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How to Make money with Google Opinion Rewards in 2023


If you also want to know how to earn money from google opinion rewards, then you have come to the right place, in this post we will know the complete horoscope of this google app, how to earn money from it, how it is run, all the information here.

What are google opinion rewards?

Although Google had launched the google opinion rewards app on the webpage on 29 March 2012 itself and after some time it was launched by Google Inc on the Google Play Store but it was available for only a few countries and was not in India.

Not long ago, Google has also launched the Google Opinion Rewards app in India, you can download it from the Play Store. You can earn money by completing some surveys on this application.

Play Store

In google opinion rewards app, you can complete some google opinion rewards survey by giving ten to twenty minutes every day, in return of which Google gives you money. Here you get ₹ 3 to ₹ 10 or even more for completing a survey, which is completed in just five to ten minutes.

Google does this google opinion rewards survey to make its products even better, as well as gives more companies to survey Google and Google gets people to complete that survey through this application. We can also call this app as online earning apps.

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So far this app has been downloaded by 50 Million people and has got a tremendous rating of 4.3 for this application, from this you can understand how popular this app is.

How to earn money with google opinion rewards?

We will know the complete process of earning money from google opinion rewards app . For this, first we have to download this app and then create our account here and complete the first survey which Google gives to test.

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When you complete the first survey without any problem, then from the next day, Google starts giving you money earning google opinion rewards unlimited surveys . You complete that survey and then whatever amount is made in return is added to your app.

So let us first download this app and learn the process of creating an account here, then we will learn how to earn money from google opinion rewards, for this complete the steps given below.

Creating an Account in the Google Opinion Rewards App

First of all we have to download this app, for this google opinion rewards app download this app by clicking on this link, or you can also download this app by going to play store in your mobile by typing this name and searching.

After downloading, when you open it, click on next in the bottom right side and by doing this you have to click on next three times and then it will show the email of whatever active Google account you have in your mobile, click on the same email Tick ​​mark it and then click on Next at the bottom.

On clicking next, the google opinion rewards app will ask you to accept the term and condition, then click on accept below. (see picture below)

Google Opinion Rewards

Accept Terms

After clicking above accept you will come to another page and here in account setup you have to enter your full name at the top then postal code below and then choose your country and then click on continue below Is.

After clicking on Continue, you will be asked your age, you will enter your age and then click on Continue once below.

On clicking on Continue, now you will be asked your gender, you will select your gender, are you female or male and once again click on Continue.

Steps involved

And now in the last, you will be asked to choose the language, whatever language you choose here, you will get the survey in the same language, if you do not have much knowledge of English then you can choose Hindu then click on Continue below.

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And now you will be asked to turn on location of your phone then you will allow this app to access your phone location by clicking on get started below (see image below)

Just like you will allow the location by clicking on get started, you will come to the home screen of google opinion rewards app and you will be given the first survey test. (see picture below)

Now you will complete your first survey by clicking on the answer survey in the picture shown above. In this, you will be asked three to four very simple questions, this google opinion rewards survey is done by Google to check your honesty and on the basis of this first survey, you will be given a survey in the future.

Answer this first survey carefully, if you answer it correctly, then after 24 hours you will start getting google opinion rewards unlimited surveys and if you give wrong information in it then google may not give you further survey .

How to withdraw money from google opinion rewards app?

Whatever money you earn in google opinion rewards app, you cannot directly transfer that money to your bank account but with this money you can buy paid applications on play store, like games or any other paid application.

There are many apps on the play store which we can download only after paying money or we have to pay to take the services that are inside that application, then you can earn from google opinion rewards app at that place. money can be used.

You can use the money you earn from Google Opinion Rewards App to buy games, muvie apps, books etc. on Play Store and you will not have to spend money separately for all these purchases.

Now we are going to answer some such questions about google opinion rewards app below, which people often ask, and it can be useful for you too.

How do I redeem google opinion rewards App credits?

When you earn money from google opinion rewards app then you can redeem that money on play store but for this it is necessary that you must also be signed in to play store with the same email from which you created account on google opinion rewards app needed.

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Why is my google opinion rewards money getting depleted?

As according to the rules of this application, the money earned in it is able to stay for the next one year only after that it is deducted automatically, so you should spend this money within the next one year.

How to know the last date to spend your credits?

When you earn money by completing google opinion rewards survey in google opinion rewards app, then that money is visible on the home screen of this app and its expiry date is also written below it, you can also check it by going to play store .

Another way to check the expiry date of the credit received, while on the home screen, click on the triple dash in the top left side, now a menu will open from the left side and you will get an option reward history, so you have to click on it now Here you will see the expiry date of all the money you have earned.

how to use google rewards money

You can spend the money you earn from google opinion rewards app to buy paid applications on play store. You can see here for more information related to this and to know their terms and conditions .


Although many online earning apps claim to give money, but many times many applications do not give money even after getting the work done, either they are closed but you can trust Google completely, here your There is no question of not getting the money earned.

If you have 10 to 20 minutes daily then you can use this application by downloading google opinion rewards survey . Through this application Google uses to make its products even better.

So we learned here how to earn money from google opinion rewards , we hope that by reading this post, all the questions that you have in your mind have been answered.

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