Here's the Best WWE Android Games Ever

Here’s the Best WWE Android Games Ever

Who does not like to play WWE Games, everyone has some WWE wrestler in their favorite player. But the problem is that there is no good WWE game available on Android Play Store and whatever you get is Paid Game. But in a hurry, a WWE Android Game has been launched.

Its graphics are better than all the other WWE Games in the Play Store and it has many such quality and features. Which makes it the best WWE Android Game ever. Friends, today we will know about this game, how to download this game and what are its features.

WWE Mayhem Android Game:

Just a day or two ago, a WWE Android Game named WWE Mayhem Game has been launched. In this we all can play games like our favorite players like John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesner and all other WWE players. The size of WWE Mayhem Game is around 250MB and so far more than 5 million people have downloaded it.

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When I downloaded this game, I liked its features very much, some of the new and popular features are as follows.

  • Unique Signature Moves of all WWE Players have been given in this game and whenever we select those players and play the game, we get a chance to fight in its Signature Style, which is quite excited.
  • This game has a Super Specials feature which helps our player to play with full force in his style. Before Mayhem, this option is there in many other apps, but it is not a better feature than this.
  • This game gets one of the best feature, so that we can make Superstars Squared from 6 different types of Classes (Brawler, High Flayer, Powerhouse, Technician, Wildcard & Showman).
  • We can also play Mayhem Game with our friends, just for this we have to select our own player. After that your friend will have to invite.
  • There are many Rewards & Challenges in it, completing which you can unlock a variety of resources and make the game more fun.
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How To Download WWE Mayhem Game?

I’m not a big fan of any WWE Android Game, but people who like them. All of them used to purchase WWE Android Games of good graphics and good quality by paying money from Play Store earlier. But now for lesser fans like me and big fans like you, this is the golden opportunity.

Because WWE Mayhem Game is absolutely free and now you can download it from Google Play Store by searching WWE Myhem or you can Direct Download & Install from this link and one more thing to note while downloading is that this game is of full 250MB. Is.

Download: WWE Myhem Android Game

WWE Mayhem Game Requirements, Navigation & Review:

If you have played such games before, then you will know that all such games are played through the Internet and many permissions and Game Play account are required to play them.

When you download and install this WWE Android Game and open it for the first time, it will ask for some permissions. For this, just click on Allow Option and Permission is granted.

After granting permission, a Gmail account is required, through which a Game Play account can be created after logging in.

google play

If we talk about the navigation of this game, then hardly any such WWE Android game will get the navigation feature. Because the whole screen in it is a Navigation Panel and we can use any kind of function by swiping from wherever we want. With this, the Special Moves and Powers that will be found in the game, they get the notification to activate them immediately.

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If a player is about to attack in his Signature Style, that attack is seen in full highlighted manner with Slow Motion Effect. Which makes for a wonderful experience.

signature style

When we win a game, just as Superstars Real WWE game is shown with a big screen, it is also shown in Mayhem Game.

you win the game

This game has all the features that a WWE android game should have, so far Mayhem Game has been downloaded by 50 lakh people and it has got a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store. So from this you can guess yourself how good this game is. Some users have problems with its graphics.

Because nowadays all Smartphones are available with 1080p FHD Screen, in such a situation, if the graphics of any game is a little low, then it is immediately understood. There is something similar in WWE Mayhem Game, its graphics quality is a bit low, but if you play Paid Games with very high graphics. Then you will know.

Friends, if I share your experience about this WWE android game , then according to me this is the best WWE game ever and you will not find any other free game like this in play store. So far I have not found any issue in this game that should be reported or noticed, you should download it WWE Mayhem Game and play it well and share your experience.

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