how to earn money from CashKaro

how to earn money from CashKaro in 2023


We will know here that earn money from CashKaro because in today’s time almost all online products are ordered, some order from Amazone, some from Myntra or some other platform.

But from whichever platform you order your product online, you can order it from the same platform, but in a slightly different way, then you will be able to earn a lot of cashback .

If you order a product from Myntra, then you pay as much as the payment is shown there and ask for the product, but if you celebrate the same product from Myntra through Cashkaro App, then you will get the product from Myntra only but in your Cashkaro wallet. Some cashback will be added.

Through Cashkaro, you can get cashback in every purchase while buying any product from any e-commerce site, as well as earn a lot of money by referring this app to your friends.

What is Cashkaro?

Cashkaro is an Indian app and money has been invested in it by Ratan TATA Group. This app is partnered with many e-commerce websites including Amazon, Mantra, Ajio, Big Bazaar.

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When you download the Cashkaro App and register it and open it, you will see many e-commerce sites inside it.

For example, if you click on Amazon, you will go directly to Amazon’s app or website, and then if you make a purchase from there, then some cashback will be added to your Cashkaro wallet.

Now you must be thinking that I did purchase from Amazon but why cashback came in my Cashkaro wallet then it came because you went through Cashkaro app on Flipkart.

Cashkaro Android

If you have Android phone then you can download Cashkaro App from play store and earn cashback by registering in it.

Cashkaro iPhone

If you have an iPhone, then you can earn a lot of cashback by downloading Cashkaro from the App Store. Now we will go through the complete process of registering in CashKaro app for Android phones below.

Download Cashkaro App

To download this app Cashkaro , click on this link and you will go directly to the Play Store, now you download it in your Android Phone.

When you download Cashkaro App on your Android phone for the first time, you will get ₹25 cashback instantly.

Registering in Cashkaro App

After downloading the Cashkaro App, open it and as soon as you open it, you will get to see the video in two languages ​​Hindi and English, in this video this app has been told. (see picture below)

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cashkaro registration

If you want to watch the video in Hindi, then click above Hindi and Swati ji, the founder of this app, will tell you about this app in that video.

If you want to watch the video in English then click above in English and Swati ji will give you complete information about Cashkaro App in this video.

If you want, you can watch the video in different languages ​​​​Hindi and English and then click on Login / Join in the bottom left side, to register or login in this app. (see picture below)

cashkaro registration form

Now a form will open in front of you, some information will have to be entered in this form like full name, address, password, mobile number and then in the last referral code enter M3TDJNhFGfb, and then click on the button of Get OTP below.

Then enter the OTP received on your mobile number here, click on Verify otp and on clicking, your Cashkaro registration will be completed and you will come to the home page of this app.

Earn Money from CashKaro

If you want to buy any item from Amazon, then open Cashkaro App and then click on Amazon logo in it and you will go to Amazon.

Then whatever money you buy from there, whatever money will be spent in it, 5% of that money will be added to your Cashkaro wallet as cashback. And this cashback keeps on increasing more or less over time.

Similarly, if you are going to book any goods from Myntra, then you do not go directly to Myntra app and open Cashkaro App.

And click on Myntra’s logo in it, then you will go to Myntra, then you buy any item and then five percent of it will be deposited in your Cashkaro wallet as cashback.

So by doing this, from whichever platform you want to shop for a product, do not go directly to that platform and reach through CashKaro and then deposit cashback in CashKaro wallet.

If you want how to earn thousands of rupees from Cashkaro, then for this you go to that site only through Cashkaro to buy from any e-commerce site as well as different products on your WhatsApp group or other social media profile or Share in group.

Whatever you buy from the link of that product shared by you, then you will get Cashkaro Cashback from that money.

How to do Cashkaro Referral Earning?

If you share Cashkaro App with your friends and they download this app by clicking on the link shared by you and then whatever you earn, then you will get 10% share from that earning as commission continuously. .

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If you get 10 people to download this app through your Referral Link and those 10 people also earn ₹ 1000 per day from this app, then 10 percent of ₹ 10000 ₹ 1000 will continue to be available to you till you sit. Friends will keep earning.

To Refer Cashkaro App to your friends, you open this app and then click on Refer & Earn this button below.

Now your Cashkaro Referral Link will appear in front of you, copy it and then share it with your friends.

Keep in mind, share the Cashkaro App with your friends in the same way, if you share this app from Play Store anywhere, then you will not be able to get any Referral money.

If you have a lot of followers on Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group or Instagram, then you can share your Cashkaro Referral Link on these platforms and ask people to download it.

And in such a situation, you will become a big network on Cashkaro App and then you can earn thousands or even lakhs of rupees a month from this app.

cashkaro app referral code 2023

cashkaro referral code new user ie you are new to cashkaro then enter this referral code M3TDJNhFGfb With this code you will get ₹25 cashback in your cashkaro wallet.

Why Cashkaro Account is necessary?

Nowadays almost all people order products online because in online you can choose the product according to your wish and by looking at the rating of that product, you can find out how it is and how much it will last.

And sitting at home, your product is delivered to your address and the money is spent as much as it takes to buy by going to the shop.

There are many platforms for ordering products online like Amazon, Myntra, AJIO etc. But on all these platforms, you have to pay as much money as the product is available.

But if you use Cashkaro App to buy products from all these platforms, then you can earn a lot of cashback along with ordering your goods.

Why Cashkaro gives Cashback?

Let us understand with an example why Cashkaro gives Cashback. If you buy a product by going to Amazon, then after paying the price shown, that product comes to your address but.

But if you go to Amazon through Cashkaro App and buy a product, then Cashkaro tells Amazon that I sent a customer to your platform and then he made the purchase.

So in lieu of sending the customer, Amazon gives some commission to Cashkaro and from the same commission, cashkaro keeps some money with himself and adds the rest to our violet.


Features of Cashkaro

You can transfer the cashback earned on Cashkaro to your bank.

Cashkaro has partnerships with Amazon, Myntra as well as 1700 other websites.

You can use Amazon, Myntra or other platform’s Gift Vouchers on Cashkaro.

You don’t need to search anywhere for any product, you will get everything on Cashkaro and that too with cashback.

Cashback is available on the deals of all the products, small to big and big to small at Cashkaro.

On Cashkaro, you can compare a product from different brands and find out on which platform that product is cheaper.

You can refer this app to your friends and get 10% of their earnings as Referral Earning.

Bank transfer facility after winning ₹250 or more cashback

How to Add Bank Account in App

You will be able to add Back Account in Cashkaro App only when your Cashback has been at least ₹ 250 or more.

If your cashback has exceeded ₹ 250 or more, then after adding the bank by following the process mentioned below, transfer your money to the bank account.

To add Back Account in Cashkaro App, you open this app then click on the profile icon in the bottom right side, now you will see many options.

In these options, click on the second number My Earnings, and then click on request cashback payment below.

Now a form will open in front of you, enter the details of your bank account in this form such as bank account holder name, bank name, bank branch name, bank account number, IFSC code, enter all these information.

After entering all the details of the bank, click on the button of Get Paid below, now an OTP will come in your registered mobile number, enter it here and then click on the button of Verify OTP.

Once you click on Verify OTP, the money transfer process will be completed and you will get a message that your money will be credited to your account in 6 to 8 business days.

How to Transfer Cashback to Bank

When you have ₹ 250 or more in your Cashkaro wallet, you can transfer this money to the bank account linked in this app.

For this, you open your Cashkaro App and then click on the profile icon in the bottom right side, then click on My Earning.

Now all the cashback you have earned on Cashkaro will be visible, now click on request cashback payment below and then transfer to the bank account linked here.


So we learned here Earn Money From CashKaro  as well as the benefits of this app and the process of transferring it to the bank after earning money.

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