How to r0eset Windows Laptop

Friends, do you want to reset Laptop? Do you know how laptop reset is done? If you don’t know, then you are the right place. Because today I am going to tell  how to reset Windows Laptop Now? Till now all of you must have reset Android Phone, Windows Phone or iPhone. But today I am going to tell you about the trick. With its help you can reset Windows Laptop.

Many people’s PC is performing slow for some reason and they take it to the computer technician. He resets the PC and takes Rs 500 from the customer. In such a situation, if you know about this easy technique, then you can save 500 rupees and if the computer is running slow, the battery is heating up or if you have put any software, it is not getting removed.

So in such a situation, you can reset your laptop and make it like new again and this will make the performance faster and all the problems related to update, security and installation will be corrected.

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Here we are going to give information about the easiest way by which even a non-technical person can reset Windows 10 PC by himself. No tools or software of any kind have been used here. The trick given in Windows is used. So you also see and try.

How to reset Windows Laptop?

You can reset the laptop only when Windows 10 is installed in your laptop. Because this trick is only for Windows 10 Laptops. If you have windows 10, then you can reset laptop by just following some steps. As soon as you clean the data of the laptop completely, the performance of your laptop will increase and the CPU and processor are less powerful. Even then you will get a lot of good work on the laptop.

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If you are going to reset the laptop or PC, there should be electricity at the time of the process and if there is a laptop then it should have battery because due to the interruption of resetting process, Windows may be corrupt and you may have to install a new Windows. So you work carefully.

Step 1:  First of all you  click on Start Icon  and select setting option.

Step 2:  After going to Settings,  click on “Update & Security”  option.

Step 3:  Now many options will show in front of you, such as. Windows Update, Windows defender & etc.. You select the “Recovery” option from these.

Step 4:  After selecting the recovery option, one of the options will show in front of you  Reset This PC” . You click on “Get Started” given below Reset This PC.

Step 5:  As soon as you click on Get Started Option, a new box will open in which 2 options will be available.

  1. Keep My Files
  2. Remove Everything

If you only want to reset all Software & Setting, then you  click on Keep My Files  Option. If you want to reset the laptop completely, then you click on Remove Everything.

Step 6:  Now again a new box will open in front of you, in which you will get 2 options.

  1. Just Remove my Files
  2. Remove files and clean the drive

You can select any one of these options according to step 5.

Step 7:  Click on Next Option.

Step 8:  Now you click on the Reset option and wait till the reset is complete. When your laptop will be reset, after that it will be restarted and open again. It takes some time to restart and you will have to setup everything again, so wait a while without tinkering with the laptop.

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What will be the benefit of resetting Windows Laptops?

If you have ever reset your phone, then you will know what is the benefit of resetting it. But if your not done, then I’ll tell you.

  • Without removing the Windows OS, you can reset all the setting of the laptop.
  • If there is any problem in your laptop due to Windows Update or any other reason. And you do not know how to install Windows. So with the help of this trick, you can easily make your laptop like new Windows again.
  • Sometimes it happens that many viruses come in the laptop. Because of which you have to re-install after formatting Windows. But if you use this trick, then you can remove Virus without formatting Windows.
  • If your laptop is hanging or running slow. So you can increase the speed of the laptop by resetting it and increase its performance.


Friends, it has been told in this post that  how to reset Windows Laptop?  If you want to reset your laptop, then you must use this trick. If you liked this post or it was helpful for you. So you must share the post and click here to join us. If you have any suggestion or question, then you tell us about it in the comment.

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