Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs

Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs [Now]

Hello guys welcome to today in this article we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs. Samsung, earlier this year, introduced its new lineup of personal computers for the Indian market.
The list, at the time, included a total of six laptop models including the Galaxy Book2, Galaxy Book2 Pro, Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, Galaxy Book Go, and Galaxy Book2 Business. The list also included the Galaxy Book2 360 laptop, which sits in between the vanilla Galaxy Book2 and more premium Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 laptops.
Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs

If there are two things that always get my attention in the PC space, it’s OLED laptops and ultralight laptops. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is both of that. And indeed, that’s a big part of the reason that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 was one of my favorite laptops of 2021. For 2022’s model, it’s getting faster processors and an FHD webcam.
Here’s the bad. There simply aren’t enough configuration options. For the display, you’re going to get 1080p AMOLED, and that’s it, no matter which size or form factor you want your Galaxy Book 2 Pro in.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review

But overall, this thing is absolutely delightful. With a 12th-gen 28W Intel processor and Iris Xe graphics, it’s got the power you need for any task you’d consider taking on with a three-pound 15-inch convertible.
It’s super-thin, it’s super-light, and the AMOLED display is beautiful. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro series takes after its predecessor in being one of the best on the market.

Every time I picked up this notebook, it gave me the vibe of a device made for people like myself. When the lid is closed, the Book 2 Pro 360 is just 11.7 millimetres thin. It weighs around 1.1 kg.

The size and weight are perfect for a portable laptop — big enough to be comfortable to use but still perfect to be mobile.

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Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs

The design of the Book2 Pro 360 is very similar to that of last year’s model, but we’re not complaining. We loved the thin and light build of the first, and this system is just as travel-friendly.
It measures 0.46 by 13.9 by 8.9 inches (HWD), a beacon of portability among 15-inch laptops and nearly identical to the original.
The build quality feels high-end, too, not flimsy despite the Samsung’s light weight. There’s little to no flex in the chassis, it feels good to the touch, and it looks sharp. Our test unit had the graphite color option, but the Book2 Pro 360 also comes in silver and burgundy.
Well, the Galaxy Book2 360 offers a fairly long battery life. If you are someone like who spends most of their time on their laptops, the battery will easily last for six to eight hours depending on your usage. There is an eco mode that reduces the use of system resources and display brightness to conserve the battery life.
Many of the design highlights are shared with the first Galaxy Book; you can check out that review for the key points rather than delving into them again here.
At a starting price of Rs 99,990, the Galaxy Book2 360 offers everything that you would want in a…well…smarter PC (after all, this is 2022!). But the question remains if what looks good on paper is good in usage too? We’ll try to answer that and more in the detailed review below.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 Specifications :

The Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 hits the sweet spot in terms of portability. This thing is really beautiful to hold, use and look at. I think people will like the silver finish of the notebook.
Surprisingly, despite its compact size, the notebook offers an ample number of ports- including a microSD card reader, and three USB-C ports (one of which is a Thunderbolt 4 port) but a USB-A port is missing.

To put it simply, you can use it as a laptop. You can use it as an alternate screen. Or you can use a tablet. The options are plenty. That said, the back of the laptop is a fingerprint magnet and it’s not easy to keep it clean

When you start looking at the world of 15- through 17-inch laptops, there starts to be a fork in the road. Given the larger screen and footprint, that allows for better thermals and more powerful internals.

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Brand Samsung
Series Galaxy Book2 360
Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Colour Graphite
Hard Disk Size 512 GB
CPU Model Core i5
RAM Memory Installed Size 16 GB
Operating System Windows 11 Home
Special Feature MS office home & student 2021
Graphics Card Description Integrated

Coming to the keyboard, the keys on Galaxy Book2’s backlit keyboard are sufficiently large and responsive, which is particularly good for people with bigger hands or the people who are used to working with desktops. Despite their size, the keys are soft to touch and almost effortless to use.
The absence of a separate numpad allows Samsung to free up more space for the keys. The trackpad too is fairly large and responsive.

So you can move toward something heavier and geared toward creators. That would include a 45W processor, dedicated graphics, and so on. The other path is for when you still want an ultrabook, but with a larger screen.
At a price of around Rs 1 Lakh, the Galaxy Book2 is a slightly pricier proposition compared to the laptops offered by the rival brands, but almost all of them make trade-offs in order to bring the prices of their machines down.
Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: One PC for all your needs
There are always people who oppose the idea of having so many preloaded apps on their devices — 34 apps, mostly made by Samsung, on a Galaxy Book, is too much.
But, while using the device, I noticed that some apps are actually useful such as Smart Switch, Quick Share (alternative to Apple’s AirDrop) and Samsung Notes.
The only thing you need to consider before buying the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is the price. At `1,20,990 you are paying a price for portability and long battery life.
The resolution is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels (known as full HD or 1080p), and the image quality is very good. Details are sharp and colors are vivid, thanks to the AMOLED technology highlighted in last year’s model.

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Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review ( FAQs )

Does Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 have backlit keyboard?
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – 15.6” FHD AMOLED Display – Intel Evo Platform Core i7-1165G7 – 16GB RAM – 512GB SSD – Intel Iris Xe Graphics – Backlit Keyboard – Windows OS.
Is the Galaxy Book2 touch screen?
This device uses capacitive multi-touch technology. Screen calibration is not supported at this time. The capacitive touch screen requires your skin to touch the screen.
Does Galaxy Book’s have backlit keyboard?
The fanless 2.1-pound, 13.3-inch Galaxy Book S is no slouch in the hardware department. It features an anodized aluminum frame on the top and base and a fully backlit keyboard, and it packs a 10-point touchscreen, a single USB-C port, and a multi-core Qualcomm system-on-chip paired with 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM
When did the Galaxy Book 2 come out?
Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 release date, price and preorders
Preorders for the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 start on March 18, with retail availability kicking off on April 1

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