How to make resume for first job

How to make resume for your 1st dream job Now


How to write a good resume for the job? (How to write Good Resume for JOB)?

Nowadays everyone wants to get a perfect job, because nowadays it has become very difficult to get a job and for this everyone tries to keep their first impression as best as possible.

So that they can get a better job and you can move forward in your life. To get a job, we have to give our resume, if your resume is full of words and useless words, then it often gets rejected.

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If your resume is short and full of details, then your resume can make a good impression, so today we will tell you how you can write a good resume for the job so that you will not fail in any job and get one on HR from your resume. Will leave a great impression.

1. What is a Resume? (What is Resume)

If we talk about what is a resume, then it is written in MS Word and in this we have to write our complete details about the company you want to work for.

He has to give his complete resume as well as write his experience so that your resume can make a good impression on him and you can give him a good resume.

If your resume is good then you get the job and if your resume is not good then you are left out of the job.

2. What is the difference between Resume and CV? (Difference)

  • In both CV and Resume, the person is introduced but in CV the introduction is in detail whereas in Resume it is very brief.
  • The focus in CV is on career whereas in resume most of the focus is given on professional skills.
  • Many contacts of the person can be given in the CV, whereas in the resume, only the mobile number and email ID are often given.
  • In CV, all the experience is given in detail from inception till now whereas resume often focuses on the highest qualification.
  • CV can be of two to three pages whereas Resume is maximum of two pages.
  • In a CV, contact information, educational qualification, educational background, work experience, projects done, honours, awards, (accolades) presentation, references ) etc., while the resume describes the contact, education, work experience, skills and technical knowledge.
  • CV is often given in the job of academic and research etc. whereas resume is given while applying for any other job.
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3. What should be kept in mind while making a resume (Resume Tips)

If you want to make a good resume, then you should take care of some things so that your resume is prepared in a perfect way.

1. Before writing a resume, you should read the description of the job for which you are going to apply properly and get the correct information about it, only then you should make a resume.

2. We should keep changing our resume according to different job as well as find out the correct scroll of the job.

3. We should not use very long paragraphs in the resume and should put only the information which is necessary for the job.

4. While making a resume, we should neither increase the font size too much nor too small and write it in a simple way.

5. We should write the resume without mistake of words and should not write our weakness in it.

6. We should never copy paste the resume, it should always be written according to our job and should also keep the career objective in mind.

7. In the resume, unnecessary things and more difficult words should not be used, but the resume should be written in simple language only.

4. How to Write Resume

If you apply for a job in any company, then first of all you have to pay attention to your resume because without a resume you find it difficult to get a job.

So today we will tell you how you can prepare a resume, that too in an easy way, so that your resume will be prepared in a perfect way.

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1. Focus on the Format

If you are preparing a resume for a job, then you should also pay attention to the format, for this you should always use black colored ink because if you use light color or any other color.

So it does not make your resume more attractive that’s why we should always use black color ink so that you can write resume in perfect way.

2. Keep the Front Size the Same (Right Fonts)

If you want your resume to be attractive, then you should keep your resume simple and simple and you should also keep the front size the same, which makes your resume well prepared.

3. Quality Content Is Important

While making a resume, it is most important that you write your number and email id at the top, so that HR can contact you easily.

And you should not use such words in your resume which HR cannot understand or it is difficult to understand those words, you should always write resume in simple language.

4. How big should the resume be (Resume Length)

If we will talk about how big the resume should be, then we should write it in short and short words, as well as we should use such language which can be easily understood.

If you write a resume for internship or businessman then you can write one page and if you write a resume related to programming then you can write two pages, along with this you should also write your experience in it.

Because this gives you a lot of benefit and it also gives an idea of ​​your quality to the front and we should give more information in the resume in the least words.

5. Pay Attention to Writing (Resume Writing and Words)

If we talk about how the writing should be done in the resume, then we should use the same words in the resume as well as we should not write the wrong words in the resume if the wrong words are written in your resume.

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So your impression can be bad and we should write our experience with bullet points and we should not keep too long paragraphs.

Because large paragraphs can bore the front and spoil your resume, you should always make the resume in short paragraphs and keep the writing simple.

6. Write as per Job in Resume

We should write according to the job in the resume, if you make a technology related resume, then it should write about the programming language at the top, after that we should write the language according to the project.

If you have worked in any mobile phone company, then you should also write that experience because these experiences help you to get a better job.

7. Write about Education (Include Education)

We should also write about education at the top of the resume, where have you studied and what degree do you have, we should write all this in the resume first.

With this, HR gets to know your quality and they apply you job accordingly, if your education is good then it gives you a good job.

But you must write your education as well as write about degrees, class projects, leadership and awards in your resume, they help you get a good job offer.

8. Write Professional Experience

If you are a professional then you must write that experience because it can get you a better job.

If you are of more experience, then you can write them part by part, so that the person in front gets to know about your quality and he offers you the job accordingly.


You should write experience before your education because experience helps us a lot in getting jobs, it is also important than education.

9. Write Your Extra Activities and Hobbies

We should write our extra activities in our resume, because of this, the person in front gets to know the quality inside you and what skills are inside you, it also gets to know.

And this can make it easier for you to get a job, we should write our extra activities after education.

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