How to Download Chingari App Best in 2023 Try Now

After the ban of Tiktok, a question is arising in the minds of many people that how to download and use Chingari App , so in this post you will get the answer of all these questions.

Just a few days ago, millions of people in India used to upload short videos on the Tik Tok app and they had a small source of entertainment, but after this app was completely banned, Chingari App was developed.

And in no time this app became very popular because all the android app users running tik tok came on Chingari App.

So if you also want to show your talent to the world through Chingari App, then read this post completely, in this post complete information about Chingari App is being told.

What is the spark app?

Chingari App is a short video platform and it is Indian because it has been made by Siddharth Nayak and Vishwatma Nayak ji of India.

On this app you can upload short videos like you used to do on Tik Tok. You can download it from play store and run it on your android phone.

You can call Chingari App as tiktok alternative indian app , it is a native and powerful app and now it is also available on android ios and windows.

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Although the Chingari App was launched in the year 2018 itself, but after the ban of Tiktok, this app suddenly became very famous and all the TikTokers gradually turned towards the Chingari app.

As soon as Tiktok was banned, the downloading of Chingari App started to double and triple almost daily because on one side people started downloading Tiktok and on the other side started downloading Chingari App.

On this app, you can upload short videos as well as watch news and enjoy games at the same time and if seen, it is a better application than tik tok.

How to Download Chingari App from Play Store

To download Chingari App , you will go to the Play Store of your mobile phone and there you will type chingari in the search box above and then you will find this app at the top if you search.

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Or you can also download it directly from play store by clicking on this link, you will see this app on play store in this way (see picture below )

What is chingari app?

Here you will download and install it in your phone by clicking on install, then open this app and as soon as you open it, the shot video will start playing in front of you, then you will drive it upwards and watch new videos. Will go

But first you have to create an account here because without creating an account you cannot like, share or comment on the video here or you cannot put your own video here.

Create Account

To create an account, when you double type above any video to like it, then an option will appear in front of you to create an account “get started with Google”, then you will sign in with your Google account by clicking on it. .

Or you can also create your account by clicking above the profile below, then a similar skin will appear there and you will have to create an account with your Google account by clicking on get started with Google.

Just as you click on get started with Google above, all the active Google accounts will be visible in your phone, then you will click on any email you want to create.

By clicking on the top of the e-mail, another screen will appear in front of you and here you will choose your gender, then typing your name below and click on save & process at the bottom.

On clicking above save & process, a new skin will come in front of you again and here you will be asked to follow some people, if you want, click on the people who want to follow you by clicking on the tick mark below. Will do or else click on skip above.

By clicking on Follow or Skip, you will come to the home page of Chingari App and short videos will start playing in front of you and now you can like share, comment or download these videos.

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Features of Chingari App

So far we have taken complete information about Chingari App and Chingari App Download , now next we will know about the features of Chingari App.

1. watch video share and download

As soon as you open the Chingari App, you will see short videos in front of you, you will be able to drive these videos upwards and watch new videos, it is just like you used to watch videos on Tik Tok.

Along with watching the video, you can also share, like and comment on that video and if you want, you can also download that video to your phone.

To like any video on Chingari App, you have to double tab above the playing video i.e. double click and that video will be liked.

And if you want to share that video on whatsapp, then a small icon of WhatsApp will appear in the right side, click on it, that video will go to your WhatsApp application, then you can choose and send it to whomever you want.

And if you see any wrong video here, then you can file a complaint about that video by clicking on Report on the right side of that video at the bottom.

If you like a video on Chingari App, then along with commenting like, a small icon of that person’s profile will appear on the top right side of the playing video and there will be a plus sign, by clicking on it, you can follow them by going to their profile. can do.

Whatever video you watch on the spark app, the user name of the creator of that video appears on the bottom left side and the view is shown below that i.e. how many people have seen the video so far.

2. Creating Username on Chingari App

Along with creating a profile on Chingari App, first of all you should set username here, whichever name more and more people know, you can set that name as username here.

If you have a YouTube channel, a blog, a website, or a name on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media account that more and more people know, then you can set that name as a username on the Chingari App.

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Because when you become more famous on any platform, then your followers find you on other social media platforms with the same name and if someone else creates a profile with that name, then they start benefiting.

On any platform, the username is applied only once, if that name has been made a username by another person, then you will not be able to keep that name as a username again on that platform, then you have to make some changes in that name.

Therefore, it will be better if you make your brand name before someone else makes your username in your profile.

3. News on the Chingari App

You can read all kinds of news along with watching entertaining videos on Chingari App, just like you read news by keeping the application of Dainik Jagran or other news website in your phone.

To read the news, you will click on the news by clicking on more in the bottom right side of the home page of the spark app itself and you will see news from all over the world in front of you, then you can read them.

You will get news here in the same language in which you will set the spark app. If you want, you can read the news in any other language by going to the settings and changing the language.

Is the Chingari App an Indian?

The creators of Chingari App are Indians, so it is obvious that this application is also from India, its creators are Sidharth Nayak and Vishwatma Nayak and they are residents of Bangalore.

Chingari App was put on the Play Store on 29 June 2018, at that time no one knew it, but in today’s time it will be seen in almost everyone’s phone.

Final Thoughts

The time for entertainment should be limited, there should be a time for everything, lest your studies or job loss be behind the entertainment.

It means to say that you give equal time to all your work, sports is also important, education is also important and job is also important, any work is more harmful than the limit.

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