Bluehost Best Web Hosting for Effective Running of Business Now

Bluehost Best Web Hosting for Effective Running of Business Now


If you are thinking of taking web hosting then bluehost can be the best web hosting for you, apart from this web hosting hostinger, hostgator, siteground all these hosting companies are running in the top at the moment and we will take their information.

Below is a list of four big hosting companies, which are not used by millions but millions of people and I also use them, we will know about them below.

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator
  4. Siteground

Many times we make the wrong choice in the matter of cheap hosting, but keep in mind that there is no difference between cheap and good.

It is not meant to say that if you invest a lot of money, then you will get the best web hosting, the choice of a good web hosting is done by looking at its good performance and not by looking at the money.

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And good web hosting is the one which has good performance and also in terms of security, sometimes our website gets hacked because the web hosting company did not make any special arrangements for security.

Loading speed also matters a lot, we use many types of plugins to improve the loading speed of our blog and adopt many different methods.

But the loading speed of your site does not improve by just installing the plugin, but for this your web hosting also plays a big role in it.

bluehost best web hosting

We will know about some of the best web hosting below , whose performance is the best and I myself have been using them for the last 3 years, everything from security to performance, you are going to get the best here.

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Hostinger best web hosting

Hostinger comes first and top in the list of best web hosting because it guarantees you an uptime of 99.9%.

Hostinger’s servers are located in Asia America and Europe and it is worth noting that all its servers are connected to 1000 mbps connection lines and that is why it has the best performance.

If you are making your blog new, then you can take its basic plan which starts from ₹ 79, when your site starts getting ten thousand visitors per month then you can switch to bigger plan.

You get 10GB SSD space, FTP access for file transfer, an email account, 100GB bandwidth, once a week backup, as well as round-the-clock customer support throughout the week in this plan.

And if you are on any other hosting and your site is getting 5 to 10000 visits per month, then you can take their bigger plan.


At this time my site is hosted on bluehost hosting only because the performance of bluehost is the best as well as its price is also low, so we call it bluehost best web hosting Bluehost keeps on issuing discount coupons from time to time, so you You can take advantage of them.

The name of Bluehost is in the recommend list of i.e. WordPress also recommends Bluehost and WordPress recommends those hosting companies which have the best performance.

At present, there are several million website hosts on Bluehost hosting, its security is also strong, so we can also call it bluehost best web hosting . and are two different companies, if you take dot com i.e. US, then here you will have to take ISD call pack for customer support.

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And you have to talk to the customer in English because there is no facility of Hindi, apart from this you can also take chat support, their customer support is 24 hours 7 days.

On the other hand, if you take ie India, then you can call the customer and get support in Hindi, apart from this chat support is also available.

I had taken hosting from, this company is very big and old, it has good security arrangements and performance is also very good.

If you are going to start a new blog, then I would suggest that you take their basic plan, it will also be cheaper and later on when your site starts getting 5 to 10000 visits monthly then you can switch to their bigger plan.


Like bluehost best web hosting , Hostgator’s hosting is also used by people all over the world, it is a very old and big company and its performance is best, along with it they have also made elaborate arrangements for security.

If you are a beginner going to start a new blog, then you can take their shared hosting plan, when the number of visitors to your site goes from one to five thousand a month, then you can switch to their bigger plan.

Hostgator provides us with almost all types of plans, you can choose their plan according to your requirement. In their shared hosting plan, 1 website, 1 email, 100 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 1× allocated resources are available.


Siteground hosting has gained popularity all over the world because it is famous for the best web hosting, it is definitely a bit expensive but if your budget is not a problem then you can take hosting from this hosting company.

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Millions of people all over the world use this hosting, if you are a beginner i.e. starting a new blog, then you can take their startup plan which will be available for about $ 6.99 per month, but keep in mind that this price will increase over time. Less and more happen.

Later on, as the number of visitors to your site increases, you can switch to their larger plan, apart from shared hosting, they also provide cloud hosting, WordPress managed hosting.

WordPress highly recommends Siteground and whichever hosting company WordPress is recommending, it means that that company has power.

Siteground hosting company was launched in 2004 all over the world and with rapid growth it has become the need of crores of people today.

Customer support is available 24×7 in Siteground but you will get support in English only, whether it is through call or chat, but your questions get answered within minutes.

They have done a tremendous job in terms of security, the security of your site is not just by installing the plugin, but the security should be good from the hosting side as well.

All the hosting companies mentioned above are the best, you can use any of these, but if you are a beginner blogger, you are just starting a blog, then you should take their basic plan.

After that, as the number of visitors to your site increases, you switch them to the bigger plan. The basic plan of any company can comfortably handle 5000 visitors per month.

So here we took information about bluehost best web hosting as well as hostinger, hostgator and siteground, it is our endeavor that there should be no confusion about the information being given to you here.

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