How to make money with Google Task Mate App

How to make money with Google Task Mate App in 2023

Do you also want to know how to earn money from Google Task Mate App, then read this short post completely and know the complete details of this app made by Google. Here we will know the process from creating an account to earning money in this app.

What is Google Task Mate App?

You must have downloaded many such apps from play store in which it is claimed that you can earn money by doing some work here, but many of them are such apps where we do not get anything and some apps are like this. There are also where we can earn a little money.

In view of this, Google launched its two applications, first google opinion reward and second google task mate . The purpose of making these two apps is to make Google’s products better.

To improve its products, Google is resorting to both these apps, here we get some surveys and some tasks, which we complete, then Google gives us some money in return.

In Task Mate App , Google will provide many types of small tasks for us and we will be able to earn money by completing them in a few minutes.

Right now Google Task Mate App is running in Beta version so to earn money from this app either you must have referral code or you can join wait list.

As soon as you are included in the wait list, within 1 week to 1 month or 2 months, you will get an email from Google.

And you will be told that you have joined this app and then you will be able to earn money by running this app.

Here we will first learn the process of joining the wait list of this app and then in the last we will learn the process of starting this app with the referral code.

How to make money with Google Task Mate App

For how to earn money from google task mate app, we have to complete four steps.

  • Downloading the Google Task Mate App
  • You have to join the waiting list through your email id.
  • Registering your location.
  • Now choose your language, in which language you want to work on this app.
  • You will receive an email once you have been selected.
  • Once the email is received, log into the Task Mate App again and start earning money.

For how to earn money from Google Task Mate App, we may have to upload photos of some places like restaurants, etc., complete some surveys, and also get translation work in different languages.

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You can choose from the tasks available in the Google Task Mate App , which type of task you want to complete and you can complete it only. The money for each task you complete will be added to your account.

The money you earn on Google Task Mate app will be paid to you in your local currency, here the task is divided into two types, one is sitting and the other is field task, you have to complete any of these tasks Can be called.

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On Task Mate App , you can see how many tasks you have completed, what your user-level is, and cash out your earnings by going through your task history as well as completing your task.

How to Create Account on Google Task Mate App

To create an account on the Google Task Mate app, first you download this app Task Mate, or you can also download it by going to the Play Store in your mobile and typing this name.

After downloading, when you open it for the first time, it will automatically detect the active email in your mobile, if you want, you can change it by clicking above this email and then click on Get Started below. (see picture below)

google task mate app

After clicking on Get Started, this app will ask you to choose the language, there will be only two languages ​​in the language, Hindi and English, we will choose the Hindi language here, for this you have to click on Hindi. (see picture below)

choose task mate app language

After clicking on the language, you will come to the wait list page, now here at the bottom click on the yellow button “Join the waitlist”. (see picture below)

task mate join waitlist

Now to accept the agreement of this app, click on the button of “Accept Agreement”. If you have selected English language here, then Accept Agreement will be written on this button. (see picture below)

Now you have to register your location or place information, for this click on the button of “Register Location Information”. (see picture below)

register location on task mate app

Now the map will open in front of you and your location information will be shown, now you click on the button “Proceed” at the bottom. (see picture below)

choose location


Now you will be asked for GST number If you have GST number then click on “Yes” and enter your GST number.

And if you do not have GST number then click on “No” and click on “Proceed” button at the bottom. (see picture below)

gst no on task mate

Now you choose three such languages ​​about which you have good knowledge because in this language you will be given tasks here, if you know only one language then choose only one language.

For this, click on the language and tick mark and then click on the “Submit” button at the bottom. (see picture below)

choose language on task mate

Now once again click on the submit button and after doing so you will be included in the waitlist of Google Task Mate App.

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Now you wait for a few days, you may have to wait a week or you may have to wait one to two months.

You will then have an email like I did. (see picture below)

join task mate by email

It is written in the email that you have been included in the Task Mate App, now you login to the app again with the same email.

Keep in mind that within 14 days of receiving the e-mail, you have to open your Task Mate app and start working.

Where to get Google Task Mate Referral Code

Now this question must be coming in your mind that from where to get the invitation code i.e. invitation code or google task mate referral code , then we know about this code before proceeding with this process.

google task mate app is currently running in beta version for now so you cannot create direct account on it if you have google task mate referral code only then you can create account on it and if you don’t have this code at present If yes, then wait a few more days.

Google has just launched this app in beta version and it is currently made available only for a few selected users, in the coming time it will be available for all.

So if you have google task mate referral code , then we are now taking this process forward , after entering the invitation code , click on Continue below.

After clicking on Continue, it will ask you to choose your language and you will get a list of many languages ​​on your mobile screen. You can choose your language from these You can also choose more than one language if you want (see picture below)

task mate bhasha
task mate bhasha

Early Access Program

Keep in mind that whatever language you choose here, a survey or task will be made available for you here in the same language, then choose the language you know well and then click on “Done” or next below.

After clicking on “Done” or Next, you will be asked to accept the Task Mate Early Access Program Terms on the screen of your mobile, then you should read their term conditions completely and then click on “Accept Agreement” at the bottom. (see picture below)

task mate term condition
task mate term condition

As you will accept their term condition i.e. click on “Accept Agreement”, your account will be created here, now you go to your account settings and complete the remaining settings.

Linking Bank Account in Google Task Mate

You must have run any other earning app before this and to get the money earned from there, you must have added bank account, paytm or any other source, the same process has to be done here as well.

To get the money you earned from here, you will link the bank account through the third party processor, and the money earned by you will go to the same account.

Make Money Online

When you will earn as much money here as is appropriate for the transaction, then you will be able to transfer money through cash out option by going to your profile, you will get the money earned here in your local currency.

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At present, we will update the rest of the process in this article as soon as Google will make the Task Mate App available to all users with google task mate referral code , please subscribe to this site to get notification of new articles or updated articles immediately. Sure do it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What types of tasks will you receive in the Task Mate App?

In the Task Mate app, you will be able to complete survey questions, sentence translation, and field jobs.

2. What Is the Task Mate Invitation Code?

The app is now in beta testing, and only a few people have had early access to it. Once we receive the Task Mate Invitation Code, we will update this article.

3. Is There any Refer and Earn Program in Task Mate App?

There is currently no refer and earn program in the Task Mate app. Completing activities can earn you money. Google may, however, create a refer and earn program in the future. If something happens, we will update this post accordingly.

Keep checking back for the most recent referral codes.

4. How Can I Redeem Earning In Task Mate App?

Once you’ve met the $10 requirement, go to the profile section and select the Cashout button. After that, input the necessary information, and Task Mate will transfer the funds to your bank account within 24-48 working hours.

Final Thoughts

By the way, you must have tried many earning apps and I think there are 80 percent such apps which do not pay any money to work, they are only for name, but if you use any app of Google then here But you will not only get 100 percent but 101% money because Google is a trusted company, the whole world believes in it and you can also believe.

So it was the task manager app post. There is no doubt that Task Mate is an excellent tool for earning money by performing easy chores. To do such duties, you don’t even require any specialised talents. It is similar to the Google Opinion Reward app, but with more features and perks. For example, in the Task Mate app, you may withdraw your earnings straight into your bank account, whereas in the Google Opinion Reward app, you can only use the money in the Google Play Store.

Almost everything about the Task Mate app has been mentioned. However, if you encounter any issues or have any questions or suggestions about this page, please leave them in the comments section. We would be delighted to assist you as soon as possible.

So we learned here how to earn money from Task Mate App, as well as took almost all kinds of information about this app, and we hope you have got the answer to your questions.

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