How to Apply for Home Loan Online Now?

When you start earning money, after that your biggest dream is that you also have your own house, but to build or buy a house, a lot of money is needed, which will take a lot of time to earn.

That is why most of the people take home loan to build their house, so do you also want to know how to get online home loan?

To take a home loan, it is necessary to know about many things, such as how much interest rate is charged on taking a home loan? What are the documents required to take a home loan?

By the way, you can apply both offline and online to take a home loan, but we will tell you about Home Loan Apply Online because by applying online you can get a quick loan.

If you are not able to collect money to get or build a house, then this post of ours can be very important for you people, so read it carefully.

What is Home Loan?

There are many types of loans, one of them is also called home loan, under which only those people are able to get the loan, who have to take a new house, build a house or renovate an already built house. Are.

If in these cases if any person needs to take a loan then he should apply for Home Loan. We will tell you the complete process through this post, which can help you a lot.

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There are some conditions for taking a home, if you fulfill all of them, then you too can get a home loan very easy.

SBI Home Loan

Any citizen of the country who is eligible can apply for SBI home loan. Here some of its main features will be seen, which will be available to the customer after taking the loan.

  • low interest rate
  • low processing fees
  • no hidden charges
  • No pre payment penalty of any kind
  • Repayment plan up to 30 years


  • Only citizens of India can get this loan facility.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age for this

How to get Home Loan Online?

If you have ever tried to take a home loan offline before now, then you will know very well how many rounds it takes for this work.

With the help of this, you can take a home loan sitting at your home, if you want, apart from this, you can also use other Home Loan Dene Wala Apps. 

Interest Rates

Intreset rate is of utmost importance for taking home loan because many such lenders will also be found who will give you home loan easily but on them you may have to pay interest rate of 11-13% or even more while it is raised.

The rest of the loan lenders would have given the loan at a lower interest rate.

So for this reason you should apply for Online Home Loan only after comparing the interest rate. So let’s know then how to get online home loan or tax to take home loan.

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Steps involved 

Step 1:- To take home loan online, you have to visit this website

SBI Home Loan

Step 2:- After this, first you have to check your eligibility for home loan and then fill the given form carefully so that the process can be completed as soon as possible.

SBI Home Loan Application Form Ko Bhare

Step 3:- Now you have to select on Home Loan, then according to you, tick on whatever things you have with them.

Step 4:- Now you have to upload your ITR (Income Tax Return) and Bank Statement .

Step 5:- After this you have to give your basic details and all those who have taken the loan before will have to give information and after that your profile will be ready.

Step 6: – Then click on the type of loan you want to take, as if we want to take a home loan, then we will select on it, now how much loan is needed, it will also have to be written.

Step 7: – In the end, all the banks that are ready to give you home loan, a list of all of them will come, after comparing the interest rate, click on the Proceed button in front of the bank from which you want to take a loan.

Step 8: – Now you have to choose from which branch of that bank you want to take loan, then you can choose your nearest branch, then in this way you will get the final letter in which all the information is written.

In which all this information will be written that how much loan of your loan has been approved, how much is the interest rate and how much EMI will go every month, all such information will be written in the same letter.

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After getting this letter printed and with it all your necessary documents which will be written in the same letter, you will have to take them to the branch of the bank. 

When all the things are verified, then your home loan amount will also be deposited in your bank account after a few days.

Home loan interest rate 2022 of all banks

name of the lenderup to Rs.30 lakh 30 to 75 lakhs Above Rs.75 lakhs 
SBI8.05% – 9.05%8.05% – 8.95%8.05% – 8.95%
HDFC8.10% – 9.50%8.35% – 9.75%8.45% – 9.85%
LIC Housing Finance8.00% – 9.35%8.00% – 9.55%8.00% – 9.75%
ICICI Bank8.10% – 9.00%8.10% – 9.00%8.10% – 9.10%
Kotak Mahindra Bankup from 7.99%up from 7.99%up from 7.99%
PNB Housing Finance7.99% -16.75%7.99% -16.75%8.10% – 10.70%
Punjab National Bank7.95% – 9.35%7.90% – 9.05%7.90% – 9.00%
Bank of Baroda7.95% – 9.45%7.95% – 9.45%7.95% – 9.70%
Union Bank of India7.90% – 9.65%7.90% – 9.85%7.90% – 9.85%
IDFC First Bankbeyond 7.95%beyond 7.95%beyond 7.95%
L&T Housing Finance7.70% – 8.70%7.70% – 8.70%7.70% – 8.70%
Bajaj Housing Financebeyond 7.70%beyond 7.70%beyond 7.70%
Godrej Housing Finance7.94% – 10.99%7.94% – 10.99%7.94% – 10.99%
Tata Capitalover 8.10%over 8.10%over 8.10%
Federal Bank9.05% – 9.10%9.10%-9.15%9.10% – 9.20%

Documents required for taking home loan

  • Address Proof
  • identity proof
  • detailed employment information
  • Source of income
  • Income Tax Return for the last three years
  • Property Details
  • bank statement
  • guarantor

Along with all these things, your CIBIL score should also be good, only then you will be able to get Home Loan Verify.

So in this way you can apply for Online Home Loan, whose complete process we have told you through this article, if you have any question, then you can ask by writing in the comment box below.

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