Latest Electric vehicle stocks list in india

Latest Electric vehicle stocks list in india [Now]

Latest Electric vehicle stocks list in india


Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the best electric vehicle stocks list india 2022, there are many such companies in India who are working on electric vehicles in view of increasing petrol diesel and pollution, as well as the government also seems to be supporting it.

And there is no doubt that the future is going to be electric vehicle, now EV has started, as the demand for electric vehicle will increase, you will see the growth of all the companies working on EV as well as their share price. 

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If you have come to invest in the stock market from a long-term perspective, then you must invest in the best electric vehicle stocks, today we have done something similar for you with a lot of hard work and research.

In electric vehicle auto manufacturing stocks, electric vehicle charging station, electric vehicle battery manufacturing stocks, electric vehicle metal manufacturing stocks, we will tell you about the top best electric vehicle stocks in which you can think of investing.

Best Electric vehicle stocks list

Friends, we are telling about the electric vehicle stock of Jean Auto Sector, that company manufactures electric vehicle cars, rickshaws, buses, trucks, bikes, cycles, whose demand is going to increase a lot in the future, so let’s know those best electric vehicle stocks

list in electric vehicle auto manufacturing

The name of Tata Motors company comes first in our list in electric vehicle auto manufacturing. Tata Motors is the second largest auto manufacturing in India in which the company’s market capitalization is 162892 crores.

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Tata Motors manufactures passenger cars, buses, and commercial vehicles, the company’s business is spread in different countries, in which the company has a brand like Jaguar Land Rover, from where the company generates 80% revenue and in today’s time. The company is paying a lot of attention to the electric vehicle

In the best electric vehicle stock, we see Mahindra & Mahindra company at the forefront, whose market capitalization is about 105. 273 crores and its share price is trading around Rs.850. Mahindra and Mahindra Company has a market share of around 42% in Light Passenger Vehicles and around 62% Market Share in the Pickup Segment, however, only 6% market share of the Company is visible in Commercial Vehicles which would be considered a bad point.

The company is working very vigorously on Electric Vehicle as well as the company is the tractor manufacturing market leader and this stock looks good in future in which you can think of investing

The share of Ashok Leyland Company comes at number three in our list of Best electric vehicle stock because the company works in Light Commercial Vehicles i.e. the company manufactures trucks. In today’s time the total market capitalization of the company is 37. 765 crores. And its share price is trading around Rs128, although there is a lot of debt on the company, which seems to be increasing every year, which the company seems to be running the fund to work.

Also, the company’s sales have shown an increase this year and the company is working on electric vehicles, the future of the company looks good in the coming time, you can think of investing in this electric vehicle stock.

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We have kept the stock of Hero Motocorp company in our list of Best electric vehicle stock because Hero Motocorp company appears at the forefront of bike manufacturing in which the company generates the most revenue from it. The company is working on making electric vehicles bike. 

And in the coming time, we can see Hero Motocorp EV bike in every household, although a retail investor may see its share price very high but you can think of investing with a small amount of money with a long-term perspective. 

Now let’s talk about which company is in our list of best electric vehicle stock that manufactures electric vehicle cycles, so in this we have seen Himadri Specialty Chemical, although this company does the work of making chemicals which are used in electric vehicles. in which the company is at the forefront of India

But the group of the company has now decided to make an electric vehicle cycle, which can be considered a very good business according to the future, in today’s time its share price is around ₹ 60, you can invest in this stock for a long time. 


 All the share prices we have mentioned in this article, we have told about our experience and company by researching and analyzing and looking at the future. Please do not invest just after reading this article, invest by doing fundamental research yourself and take your own risk.

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