How to earn money with Joymall and Mantrimalls apps?

Both Joymall and Mantrimalls are color prediction apps. And through this article I am going to tell you how you can earn a lot with the help of these apps. In this post you will get to know –

1. What are color prediction games? And how does it work?
2. How to register on Joymall and Mantrimalls?
3. How to recharge on Joymall and Mantrimalls apps?
4. How to Predict Color on Joymall and Mantrimalls Apps?
5. How to earn money by referring Joymall and Mantrimalls apps?

So let us now talk about all these topics in detail one by one.

1. What are color prediction games? And how does it work?

Color Prediction as the name suggests. That in these games, we have to predict the color of the people. And the color that we predict, if the same color comes inside the result, then our money becomes double. And if it doesn’t come then you lose the money. So these color prediction games work in the same way.

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2. How to register on Mantrimalls?

Which two color prediction game is the best at present time. That is Joymall and Mantrimalls, both of these apps are very good apps. And you can also make good income with the help of these apps. After clicking on these links, you will have to provide some basic details to register. 1. First of all you have to enter your mobile number.
2. After this you have to click on OTP. Due to which an OTP will come in your mobile. You have to enter that OTP over there.
3. You need to enter your password. You can keep the password according to you.
4. Instead of image verification, you will have to enter the code written in the small image at the back.
5. Instead of the recommendation code, you have to enter the code given below carefully.

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3. How to recharge on  Joymall, Mantrimalls apps?

After registering on Joymall and Mantrimalls app, we have to recharge inside these apps to play these games. Within the Joymall app, you have to do a minimum recharge of Rs 300. So that you will also get a bonus of Rs 108. To recharge, you have to recharge by clicking on the section of recharge and entering the recharge amount.

Inside the Mantrimalls app, you have to do a minimum recharge of Rs 100. So that you will be able to play this game. And you can earn money by correctly predicting the color.

4. How to Predict Color on Mantrimalls App?

So this is a very important topic that after all, how to correctly predict the color inside these apps so that you can earn good money inside these apps. So for this you will find many such channels inside Telegram which tell you the correct color by predicting it. You should join those groups or channels. And according to the way they predict the color, in the same way you also have to predict the color. So that your chances are more. And you will be able to earn money by playing these games in this way.

5. How to earn money by referring Joymall and Mantrimalls apps?

This is the best way to earn money in any color prediction game. You too can earn a lot of money by sharing Joymall and Mantrimalls with your friends. Joymall app you share with your friends and if your friend does recharge by registering inside this app. So on recharging his 300, you will get 308 rupees. And your friend will also get Rs 408 on recharge of 300. So in this way, if you refer Joymall app to your 10 friends also, then you will get 3000 rupees for it. Which you can withdraw in your bank account.

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Same if we talk about mantrimalls app then it gives you 138 rupees for a referral. So you can also earn good money by sharing it with your friends. So how did you like this article, you can tell us by commenting below and you can also share this post with your friends so that they can also know about these apps better. Let them know how to earn money from these apps.

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