Make Money Online using Wordle Game Tricks

Do you also like to play Words Games, the game from which you have to find and write the right words, it is very interesting to play such games as well as your mental development and you also get knowledge about new words.

A similar game is becoming very viral. Whose name is Wordle Game, you can play it for free and it is very different according to the rest of Words Game. All the people among you who use Twitter probably already know about this game.

If you want to play this Wordle Game . So for that you have to read our post completely because we have given you Wordle Game Rules i.e. some rules to play this game in this post. They are described in detail.

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What is Wordle Game?

If you play Online Games. So your parents must have refused to play that game and if you play this game in front of your parents too then you will not say anything because by playing this game you can increase your mental power.

This game is known as Wordle Game. In this, you have to make the correct word of 5 letters and some people also know this game as 5 Letter Game.

There are some rules to play it without knowing which it becomes a bit difficult to play this game. That is why before playing it, definitely know about Wordle Game Rule.

Who Created Wordle Game?

The prototype of this game was made in 2013 itself, but due to paucity of time, this work was not started, but when the time of Corona came, all the people were at their respective homes. At the same time, the British software engineer (Josh Wardle) who prepared its prototype.

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He started work on making this game for his wife Palak Shah. Because his wife loved playing Quiz Game and Words Game. This game was ready in October 2021. Millions of people had played this game only after a few days.

In today’s time, this wordle game has become viral all over the world. Those who win this game can also share their Winning Screen with their friends on Twitter.

How to Play Wordle Game?

Although it is easy to play this Words Game but it is a bit difficult for every person to win this game because it has been made a little interesting, that is why playing this game is being preferred more than other words game.

You do not need to buy any expensive smartphone to play it, nor do you need to download any application, you can play using any browser on your mobile or computer.

Let’s know what will have to be done to play this Wordle Game:- 

  • First of all, you can start the browser of your mobile or computer and there you can play this game for free by visiting or .
  • Now as soon as this game starts, there you have to write any one 5 letter word from your mind.
  • Now some of those letters will turn yellow, some green or some gray, this will help you to know whether the letter you have chosen is correct or not.
  • Using this, you have to find the right word, for which you get 5 chances, if you are not able to find the right word in them, then you will lose this game.
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After this, we have told you that how will you know that yes we are making the right words, to know that, read the following paragraph carefully, in which we have explained you closely.

Rules for playing Wordle Game:

Some rules are made to play every game, about which you need to know, in the same way some rules have been made to play this game which we have told you.

When you first write a 5 letter word, then some of the letters become green in color, then some gray, after all, what do they mean, let’s understand about it very well.

Grey Letters:

While playing the game, all the letters become of gray color, it means that the letter you have chosen is wrong or if the word will be made later, that letter is not present in it, 

Therefore, the letter you will now use in the next Chance should not contain these Gray Letters.

Yellow Letter

While making words, some letters also turn yellow, it means whatever letter is yellow in color, it is correct but it is not in the correct position.

Like you have written the word FIGHT in a 5 letter word and G is showing yellow color in it, then it means that you have to think of such a word while making your word. 

In which the letter G comes but it is going to the arrow or the previous position, but whatever word is chosen, it must have the letter G.

Green Letter

Now it is understood from its color that it is also the right word and it is also in its correct position. If all the five letters turn green, it means that you have won the game.

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And if some of the 5 letters are of yellow or gray color, then now all you have to do is to correct them, you have to make a new word similar to it.

So now you must have understood all the rules of this Wordle Game correctly. 

Wordle Game Today Result 

It is not so easy to play this game because in this you have to choose the right word, if you are expert in playing Word Game then only you will be able to win by playing this game.

But you do not need to be disappointed, gradually you can also become an expert in C sports.

Now those who lose in this game, they have to know that what would become the word that we could not make, then for this you have to go to and search by writing Wordle Game Today Result .

After paying this much, many such websites come there that update the correct answer of Daily’s Wordle Game.

From there you also know the correct word and whoever is playing the game by visiting, they also get the option of a HInt using which you can find the answer of 5 Letter Word.

When I played this game for the first time, I liked it very much and found it very interesting, that’s why I would also advise you that you can play this Wordle Game in your spare time.

It is famous all over the world including India, some people also call it Viral Word Game , when you play Wordle Game or 5 Letter Word Game , then definitely come to the comment box and tell how did you feel by playing this or you have any other information related to it. If you want, you must tell us.

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