How to earn money from Quora

QUORA EARN MONEY : Easy Method That Works For All

How to earn money from Quora Do you know that you can earn a lot of money from Quora as well as promote your blog website or YouTube channel.

how to earn money from quora

For how to earn money from quora, you can work on QUORA as well as work while studying. Because if you work even for 1 to 2 hours, then it is a lot. If you give one hour a day on Quora, then after about 2 months you will start earning from Quora partner program.

Quora is a question answer platform, here many people ask questions and those who know the answer to that question, they answer. If you are looking for the answer to any of your questions, then you can search on Quora.


Quora is available in many other languages ​​including English or any other language like hindi,tamil,bengali,etc… and those who ask questions on Quora get paid but for this you have to ask questions continuously for 2 to 3 months.

If your question is being liked by many people and people are answering it, then after a few days Quora invites you to join the Quora Partner Program.

For how to earn money from Quora, first of all, you have to create an account on Quora, then you have to answer the questions that have come here and ask questions, by doing this you will work continuously for about 2 to 3 months.

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When Quora feels that you are doing regular work on this platform, then they will invite you to join the Quora Partner Program, and then after joining the Partner Program, you will get money for all the questions you ask.

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Now we will go through the process of creating a new account on Quora below and then also how to appeal to join the partner program, because if Quora is not inviting you for partner program then you can also appeal yourself

How to Create New account

To create an account on Quora, you open this link quora in your mobile or computer, after opening you will see three options here to create an account through Facebook, through google and through email, then you will get “e-mail Sign up with” to click on this option.

After clicking on “Sign up with email” second page will open and here at the top you will click on captcha after entering first name, middle name, mobile no, email, password

And then after clicking on “Sign up” in the top right side, your Quora account will be created.

 Then you will enter some important things in your account like description and you will choose about your studies and then category.

Keep in mind that while entering the name, you have to put your original name in both Hindi and English language. While entering the name in English, keep the first letter capital, this is the rule of Quora.

Language eSttings

After creating an account, in which language do you want to run Quora,you can set that language by going to the settings.

And if you go to English then you will be invited for English Quora partner program.

If you want, you can run quora in both languages, you will get invitations for both languages. Now it depends on you which language you are more interested in.

Questions and Answers

Now here you have to do questions and answers for about 2 months and you have to answer the questions which are on Quora.

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When you answer someone’s questions, in that answer you will put the link of your blog, website, or YouTube channel by making a hyperlink, then your blog, website or YouTube channel will also continue to be promoted.

There is no limit to the number of questions and answers you can ask any number of questions you can answer.

To promote your other social media account on Quora , watch this video for information on how to enter any link while replying by making it a hyperlink.

join Quora partner program

 To be successful on Quora, that is, to join the Quora partner program, it depends on how unique the answer you are giving is and how beneficial it is for people.

It means to say that whatever quora answers you give, give it so well that people do not have to find any other answer after that answer, if your answer is unique and knowledgeable then people will read and upvote it.

When people will upvote that quora answer, then Quora will understand that this answer is knowledgeable, then it will take it in front of thousands and millions of people, then the number of upvotes for your answer will start increasing.

By doing this, when you will be active on Quora continuously for 1 to 2 months and get maximum upvotes on your questions, then Quora will send you an email to join Quora partner program.

You will accept the partner program through that mail and then you will start earning.

You don’t get paid for answering on Quora, you get paid for asking questions. And that too when you join the partner program.

You can also Google the answers to the questions and copy and paste the post from there on Quora but the link to that website will have to be given in the footnote of your answer.

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This will increase the ranking of your profile, so the question you will ask will be more and more.

 Money earned in Quora partner program will be called

When your $5 is reached, a message will come from Quora to connect PayPal account .

Because you get payment on Quora only through PayPal account, for this you have to create your own PayPal account. Watch this video to create your PayPal account

When your $10 is complete, the money will be transferred to your account. But the first payment $10 is received after 60 days of completion, after that you will get the money on the first Monday of every month.

quora policy

Now let’s talk about Quora ‘s policy .

By the way, you will be able to read Quora’s policy on Quora in whatever language you want, but still I would like to tell you some important things.

In the pursuit of earning money, you do not have to ask frivolous questions on Quora, but unique questions that do not hurt others, do not report your question, ask this question.

Because if you ask a random question, people will report it and then Quora will delete it, keep this in mind even while answering.

When Quora deletes your question and answer due to frequent reporting, then Quora may suspend your account forever.

Do not question or answer questions related to caste religion in such a way of twisting things related to politics that will hurt others To stay in the Quora partner program , keep this in mind

And don’t ask questions about yourself, but ask in a way that makes it seem like you’re asking questions about others.

Rest you can get information by reading their policy on Quora comfortably in Hindi, English or any language.

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