How To Earn Money From Quora Spaces

How To Earn Money From Quora Spaces

If you want to know how to earn money from Quora Spaces, then this post is for you, here we will take complete information about this new service of Quora and by reading this post you will be able to get complete information about earning money from Quora Spaces.

What is Quora Spaces?

The way you create a Facebook Group after creating your profile on the Facebook platform, in the same way you first create your profile on Quora and then create a Group, Forum or Spaces.

If you are on your Quora English then here you create Spaces and when you switch to Quora Hindi then you create forum or group here.

At present, you can earn by creating Spaces on Quora English, this facility is not available in the platform on Quora Hindi, yet Quora has not given the facility to earn on the platform, maybe in the coming time this facility will come in Hindi Quora also.

How to earn money from Quora Spaces?

When you create Spaces on your English Quora profile, then you start writing answers to people’s questions in it and also put your question, in your same answer, the ad is shown on behalf of Quora, just like in a blog or website post. Adsense is an ad.

And the more and more your answer goes, the more and more people it reaches, the more the impression of that ed is made and then the money for that ed is given to you.

If you write more and more answers or articles in it by creating Spaces on Quora, you remain active every day, then your answer or article runs more and more and then your earnings also start getting good.

Now we will know the process of creating a new Spaces on your English Quora’s profile, if you run Hindi Quora, then you can also create your profile in English Quora only then you will be able to create Spaces.

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When do I get money from Quora Spaces?

The minimum payout in Quora Spaces is 10 dollars i.e. as you complete $10 in Quora Spaces, the Quora team sends this money to the bank account given by you.

When you create Quora Spaces and start answering the article or people’s question in it, then the ad is run on behalf of Quora in that article or answer and the money of that ad starts getting deposited in your Quora Spaces and when it is $10 complete If it goes, then the Quora team reviews your spaces.

In the review, the Quora team sees that you have written the answer or article by yourself or copy-pasted it from somewhere, if everything goes well, then your Quora Spaces gets the approval to earn money and then that $10 by you. Transfer is made to the given bank account.

When your Quora Spaces gets the approval from Quora, then as your Quora Spaces reaches $10, the Quora team continues to transfer this money to your bank account.

If you want your Quora Spaces to get approval to earn money, then you have to put original content in your space and continue working then only Quora team will approve your space to earn money.

How to create Quora Spaces?

To create Quora Spaces, first you go to the profile of English Quora and then click on your profile icon in the top right side and then click on your Quora name at the bottom. (see picture below)

How to earn money from Quora Spaces
quora name

As you click on your Quora name, you come to your Quora profile, now here in the lower right side click on the plus sign in front of Spaces. (see picture below)

Click on the plus sign in front of Spaces
Click on the plus sign in front of Spaces

On clicking on the plus sign, a popup will appear in front of you, now in this popup type the name and description for Quora Spaces in one line and then click on the button of Create in the bottom right side. (see picture below)

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create quora spaces
create quora spaces

Quora will advise you to import the contact list as soon as you click on the Create button. If you want, you can refuse it by clicking on the skip importing button below and then automatically ask other people available on Quora to follow your Spaces. can invoke.

As you click on the skip importing option, you will see many profiles available on Quora, to send invitations to all those people, click on the tick mark on the small box and then click on the preview invite button below.

As soon as you click on the preview invite button, the preview of how the message will go to the people will appear in front of you, the description is written by Quora itself, if you want, you can edit it and write something else.

And now click on the send invitation button below and then a message will be sent to all those people to follow your Spaces.

By doing this, you invite more and more people to follow your Quora Spaces, when you have more and more followers in your Quora Spaces, then whatever answer or article you write, more and more people will read it and then you will earn more and more.

Quora Spaces Settings

After creating Quora Spaces, first of all, make a nice logo for your spaces and design a banner and then upload it here, then to update the settings of Quora Spaces, click on the Settings button below.

Now the settings of your spaces will be open in front of you, now here the name of your blank spaces will appear at the top and below that the description which you wrote while creating the spaces.

Now below you will see the url of your Spaces, you can change it if you want, then you can also change the space color below it and then change the logo by clicking above the icon below it and then change the cover photo, and then further down you will see your Change the settings accordingly and then save.

Quora Spaces Earning Settings

After updating Quora’s settings, click on the Earnings option and then click on the Get Started button below. (see picture below)

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Click on Get Started button
Click on Get Started button

Now the Earnings Dashboard of Quora Spaces will open in front of you and it is told here that when your $10 is completed then you will have to wait for the review, when the Quora team approves your Spaces, then you can connect your Stripe account. You will be able to take the money earned here.

Now start answering people’s questions on your Quora Spaces, start posting articles and then start earning. But keep in mind that do not copy paste from anywhere, rather write the answer yourself, only then later the Quora team will approve your space to earn money.

When you have completed $10 in your Spaces, wait for Quora Team to review your Spaces and then you will get the message.

Q. how to monetize quora space

To monetize quora space, you have to constantly answer people’s questions in your quora space, when your earning is $10 or more, then quora team will review your space and if everything is fine, they will give you a quora space. Will give approval to earn.

Q. how much you earn from quora space

To earn from quora space, you have to create a space on your profile in English Quora and then constantly answer articles or people in it, then here when your $10 is completed, then the quora team will review your space and tell that you Are you following their rules to earn or not?

Q. how much can you earn from quora

There are two ways to earn money from Quora, first Quora Partner Program and second Spaces, in both these services, you have to earn money by answering people’s questions and asking questions.


Initially, Quora had started the Quora Partner Program, by joining which people used to earn money by asking questions, but this program could not be that much successful, now it remains to be seen how successful Quora Spaces is and how much money we can earn from here. Huh.

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