How to make money fast in GTA online

GTA5 How to make money fast in gta online. 


How to make money in GTA Online GTA 5 Make money

She has just survived massive sanctions and has not exhausted her desire to spend money as beautifully and as effectively as possible, for example, experimenting with bombings. And where to get money for mundane things like helicopters, cars, weapons, finally clothes? Together with Adam Brough, author of the Very Useful Guide, published on PCGamer, we show you how to earn as much as possible, spend extravagantly and live quite humbly.

We notice right away: the ways are golden. And these are not the daily hots that were added in March with the Super Series, or the endless deadmatches in which even beginners are boring, not even cooperative missions, because their price does not match the real prices on the market for a long time. Of course: veterans are familiar with them, so we present them to players who don’t have much experience in local grinding.

 Don’t forget to do what you enjoy. Over time, the endless grinding first defies the desire to spend, and then – to play, reducing the once warm feelings and any motivation to “no”. We warn the most enthusiastic grinders: in order to purchase all available vehicles (without their modifications), you need to spend more than 600 hours of continuous implementation of all the schemes described below.

double bonus

A simple, but very useful thing for young businessmen that makes all the modes brighter and more fun to play. To raise a useful penny, you should stick to big events that offer double payouts: premium races, series of bunker tasks, time trials. Robberies are considered the most profitable, but they are obscenely rare: do not miss the opportunity if it is possible to double the stolen cash.

The ability to double the rewards works well with the following modes, allowing you to collect huge amounts of money – just check out the weekly bonus mode.


400 thousand dollars per hour … To implement the plan, you will need an elite apartment, the cost of which is more than 200 thousand dollars, a small installment and three, to do everything quickly and quietly is ready.

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In any elite apartment there is a room where you can choose one of the proposed robbery options. After choosing the desired location and paying the fee, you should prepare yourself: watch the guide on YouTube, play outside, and exhale loudly.

We advise you to rob Pacific Standard on a difficult level of difficulty with enough partners, at the end of a difficult mission, dividing the profit in favor of the host: 40% of the total cash versus 20% given to the other three – This will cover the host’s expenses for the initial payment and split the game played between the fighters equally.

Judgment Day

300 thousand dollars per hour for the appearance of the institution from the host, which cost 1.25 million (nine of them are in Los Santos), and a good friend who can tear and throw without stress.

In the planning room located in the establishment, the owner of the base must sacrifice a large contribution, invite a friend and be ready to take on additional tasks and, most importantly, the last one, without losing one and his to get out of. Skin in a couple. If executed, it is advisable to divide the profit by 60-40 in favor of the host to compensate for the contribution.

If a sudden passing in a duet costs a lot of time and effort, it is worth inviting a few more players to form a larger team, ready to share the potential profit, without paying in the end.

special cargo

This time a little less – 

200 thousand dollars per hour to keep his office (1 million) and a warehouse (250 thousand).

The plan is simple: go to Services SecuroServ and become the head of the organization or the boss. Also, in the office, using the computer, we buy as many special cargoes as possible and complete the mission of delivering the boxes to the warehouse, being careful of other players and police officers. To the good deed, we call friends: together it is more fun and safer, and, most importantly, faster.

After purchasing a large number of boxes and dragging them to the warehouse, it is worth doing bulk sales, while getting a noticeable profit.


300 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of an office and a car warehouse (1.5 million).

As a cook within SecuroServ , we use the computer in the office and arrange the theft, after which we carry out the mission very carefully, protecting the stolen car from damage: you get a dented bumper and There will be a heavy price to be paid for the scratches.

It’s twenty to your warehouse. worth filling different models Standard and middle class, and then update the list of available steals – then each task will allow you to get an elite car. We advise you to grind on this: in case of theft, immediately put the car on sale, invite friends to speed up production.

Air Transportation

150 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of the hangar (minimum price – 1.2 million).

As Chef or Boss SecuroServ we choose the type of air transport and cargo as the delivery of goods. We complete the mission by delivering the boxes to the hangar; After selling goods in bulk. Adam recommends transporting one type of product and selling the boxes in large piles, remembering that the bonus for selling 50 boxes would equal 75%.

bunker production

80 thousand dollars per hour for the presence of the bunker (1.2 million).

The player is required to set up the production of goods in the bunker using the local computer. As part of the supply of materials, you should select Purchase by clicking on the appropriate item. In this case, the production will be completely idle.

The manufactured product is sold using a computer, but unlike the fraud with boxes and cars, it does not tolerate hoarding – there is a great risk of losing everything in the event of a raid.

8. Production in Motoclub

80 thousand dollars to have an hourly clubhouse (200 thousand dollars),

own business(more than 650 thousand) and the presidency of the club.

As club president, the player does everything he did in the bunker: uses the local computer when purchasing materials. Club-made cocaine is usually more expensive than other goods, but it is harder to sell, as it is longer in time.

8. Boss Challenges

A good way to spend your time in case of kidnapping or waiting for a sales cooldown, from which you can earn 

150 thousand dollars per hour … True, this requires becoming a boss, which can be done in the menu 

SecuroServ .

In the same place, you have to select the tab with tests and choose something to your liking (of course, with a large prize pool). Pay attention to methods like “Bounty Hunt” and “Raid with Robbery”. It’s fun.

8. Premium Racing

The prize money always varies: here the profit and its size are determined by the player’s ability to navigate the track and get to the finish line first, for which he will receive more than 

100 thousand dollars … well, or at least another.

To participate in premium races, you must first familiarize yourself with the current mode – it changes every week. Ideally: Before check-in, you should practice a little, study the track and the vehicle offered at the event.

time trial

Very light 

50 thousand dollars for high-speed passage of track with obstacles, but only once a week.

A fast bike will suffice to complete such an event.

daily tasks

With the help of such a simple thing, you can earn 

1.6 million per month subject to the character’s rank 15.

This is enough to complete three tasks every day without interruption. In this case, the character will receive a huge bonus for a seven-day streak and an additional reward for completing tasks within 28 days.

There are twelve prerequisites for becoming a modern millionaire, but don’t overdo it: It’s far more fun to spend than to earn money.

You can assemble a professional team to earn mountains of gold directly.

Do you sit still and think about how to kick start buying yourself a new car or house in GTA 5 Online? maybe you don’t have enough money last update, Give up on this idea! Rockstar certainly doesn’t mind getting 50 or a hundred bucks from you, but that’s not an option. In fact, earning 1 million green dollars in just a few days is not difficult, and we’ll show you how to do it legally.

Actually, why do you need to start a business now? More global updates are expected soon, which will require a lot of game currency, and to prepare for this, we recommend that you start farming now.

Rule 1 – Build a gang

Depositing a large amount alone would be difficult for a number of reasons. First, you will be given less money and RP for completing missions. Second, there is always the danger of you being shot alone by a clan of Chinese or Americans playing in the same season. Third, when playing with friends, you can complete all missions at once and set higher difficulty to increase the amount of money and RP for passing.

start small loot shops

Bus scattered all over the map big amount Shops. You just drive up to one of them and point a pistol or a shotgun at the seller. And so that he moves fast and does not have time to call the police, shoot at banks, make some noise, but in no case shoot him. 

You can also shout into the microphone along the way. We recommend that you wear a mask so that the next time he robs you will not recognize you, otherwise he will kill you before he can even get close to you. In general, you can earn around Rs 10k on robbery.

 Not much, but already the beginning! By the way, you can rob the shops by putting a chain in the police van. You’ve already hijacked it, dropped the wanted stars and looted the shops. Even if the police chase you, the armored vehicle will protect you.

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we steal cars

This is your second step in making money in the beginning, and that’s great. At Customs, you’ll be able to sell the cars you’ve stolen, some of which are located a few blocks from the endpoint. If you frequently drive stolen cars, check the notification screen more often.

 If your customers need this car, you will receive a notification. Sometimes notifications come to the phone with a specific list, and then just go and find the right car. 

There is also a list of the most expensive cars and their locations on the Internet. We recommend that you familiarize yourself. Learn about the most expensive cars in Vinewood. Here you can raise up to 100k.

Passing Missions in Co-Operations

Complete missions with friends and set the difficulty to the max more money, which we told you at the very beginning of the article. In addition, some missions bring good income, and are completed very quickly. If you’re playing with a team, you can replay missions multiple times. 

Thus, for 5-10 replays, you will deposit Rs 100-200k. In addition, raise your level as well. Most players earn on missions in races, case captures, multi-wave shootouts.

stop dying

Too often, online newbies try to run into problems in every possible way, as a result of which they die many times over. However, many do not even think that with every death they lose money. Sometimes it is $100 and sometimes more. 

As a result, you can lose a huge amount. Maybe it’s not that big for millionaires, but here’s tangible for you. Therefore, we recommend that you do not die. But you can collect dollars that will be poured from other players upon death. 

As they say, with the world on one wire! If you still can’t live without action, consider our next tip.

we keep money in the bank

As soon as, say, $5,000 is deposited, immediately try to send it to your electronic account. Only there your money will be stored safely and after your death other players will not get it.


If you’re confident in yourself, bet on yourself, especially if the mission accepts a large number of players with smaller levels. There is not much money to deposit here, but apart from everything else, they will make your wallet quite heavy.

We blow collectors

These are not missions, but purely your initiatives. There are cash collection trucks running around the city which can be robbed and get some cash. You can’t stop them, just blow them up with C4 or shoot them with large caliber weapons.

 After killing the guard you will get 5000 rupees as a reward. The amount isn’t huge, but it pays for the cost of weapons, and there’s still a little left for you to do. Please note that the police will follow you after the murder.


As heist missions came out, they became popular among almost all online players. And there is an explanation for this. Firstly, in addition to money, you also get interesting gameplay, where each player performs strictly defined actions that are indicated by the system individually. 

Secondly, missions require teamwork, which means all your friends can make good money with you. Third, the mission complexity is not that high, so you can complete all the tasks the first time. The only drawback is that before the robbery, you get a few more preliminary missions and must complete them more successfully with your allies. 

Of course, you get money for each one, but that doesn’t compare to the last robbery mission where each player has Rs 250k. Well, if you’re in charge, So you can set aside a large percentage of funds for yourself in advance. Just keep in mind that players are unlikely to agree to this alignment!

daily tasks

Every day you will have access to daily tasks, upon completion of which a special bonus is awarded. Go through them and you will receive additional income. They aren’t particularly difficult, so you can go it alone.

random events

In whichever session you enter, random events will be triggered, upon completion of which you can get a nice bonus. For example, you have to pick up the maximum speed faster than anyone else, cover the maximum distance, fly the helicopter the longest, reach a certain point and catch it.

some time, be in the air and so on. Do not ignore these events and try to follow them whenever possible. Most of them are very light and the competition is not high.

hit for the reward

Sometimes a player can be seen with a skull mark on the card. It means that a reward was appointed for him, such as automatic mode, and some players this season. Usually this amount ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000. Easy money too!

Secrets of making money in GTA 5 Online

Apart from this article, we will tell you about a little secret of earning money. It’s a little scary, but overall worth it. As we said earlier, you can earn Rs. 

Only now there is a fixed bug that allows you to earn an infinite number of times on tasks. In general, daily tasks are given only once a day and are updated after 24 hours, but this method has its own secrets.

So what do you need to do? Enter GTA 5 Online and complete two of the three most difficult tasks. Now go through the third task and as soon as you see that the money has been credited to you, you immediately turn off the internet. Connect and find yourself in the same company. Then you connect online and you see that the last task you haven’t completed yet, but the money gets credited to your account. That way you can complete these missions endlessly, just don’t overdo it. We advise you to do it no more than 10-20 times a day, and the frequency of departure from the game is different.

There are many ways, and they all deserve attention! Start small and you will be successful. These are not all ways to make money, nor are they the most delicious ways. Read our other articles on how to make money in GTA 5 Online, and we’ll reveal all the secrets for you!

To earn money you have to choose which player you are going to be, bad or very bad. Yes, that’s right, there are no other options by analogy with the same mods to earn money. For example in GTA 5 you can earn money working as a taxi driver. online version Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. 

Also, for example, the single version has an exchange where you can get rich by buying shares and then reselling, in other words, making a profit from the difference between buying and selling. In multiplayer, this exchange is present, however, it does not work. You can also buy game currency forgot online through our store.

how to make money in gta 5 online

1. We GTA 5 . kill and loot civilians in

so let’s move on possible ways Becoming a Millionaire in GTA 5 Online. the first method is felony, or robbery, call it whichever is more convenient for you. For me, this is one of my favorite earnings, however, it is not as profitable as I would like, but there are also secrets here. 

According to the first method, you must have a transport, as well as a short-range weapon, we do not want to spend money on ammunition, our task is to earn money for the first weapon or the first car.

 Why do we need a car? It’s up to you to decide whether to avoid or eliminate NPCs in GTA 5 Online. For example, I like to kill townspeople using melee, I especially like to do it with a switch knife or hammer, And you can use anything you like. Our task is to eliminate as many NPCs as possible and get maximum profit from them. On average, it comes out to $25 for every person we kill. 

To earn more, try to kill and rob rich people walking in the streets, and it is best to attack those who have just left the ATM, or are standing near it at the moment. 

But do not forget that after killing several people, they will begin to run away, and a reward will be announced for you, that is, you will be given a danger star and the police will look for you. on this earlier description Or standing near it at the moment.

 But do not forget that after killing several people, they will begin to run away, and a reward will be announced for you, that is, you will be given a danger star and the police will look for you. on this earlier description Or standing near it at the moment. 

But do not forget that after killing several people, they will begin to run away, and a reward will be announced for you, that is, you will be given a danger star and the police will look for you. 

There are enough ways to make money in GTA 5 Online , and we offer you a video showing you how to make money this method.

2. Loot in stores in GTA 5 Online

Another way GTA 5. make your first million in, The same applies to robbery and black deeds, however, in my opinion it is more profitable. This is an attack on the markets (shops) in GTA Online. To carry out the attack, we need to break into the store, point the barrel at the seller and wait for him to collect a bag of cash that we need to collect. 

If the seller is not killed in GTA 5, we will be given 2 wanted stars for robbing a store, but if we kill the cashier, we are given 3 wanted stars. How does it matter? The difference is that the amount of the jackpot won can vary from two hundred rupees, as well as the speed of its receipt. 

I prefer to use the second method, for me it is faster and more convenient. By the way, if you chose the first way to rob a store, then you would be advised to speed up the process, it is to shout at the GTA 5 Online seller.

To scream, you have to speak into the microphone in normal chat or make any noise that will come from your side. But this shout will interfere with other players and you may be blocked in normal chat, leading to complete ignorance on the part of other players and the whole server in the future. 

So, instead of yelling at the seller, shoot at the store shelves and stuff around him, this will also speed up the process of collecting money in the bag. After the robbery, you’ll need to leave as soon as possible and hide from the police, or you can shoot back from the police until you run out of cartridges. 

This method of robbery is more fun to use with a friend, but the jackpot will be less. At the end of this earnings statement, we offer you to watch the video using the current method GTA 5 Online . robbed in shops .

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3. We Sell Stolen Cars

The third way to earn money in GTA is to sell stolen cars, cars on the streets. In general, this method brings in $3,000 to $20,000 per car sold. Just remember right away that within 45 minutes you can sell a car, so think for yourself, which is better, rob shops, or steal a car and sell 1 car every 45 minutes. 

I think some people have already understood that for this method it is best to buy a garage near a car repair shop, do not forget, a garage with an automatic door opener is needed. Personally, I do not use this method so often, but I do not deny the extra money. We offer you videos on how to earn money online in GTA 5 by selling stolen cars.

4. We GTA 5. Let’s sell cars from Simon’s list in SMS

The fourth method is similar to the first, it also refers to the sale of cars, but in this case we need to read the SMS received from Simon and find an SMS with a list of cars that he needs. Then everything depends on you. Find a car, repaint it at any Los’Antos auto repair shop, and then take it to port in the garage. On average, you can get up to $18,000 for each sale of cars off the list. 

I also use this method, it brings a good extra income… Video on making money selling cars from Simon’s List in GTA.

5. Daily tasks, like earning money in GTA 5 Online

The fifth way is to do daily tasks, the list of which changes every day, when in fact, they are daily. The tasks are different, from jumping with a parachute to riding 100 meters on the rear wheel. Or it could be a trip to the cinema or any other task. 

These tasks are often very easy and don’t require much effort from you. Below you can watch a video on completing daily tasks in GTA V. You will be awarded a $25,000 reward for completing all tasks. 

The money is small, but taking into account all the other earnings along with it, a very round sum is already coming out.

6. We hit the players with a reward for the head

Sixth Way Multiplayer GTA 5. make money in, this is killing other players, you can kill all in a row to the right and left, but in this case you have a chance to earn about $ 500 from killing, depending on how much the player is with him Keeps cash. Or you can earn $1000 or more for killing players who are wanted and rewarded.

 Sometimes there are cases when other players employ large sums of money to murder another player, and sometimes cheaters appear and put a bounty of $1 million or more on the player’s head, all this fraud. depends on the mood. 

Of course, I don’t like to use this method to make money fraudulently. However, if such an option comes up, I try not to skip it, it is not my fault if the player throws himself under my car while I was driving, 

And how do I know that he has a bounty for the heads of many million dollars. video on making money this methodsee below.

7. Robbery, Extra and Ultimate Missions in GTA 5 Online

The seventh method, in my opinion, is the most profitable and most interesting, especially when playing with friends. These are our favorite mobsters, including the preparation stages and one final mission. During preparation, everyone except the organizer gets the money, however, during the final mission, the organizer often gets the most, usually 40% of the total jackpot. 

Participating players receive an average of 20%, in my opinion, this is the optimal sum of the jackpots for the mission. With a good game and final missions, you can earn $100,000 for 15 – 20 minutes of play, but that’s only if the team is well coordinated and each player knows their role.

 For example, I had a situation when one of the 4 players could not fulfill their role, while three other players did it 100%, no, this player was not me, But sometimes I have errors. You can watch a video example of the robbery below.

In general, I would like to note that there are several ways to earn money in GTA 5 Online, be it different missions from players, or from Rockstar, be it robberies and killing players, in fact, everything that pleases the soul. does. 

Remember this is a game and it is all for fun and enjoyment. No need to be angry with the players, this rule applies to everyone except cheaters, who are very common in the game. Play for your pleasure.

If you still have questions on the topic: ” How to earn $ 1,000,000 in GTA 5 Online “, then write them in the comments to this article or on our game channel, and we will try to answer each question in detail and with a video will do.

8. A New Way to Make Money in GTA 5 Online (September 2017)

Earnings in GTA Online in 2018. There will be an updated article in the near future, and at the moment you can buy GTA 5 Online for money in our store.

Even before the release of the game – money in it will be very important. And so it really turned out, when we were given great opportunities both to earn dollars and to spend them.

Ways to make money in GTA 5 probably a little more than those listed below (and they are quite obvious), but in this article we have collected the easiest, most interesting and popular ones.

Tip: At the beginning of the game, you have very little cash, so don’t waste it on cars and weapons. But if you decide, it is better to spend money on weapons than on cars, because its choice is more rare.

1. Collectibles.Chop, if trained, is great for looking for collectibles. Use her scent!

You can find the treasure once for each character, so don’t forget to return to the treasured place with the other two.

2. Robbery.

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to get money in GTA 5 is during the passage of story missions. However, remember that hiring good partners and saving money, or things may not go according to plan.

3. Goop-stop.

As in the previous parts of the Grand Theft Auto series, in “Five” you can beat and kill passersby, collecting their money. But be careful – pets in poor areas have less money (or none at all) than rich people.Find an ATM and stand next to it. It is better to buy paid by visiting this place and picking up cash.

4. Investing in shares.

There are two exchanges in GTA 5. You can use them to buy shares and then resell them, earning the difference in rates.

5. Robbery of armored vans and cash-in-transit vehicles.

Robbing an armored van is a very lucrative business, if possible. All you have to do is stop him and shoot at the doors from behind until they pop open and you can take out all the material, often over $5,000.

6. Looting of shops.

It’s very simple and works for almost all stores in GTA 5. Simply log in and target the seller. He will start pouring the cash into the bag.

Before that, you can calculate your retreat path and park your car at the entrance with the door open. If there are two vendors in the shop, kill the other, this will put more money in your pocket. But be careful that passersby do not hear the sound of bullets.

7. Buying a business.

9. Satan and other strangers.

, On the map marked with. Completing your assignments also pays handsome dividends.

10. Winning the race.

There are dozens of races on different types of vehicles, which you get to win. For example, . Of particular note is the $6,750 Street Race. However, it is worth noting that in order to participate in such races, you must first pay a membership fee.

11. Moves.

Here take the two letters and the leading:

Make Money Online

Hidden here is one of the hidden packages of GTA 5. Send one character to the bottom of the ocean, as soon as he catches the cash, switch to another and do the same. With each switch, the characters will be filled with oxygen, and the cash bag will appear over and over again.

Now we will show you how easy it is to earn money in GTA Online.

We have collected all the main ways to earn money in GTA Online and talk about them in detail in this article.

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, the cost and quantity of vehicles, weapons, clothing, and other cool items for sale in the game’s multiplayer component, GTA Online, have increased significantly. But the amount of money that can be earned has also increased.
Whether these two factors increased at the same rate is another question, but in this article I have collected better ways Making Money in GTA Online (Legal) to help players discover what was obscure and under-discussed.

There are many ways to make money in the game that are not listed here, such as racing, deathmatch, missions and many other game plans. But the amount you get in time hasn’t increased since 2013, so it’s relatively ineffective.
New players may initially feel comfortable with them, and eventually, if you like what you play, the money will appear spontaneously. However, this article will identify the different and most effective methods Make as much money as possible.

It should be noted that everything stated below is specifically about money. Don’t be afraid to mix and do what you like best. While the most money per hour is made by owning a gunrunning bunker or making cocaine as a side job, completing a vehicle cargo mission and doing VIP work (if there is only one player) or Pacific Standard robbery (if you have one capable). can be earned.

 Enough team- You can get tired of doing the same thing all the time. Completing missions is the most you can ever earn $500K an hour, and while that sounds like a lot, you still need to work 600 hours at this level to afford all the transportation in the game.

When getting things done for money becomes a duty, when it takes more work than play, or you’re not enjoying the fruits of your labor, it’s time to take a break from earning money and play other games for fun. Although you can avoid this question, because below you will find the best ways to make money in GTA Online.

Beware of double priced stocks. Rockstar is changing what you can to double your money almost every week. Sometimes it will be a race or a competition, and even with a double amount it won’t be as effective as the methods I’ve listed here.

However, sometimes these methods will have double value weeks, such as gunrunning or vehicle cargo bunker sales. The more options available to you, the more you can take advantage of double money stocks when they become profitable. 

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And if you get double the amount for robbery (which is very rare), then it is definitely worth doing in such a week.


Potential Profit : $400K per hour

Prerequisites : Expensive apartment (minimum cost: $200K) and 3 friends

Methodology : Go to the robbery planning room in your expensive apartment and choose a robbery to start. To start the robbery as an organizer you have to make an advance payment. Invite three friends and work on a mission from organization to finish.

It’s recommended that you discuss everything in a good group of four, a skill set to help cut down on time, and have multiple training videos for each mission.

Tip : Robbing Pacific Standard on Hard Mode will generate the most profit per hour compared to other modes of making money in the game if the group of players is competent enough.

The organizer of each robbery does not receive anything for organizing the mission, and must invest money to start, so it would be correct to take 40% of the earnings, and the rest of the players – 20% each, so all four players. Get about the same amount.

Potential Profit : $300K per hour

Prerequisites : Room (minimum cost: $1.25 million) and 1-3 friends

Methodology : Go to the robbery planning room in your premises and select the robbery to start. To start the robbery as an organizer you have to make an advance payment.

Invite one, two or three friends over and talk to them about preparing for the mission, how to proceed and how it ends. Form a group of good players, just like in the old mobsters, because reducing robbery times requires skill and communication.

Tip : Carrying out these robberies with two instead of four means automatically getting more money per player, as the total amount remains the same, but with fewer players the mission will be a bit more difficult and more time consuming.

 Each robbery organizer receives nothing for organizing the mission, and must invest to get started.
Therefore, it would be correct to take 40% (4 players) / 50% (3 players) / 60% (2 players) of the total earnings, and the rest of the players divide the balance into equal shares, so all players receive approximately the same amount. it occurs. 

Skipping mission preparation is never worth the payoff, it is not beneficial in terms of money or in terms of time.

special cargo

Potential Profit : $200K per hour

Prerequisites : Office (minimum cost: $1 million), warehouse (minimum cost: $250K) and organization members (CEOs)

Methodology : Start an organization as CEO in SecuroServ Agency in the interactive menu. Go to the computer in your office and select “Special Cargo,” then “Buy” the number of boxes you want. To complete the mission, you have to deliver the boxes to the warehouse.

You can only carry one crate at a time, but you can go back and collect them. You will then be able to use the laptop in the warehouse to sell the collected boxes through delivery missions to make a profit.

Tip : Buying more crates at once is more time efficient, especially if you have friends who can help you assemble and deliver them to the warehouse. The more crates you sell at once, the more money you make per crate, so a large, complete warehouse will be easier to build and sell. 

However large warehouses cost more and selling 111 boxes at a time is a big risk as you will either earn 2.2 million or lose everything.

Potential Profit : $300K per hour

Prerequisites : Office (minimum cost: $1 million), garage (minimum cost: $1.5 million) and organization members (CEO)

Methodology : Start an organization as CEO in SecuroServ Agency in the interactive menu. Go to the computer in the office and select “Vehicle Cargo” and then “Source Vehicle”. To complete the mission, you have to steal a vehicle and deliver it to the garage.

Be careful while driving in the garage as accidents will cost repairs and will affect your bottom line. You can then use the laptop in the garage to sell the vehicle you hijacked through the delivery mission and make a profit.

Tip : Repeat the kidnapping until the garage is full standard set10 machines and 10 average machines without repetition. In this level, each mission gives you the best transport until you collect all 12. only the best transport export and sales More Transportation at a time, if you have friends to help – will help you get the maximum mileage per hour.

Potential Profit : $150K per hour

Prerequisites : Hangar (minimum cost: $1.2 million) and organization members (VIP/CEO)

Methodology : Start an organization as a VIP or CEO in SecuroServ agency in the interactive menu. Go to the computer in your hangar and select “Source,” then the type of cargo you want to steal. To complete the mission, you have to deliver the cargo to your hangar. 

You can then use the laptop in the hangar to sell the stolen cargo through delivery missions and make a profit.

Tip : Choose one type of cargo, whether it’s drugs, chemicals or medical supplies. On sale of 25 such boxes you will get 35% bonus and on sale of 50 boxes you will get 75% bonus. 

To sell the whole hangar, you need the help of friends, and in general, this mission can be completed much more efficiently with friends.

potential benefits

Prerequisites : Bunker (minimum cost: $1.2 million) and organization members (VIP/CEO)

Methodology : Start an organization as a VIP or CEO in SecuroServ agency in the interactive menu. Go to the computer in the hopper and select “Resupply” and then “Steal Supplies” or “Buy Supplies”. To complete the mission, you must have all supplies delivered to the bunker if you choose this option, or they will be easily delivered if you choose “Buy”. 

Once you have the raw materials, your workers will start production, converting them into stock of goods as you go about your business in the game. You can then use the laptop in the bunker to sell items and make a profit through delivery missions.

Tip : The procurement of raw materials will be less time-consuming, as will the work of staff in production and the work of refurbishment of equipment/staff. This is passive income, so you don’t have to do it, plus you can make money using the active methods listed here. 

There is no bonus for a fully sold bunker in this mission, and to do so, you’ll need the help of friends if multiple vehicle sales are involved in the mission.

Potential profit : $80K per hour of passive earnings (you can go about your business at the same time)

Prerequisites : Club building (minimum cost: $200K), business (minimum cost: $650K) and motorcycle club president

MECHANISM : Start organizing a motorcycle club like President in the appropriate option in the interactive menu. Go to the laptop in your building and resupply then choose Steal Supplies or Buy Supplies. 

To complete the mission, if you chose this option, you must deliver all the supplies to the building, or they will be easily delivered if you choose “Buy”.

Once you have the raw materials, your workers will start production, converting them into stock of goods as you go about your business in the game. You can then use the laptop in the building to sell items and make a profit through delivery missions.

Tip : Cocaine production will be the most profitable (as will the arms trade), the cheapest cocaine business costs $975K, and the sales mission takes longer.

 It takes less time to buy raw material.
This is passive income, so you don’t have to do it, plus you can make money using the active methods listed here. There is no bonus for a fully sold bunker in this mission, and to do so, you’ll need the help of friends if multiple vehicle sales are involved in the mission.

Potential Profit : $150K per hour

Prerequisites : Organization Member (VIP/CEO)

Methodology : Start an organization as a VIP or CEO in SecuroServ Agency in the interactive menu. Open the interactive menu and select “VIP Work” and then choose the mission you want to complete. You must complete the mission for free, and upon successful completion you will receive a monetary reward.

Tip : These missions are a great way to earn money while you wait while the cooldown expires, for example, while you’re waiting for a car at a warehouse. These missions are fast to complete and pay off quite well. 

They do not replace all other methods of making money, as they do not overpay for them, but they can exist as a reliable main function. Headhunters, Hostile Takeovers and Sightseeers are great missions to complete.

Premium Race

Potential Profit : $80K per race

Prerequisites : Fast car/bike, Good racing ability

Mechanism : You can go to where the race is taking place, or hover over it and start directly from the map. When the remaining 8 players have registered for the race, you will be charged $20K from your bank account. 

You need to come in at least third for this investment to pay off, as the winner gets $100K, second place takes $30K, and third place withdraws his $20K investment.

Tip : Premium Races change every week, and this is a risky undertaking as it can take some time for players to register and there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn.

If you are a professional racer who is familiar with the races on offer this week and you nice car(If you don’t already know what car to use for the race, you’re not ready for it) This can be beneficial to you.

Potential Benefit : $50K per arrival

Prerequisites : Fast Car / Motorcycle

Procedure : You can get to the place where the race takes place, which is marked on the map with a purple stopwatch. Start the race when you feel ready, and try to reach the finish line faster than the stipulated time.

There are no checkpoints in the race, so you can take any route you want. You will be rewarded with approximately $50K for successful completion.

Tip : The race changes every week and you may only be rewarded once a week. You have unlimited attempts to reach faster than the set time, and you can go back to the beginning, but the longer it takes, the less money you can make in an hour using this method. In short, the fastest way to reach your destination is by speeding motorcycles.

Potential profit : $1.6 million in 28 days

Prerequisites : Rank 15

Methodology : Open the interactive menu and select “Daily Objective”. The screen will display three goals that need to be achieved in a day. Simply complete each task and you will be rewarded with a $25K reward for successful completion. 

Some tasks may be more difficult than others and will require the help of friends to complete them successfully.

Tip : This is the easiest way to earn money, provided that you stick to it every day, because there are very significant bonuses for working 7 and 28 days in a row. Completing tasks for 7 consecutive days will earn you a $100K bonus, 28 consecutive days – an additional $500K. 

The total amount you will receive for completing the goals for 28 days is $1.6 million (28x25K + 4x100K + 500K).

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