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Bet win Application Dragon Vs Tiger Latest Trick and formula in Huge profits- 2022

Bet win Game trick tamil

Colour prediction 


Bet win-In this Article we discuss about latest and trending similar Colour prediction app called as Bet Win. It is one of the Best Prediction game ever seen like this.

About this game –

It is best profitable lottery game in 2022. It is simple, fast, fair, safe and I had a better experience in this Prediction game.

  • Well designed graphics.
  • Real time interaction.
  • Play with real player.
  • 24/7 Customer service.

Types of games in Bet win app

Lottery –
  1. Win go
  2. Mini Sweeper
  3. Fast- parity.
✅ Competition –
  1. Rummy
  2. Ludo 
  3. Carrom
  4. Ganesh gold
  5. Teenpatti.
✅ Multiplayer –
  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Red vs black 
  3. Andar vs bahar
  4. Car roulette
  5. Zoo roulette.

Featured of bet win bet game

  • Signup Bouns – 200rs
  • Daily Check Bouns for 30days – 280rs.
  • Minimum deposit – 100rs
  • Minimum Withdrawal – 300rs
  • Instant withdrawal with 5%Tax
  • Daily pot Bonus available
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Click here to download betwin app.

How to play Tiger vs Lion Game in  bet win application-

Bet win Trick tamil
Bet win app download link 
Card type compare:
  • The Card are compared with the point first and the suits.
  • The number of points range from A to K, A is the minimum and K is the Maximum. 
          K <Q<J<0<9<8<7<6<5<4<3<2<1<A
  • To predict the number of the dragon and tiger before dealing, you can bet on the the tree zone of dragon , tiger and tie.
  • When the card is opened, the croupiers will first send one card to the dragon area and the another the tiger area. The one with the biggest card has wins.
Betting Area – 
1. Dargon -1:1 ( tie full refund)
2. Tiger – 1:1 ( tie full refund)
3. Tie – 1:8


Bet win app real or fake
Bet win Tricks
Nine different types of formula :
*1-5 – Small 
*6- 10 – Big
*A-J-Q-K- Odd
  1. Small + Small = Dragon 
  2. Small + Big = Tiger 
  3. Small + Odd = Dragon
  4. Big  + Small = Tigers
  5. Big  + Big = Dragon
  6. Big + Odd = Dragon
  7. Odd + Small = Tiger
  8. Odd + Big = Tiger
  9. Odd + Odd = Dragon

How to bet Useing bet win Trick –

Example – 
✅ Previous Card Number A and 6 
✅ Using your Formula, A – Odd and 6 – Big, so that ODD + BIG = Tiger


Bet win rummy
Bet win mod apk
Tiger next Prediction We won the bet 1.8 Percentage Profit. Like this simple and easy to play this game.
Bet win daily tips
Bet win free accurate tips 
There are two card present above show down carefully watch number and bet next one.If your get Loss kindly follow Investment Plan.
From our Investment plan Maximum 3 Loss obtained and Fourth bet we get 5 percent Profits.
Investment Plan for Tiger vs dragon game  –
Total Amount – 1750rs 
  • First bet – 50rs 
  • Second bet – 100rs
  • Third bet – 200rs
  • Fourth bet – 450rs 
  • Fifth bet – 950rs 
Money Management is Very important for Prediction or lottery game .

Bet win app Payment proof – 



Bet win app payment proof
Bet win withdrawal


Today My own Payment proof  using above tricks. If you want Big profit and monthly 50000rs earning and kindly use above tricks, follow our guidelines.
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✅ Check here to download betwin app.
✅ Using low level fund you can get low profit.
✅Using high level fund, You can get high Profit.
✅Don’t use multiple account.
✅ Don’t play continues for long time.
✅ Maintain money Management upto 6th Level.
✅ Only play limited time – example ( per hour 100rs income play and per day 10 times play. End of the day 1000rs easy profit. 


Betwin payment proof tamil
Bet win Payment
Play with your  own Risk msk earnings not responsible for your loss.

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