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Make Money Now using Flipkart Creator Studio


Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, has launched Flipkart Creator Studio, through which you can earn money by sharing a product.

Flipkart’s Affiliate Program was discontinued a long time ago, and in its place, Flipkart Creator Studio was launched. To participate, you must have an Instagram or YouTube profile, as well as followers, to join this service. You can apply to join by submitting an application.

Flipkart Creator Studio

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After joining Flipkart Creator Studio, you will share Flipkart’s product with your followers and then receive a commission for selling the product; this programme allows you to earn lakhs of rupees.

In this post, we will learn about Flipkart Creator Studio and how to join it, as well as its eligibility, so let’s get started.

What is Flipkart Creator Studio?

Flipkart Creator Studio is a programme in which after joining you will share any product on Flipkart to your followers and by clicking on that shared link, whatever Flipkart will come and buy the product and when the purchase is completed, then you will get the fixed commission on that product.

Flipkart Creator Studio is an affiliate programme; after joining the affiliate programme, we sell the company’s product by sharing it with our followers, and we receive a fixed commission on each sale.

Earn Commision

When you join Flipkart Creator Studio, you can share any Flipkart product with your followers, such as a mobile phone or a computer. If your followers like the product you shared, they can click on it to order it from Flipkart.

We receive the fixed commission for that product when that order is delivered to the customer, indicating that the purchase has been completed and the return period for that product has expired.

If you are an Amazon Affiliate Program member and earn commission by sharing Amazon products with your followers, Flipkart Creator Studio is another affiliate programme that you can join to earn a lot of commission.

Flipkart Creator Studio eligibility criteria and who is going to benefit 

If you are a regular Internet user who prefers to avoid the Internet, this programme may not be useful to you.
1) Currently, only users with an Instagram account and a high level of engagement on Instagram, i.e., your posts, reels videos, and followers, are eligible to register in Flipkart Creator Studio.
2) Aside from that, if you have a YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers, you can apply for Flipkart’s Creator Studio.

Flipkart Creator Studio

At present, we found that there is no option for blogger to register this program, nor will any common man who does not have Instagram or YouTube, will be able to apply it. 

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How to Register in Flipkart Creator Studio?

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to register in Flipkart Creator Studio.

1. Before opening the Flipkart app in your mobile, go to the Play Store and update it and then open it.

2. Now if you have not created an account in Flipkart, then create an account by mobile number and email, but if you are already using Flipkart app then the account must have been created.

If you have already created an account in Flipkart through your mobile number and email, then after opening the app, click on the account icon in the bottom right side as shown in the screenshot.

Flipkart Creator Studio

3. On clicking on the profile icon, you will see many options, out of which you can click on the link of View Your Studio below in the tab of Flipkart Creator Studio, as shown in the screenshot.

Flipkart Creator Studio

4. Now a YouTube video will appear in front of you in which a glimpse about Creator Studio is shown and some questions are answered below. Now you click on the button of Start Earning at the bottom, see screenshot for example.

flipkart creator studio start earning

5. Now you will be asked for instagram profile url or url of your youtube channel to see how much follower base you have and are you eligible to join this program.

Extended Steps

If you have a good follower base on your YouTube channel and your videos get views, then you should give your YouTube channel’s url here.

And if you have more followers on your Instagram profile, then you can also give the URL of your Instagram profile, for this, click on it to select one of the two, see screenshot.

flipkart creator studio 4

6. Because we have a lot of subscribers on YouTube and the views on our videos are also fine, so I will click to select YouTube and then enter my YouTube channel link and click on the Next button.

7. Now because you have given the link of your YouTube channel, that channel belongs to you, to proof it, go to the official channel of Flipkart, for this click on the link given to that channel on this page and then Hello in the video Comment by writing Flipkart.

Keep in mind that you have to comment on Flipkart’s YouTube video from the same channel whose link has been given here and then it will be proof that the link you have given is your own channel.

8. After commenting on Flipkart’s YouTube video, come back to Flipkart by pressing the back button of your mobile and then press the button of Submit Application. See screenshot.

flipkart creator studio 5

Final Steps

Now your application to join Flipkart Creator Studio has been submitted to Flipkart, now the team of Flipkart will check your YouTube channel or Instagram profile and after everything is fine, your application will be approved and then you can share the product of Flipkart You will be able to get commission.

If you want to see the same process in the video, then watch the YouTube video below.

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How does Flipkart Creator Studio work?

Once you are approved to join the Flipkart Creator Studio, you will get a dashboard in which you will login by entering the login details and then share the Flipkart product with your followers.

For example, shared a mobile from your flipkart to your followers and when your followers like that mobile, they will click on that link and go to flipkart.

And then when they will book that mobile and the period of getting its delivery and returning that mobile is over then you will get whatever commission will be on that mobile.

Flipkart Creator Program Commission

Any product, regardless of category, will have a different commission. For example, if someone buys electronic goods such as a TV, refrigerator, or mobile phone, his commission will be different than if he buys clothes or cosmetic items.

You can earn commissions ranging from 0.1% to 12%, but you will only receive this commission if the person in front of you purchased something through your link; you will not receive the commission until the return period for that item has expired.

That is, if the person in front of you returns the item to Flipkart, you will not receive any commission; instead, you will receive commission only for the successful order.

Affiliate Program

That is, it is an affiliate program in which you sell the product of that company to your followers and then you get a fixed commission in it.

Few years back Flipkart used to run Affiliate Program and it continues even today but in this the option of joining new creators has been stopped, those who were involved in this program in the old times are still earning today.

Right now Flipkart has given an opportunity to people to earn money by sharing products through Flipkart Creator Studio and this is also similar to affiliate program.

But to join this, your YouTube channel or Instagram followers must be good, then only you will be included in this program.

Who is Flipkart Creator Studio for?

Flipkart Creator Studio is for all those people who have a lot of followers on YouTube channel or Instagram profile and join this program to get their followers to sell Flipkart products.

When you will not have followers on your youtube channel or instagram profile then how will you join flipkart creator studio to sell products from here and earn money and in this situation you will not even get approval to join this program.

Therefore, first of all, make a good amount of followers on your Instagram profile or YouTube channel and then apply to join this program.

Flipkart Creator Studio Verification Pending Problem

I’ve noticed that many new creators who signed up for Flipkart’s Creator Studio programme are experiencing pending verification issues. So, if you are someone like this, you have other options.

It usually takes 3 days or more for them to verify your account and join request. If your verification is still pending, you can contact them via their Instagram profile. Simply visit the Flipkart Instagram page and send the message ‘Hello Filpkart.’ You can also contact them directly by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page under the 24*7 Customer Support Section.

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When will Flipkart Creator Studio launch?

Flipkart Creator Studio has been launched and the step by step process has been mentioned above to join it, read that process and start earning money by joining Creator Studio.

But to join the Creator Studio, you must have a good follower base, then only you will be able to sell Flipkart’s product by sharing it with your followers and earn money.

Eligibility to Join Flipkart Creator Studio

Flipkart wants that in the Creator Studio, only those people who have a lot of followers on their social profiles will be able to sell Flipkart’s product by sharing it with their followers.

At present, to join Flipkart Creator Studio, you should have a lot of followers on Instagram and YouTube channel, it is not counted, but there should be enough followers so that you share the product of Flipkart, then your followers give feedback on it and buy the product so that Flipkart should also benefit and you should also earn.

Terms and Conditions

This Flipkart programme, like any other, has some terms and conditions. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be unable to participate in this programme or your request will be denied.


Flipkart is a very big e-commerce company in India, through which people buy many types of products online sitting at home. But Flipkart is choosing a medium to take its product to even more people through the Creator Studio.

Flipkart Creator Studio will benefit all those people who will join this program and share the Flipkart product and get it sold and earn commission.

If you also have a good follower base on your YouTube channel or Instagram profile, then join this program and earn commission by sharing Flipkart’s product with your followers.

I hope you know by reading this article about  Flipkart Creator Studio and how to create Flipkart Creator Studio account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1– When will the Flipkart Creator Studio launch?

This program of Flipkart has been launched.

2– How to apply for Flipkart Creator Studio Program?

If you have Instagram, YouTube then you can apply easily, you just have to comment or message by writing Hello Flipkart on Flipkart account and YouTube.

3– How to earn money from Flipkart Creator Studio?

To earn money, you just have to share the link of any product on Instagram or YouTube.

4– Who can register in Flipkart Creator Studio?

If you have a good follower on Instagram and subscriber in YouTube then you can register.

5Flipkart customer care email id

If you want to contact Flipkart by email then you can contact at cs@flipkart.com

Hope you Liked the this post Make Money using Flipkart Creator Studio which will gave better understanding of the program and how can you start making money online with the help of Flipkart Creator Studio Program and please do share with your friends and relatives.

Happy Earning 🙂

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