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Hello friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you about another new and very cool color prediction app. In today’s post, I will tell you about the 777 Mall app. Even before this I have told you about some of the best color prediction apps like Joymall ,  Mantrimall and  Lulumalls . From which you people have earned a lot of money too. 777 Mall is a color prediction app like all these apps. By which you can earn a lot of money.

How to login?

Login in 777 Mall – Click here

To login to the 777 Mall app, you have to first click on the link given above. After which you will reach the website of 777 Mall app.Now here you have to set your mobile and password and click on the option of OTP. After getting OTP, you have to fill OTP. And click on register. In this way you can login to 777 Mall app.

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How to recharge 777 Mall App ?

To recharge in 777 Mall app, you have to first login to this app as mentioned above.

how to recharge 

* First of all, to recharge you, you have to go to my option and click on the option of recharge.* You should do first recharge in this app with minimum 300 rupees. After entering the recharge amount, you have to fill the details asked in it and pay the amount. In this way you can recharge in 777 Mall app.

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777 Mall

777 Mall App Download

You can download this app by visiting its website. There you will get the option of App Download in the section of my, by clicking on which you can download this app.

How much i can earn with 777 Mall App color predict game?

There is no limit on earnings on Color/Number prediction game more you invest more you will earn.

There are 2 prediction modules available.

  • predict Color – Here your winning probability is 50%(Red or Green) & you will earn 2X money means if you use 500 you will earn 1000
  • predict Number – Here your winning probability will be 10%(0-9) only but you will get 10X cash means if you use 500 you can win 5000.

Things to consider – Even numbers always comes with Red color & Odd numbers comes with Green color so when you are sure about next color then your winning chance will be 20% as you need to predict one number out of 5.

You can withdraw your earnings directly to bank account or on your UPI id, Money will get credited instantly.


In this article, we have told you about the 777 Mall color prediction website. Which is a new color prediction site. On which you can earn money by predicting the color and referring it.

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We are not promoting this kind of these apps and we suggest to stay away from any online earning platforms(even share markets and graph trading apps) We lost some money in this game in 2020, after so many months of researching about this game we found some basic and important colour prediction app tricks then we took our losses and earned some profit. Hence we wrote this post to teach about this game and how they are making us loss to the people still who wants to play. 

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Note – This game involves Risk so Play wisely, We are not responsible for loosing of money. Many color prediction games gets closed without intimation and i lost 16000 rupees in my Linacun/Todd account so withdraw your money regularly.

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777 is the world’s most popular color prediction game. It’s free to play and fun for all. Join now! Sign up on 777 and start playing today. As a member, you’ll be able to access a variety of in-game bonuses.

Your earnings are based on your investment. If you invest 10 you will get double.

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