Best color prediction games to play and win money online in 2023

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about top 3 such color prediction apps, with the help of which you can easily earn 500 to 1000 rupees daily. If you do not know about color prediction games. What are Key Color Prediction Games? And how can you earn money from it. Then you must read this article- You have to predict the color on color prediction apps or websites. You get to see mainly three colors red, green and purple inside these apps. And you have to predict the color coming from these colors. And if the color that you predict comes, then you win. And the amount of money you have spent on the color. In that you get money from 2 times to 9 times. Today I am going to tell you about color prediction apps. In this you have to invest some money in the beginning. And then you can earn good money by predicting and referring colors in these apps.

1. Joymall

This app is best color prediction app. In this app you get 300 rupees for one referral. Just inside this app you have to first recharge 300 rupees. You will get Rs 400 as soon as you recharge. 300 then you get recharge amount plus Rs 108 bonus amount. And you can earn a lot of money by sharing this app with your friends. Suppose if you refer this app to your 10 friends, then you can earn only 3000 rupees from the referral itself.

You can create your id on Joymall app by clicking on click here below. In Joymall app, you have to do first recharge of Rs.300. By which your ID becomes active. You also get a bonus of Rs 108 on recharge of Rs 300.


2. Royalwin

The Royalwin app is also a great app. And the best thing about this app is that you do not need to recharge in this app. Rather, you will get a bonus of Rs 100 as soon as you register in this app. Which you can withdraw even without playing. Note – Now you do not get any bonus for signing up in Royalwin app. But you get 5 level commission in this app.

You get to see many games inside the Royalwin app. By playing whom you understand more and you can win money. To know more about Royalwin app you can read this article – Get 100 rupees as soon as you login to Royalwin app and win lots of money by playing games.

3. Mantrimalls

Mantrimalls app is also a color prediction app. In this also you have to predict the color. On Mantrimalls app, you get Rs 138 for a referral. In this app you have to first recharge Rs. And then after that you can earn money by sharing this app to your friends. Like your friends recharge 300 rupees in this app. So you get 138 rupees. which you can withdraw. So this was the top 3 color prediction apps on which you can earn a lot of money by predicting the color and referring these apps to your friends. If you are looking for apps other than color prediction apps from which you can earn good money, then you must read this article – Earn money by playing Ludo game on Ludo supreme app.

4. Fiewin

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Fiewin is also a good color prediction app. In this, you do not get any bonus for referring you. But in this you get a very good commission for playing games of your downline members. In Fiewin app also you get very good money for completing the task. You can earn very good money by completing the tasks given in Fiewin app.

5. Rxce

In Rxce app also you do not get any bonus for referring you like Fiewin app. But the specialty of this app is that this app also gives you a good commission for playing the game to the people referred by you.


In Cockfightgame, you get a bonus of Rs.100 as soon as you sign up. Which you can use to play the game. Also you get 50 rupees for referral in this game. You are also given some tasks in the cockfight game. Completion of which you get money. Which you can withdraw.

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