan?)                                                                                                           
  • Answer:  About 60 languages.
  •  What are the economic trends of the country of Afghanistan? (What is the currency of Afghanistan?) 
  • Answer:  Afghan Afghani.
  • What is the name of the capital of the country of Afghanistan? (Capital of Afghanistan?)               Answer:  Kabul.
  • What is the population of Afghanistan in the total population of the world? (Total Population of Afghanistan?) 
  • Answer:  30 million 80 lakh.

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