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WhatsApp Releases New MacOS App Built With Catalyst [Now]

Hello guys welcome to mskearnings.com today in this article we are talking about WhatsApp Releases New MacOS App Built With Catalyst. WhatsApp has released a beta version of its new macOS app built. The update is reportedly released on Catalyst technology. WhatsApp will now be available for Mac users through this app.
WhatsApp has reportedly been working on a new universal app for macOS and iPadOS since last year. Now it seems that this app is finally getting closer to an official launch as WhatsApp has just released a beta version of its new macOS app built on Catalyst technology.
WhatsApp Releases New MacOS App Built With Catalyst

Last year, Whatsapp released a native Universal Windows Platform beta app for Windows. Now, the company is releasing a beta version for macOS and iPadOS. Currently, it is available for a small number of people to test the feature.
It is a new macOS app that is built on Catalyst technology. This app is based on Whatsapp Web and depends on the Electron framework. All Mac users can access Whatsapp through a macOS app.

WhatsApp New MacOS App Is Now Available For Limited Beta Users

Mac users can now access WhatsApp through a macOS app. However, this app is entirely based on WhatsApp Web and relies on the Electron framework. As a result, the current WhatsApp app for Mac is quite slow and uses more resources in terms of CPU and memory.
With Catalyst technology, which allows developers to bring iOS apps to macOS, WhatsApp now has a native version of its app for Mac users that is faster and runs smoothly on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
As first noted by WABetaInfo, the new app looks quite different from WhatsApp Desktop, as it is based on WhatsApp for iPhone (and the upcoming iPad version).
The catalyst technology allows the developers to bring iOS apps to macOS. Now, Whatsapp has a native version of the app for Mac which runs faster and smoothly on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

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WhatsApp Releases New MacOS App Built With Catalyst
Source : Techviral.net

As seen on a screenshot of the WhatsApp beta app for macOS, there is a new sidebar that features tabs like Archived, Chats, Calls, Starred, and Settings. There are also two shortcuts for archived chats and starred messages.
The report also adds that certain features and design may not work smoothly like chat history syncing. Some features are also unavailable as of now including Group calls, Location sending, Status, and Voice messaging.
As of now, the app might not work properly as the app is in a very early beta stage. Features like sync chat history, Status, Group calls, location sending, and voice messaging are unavailable for now.
There are some features that are still not working properly like Status, group calls, location sharing, and audio messages. Of course, as this is a very early beta.
These features are likely to be implemented in future updates. When it comes to sending and receiving regular messages and calls, everything works fine – and the app is definitely faster than the Electron version.
It is worth noting that the new WhatsApp app for macOS is not a standalone WhatsApp client. Instead, it still requires you to link your iPhone or other smartphone with a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp beta availability

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp was also said to be working on a feature that could allow users to sync chats between two smartphones, as per a report earlier this month.
The feature was spotted by a feature tracker on beta version for Android, and is expected to part of a future update that will expand the functionality of WhatsApp’s multi-device features.
Those interested in trying out the new WhatsApp beta for Mac can sign up for TestFlight. Keep in mind that slots are limited, so you might not be able to download the new WhatsApp beta app for macOS. There are no details on when the app will be officially available to the users.
WhatsApp also has plans to release an iPad version (and now it’s entirely possible with the Catalyst version), but a beta app for iPadOS has yet to be released at this time.

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WhatsApp New MacOS App Is Now Available For Limited Beta Users ( FAQs )

Can I use WhatsApp on my Mac?
WhatsApp offers its own free WhatsApp Desktop app available on the Mac App Store, where you’ll find other third-party WhatsApp clients also available, such as FreeChat and ChatMate
Can I use WhatsApp on Mac without phone?
The latest versions of WhatsApp for Mac and Windows allow you to use WhatsApp on the computer without having a phone that is connected to the internet
Can I use WhatsApp without a phone?
There are several Android emulators available that allow you to install Android apps on your computer. You can use emulators like Andy or BlueStacks to use WhatsApp on your computer. Go to Andy Android Emulator’s website and click on ‘Download’.
Can I video chat on WhatsApp on my Mac?
The iOS version of WhatsApp lets you place video calls just by tapping on the video camera icon at the top of a message thread. You can even add up to four more participants. Unfortunately this isn’t replicated by the desktop or browser versions of the app, so you can’t make Whatsapp video calls on the Mac

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