Best multibagger penny stocks to buy in 2022

Best multibagger penny stocks to buy in 2023 [Now]

Best multibagger penny stocks to buy in 2023 


The stock market is a risky place to say, but the return you can get here is nowhere else. Your money in the stock market can double in a week. But for this, it is necessary to choose the right stock. If you have such stocks in your portfolio, which can make good profits, then you will become rich. The question is how do you choose the right stock or multibagger penny stocks. Some experts and broking firms recommend buying in selected stocks. As at this time it is advised for a stock, which can give huge returns from the current levels. Know the details of this share.

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PIL Italica stock analysis

We are talking about PIL Italica. This stock has given huge returns in the last one month and This share is currently only at the level of Rs 13.26. But the target is too high for this stocks. An expert has expressed the possibility of this stock going up to Rs 20 in the short term. That is, in the short term itself, you can get about 51% return from it.

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It is expected that this stock can go up to Rs 38 in the next 6 months and If it goes up to Rs 38 from the current level, it can give you up to 186.7 per cent returns. But the long term for this is Rs 50. If it goes up to Rs.50. So you will get more than 250% return. In reaching from Rs 13.26 to Rs 50, it will give 277 per cent return. 

Having established itself as one of the most trusted plastic furniture brands in India, it is expanding across the globe by exporting its products to various parts of Asia, Middle East and Africa, according to the company’s website. The company uses an efficient water recycling system and renewable sources of energy.

PIL Italica has been manufacturing innovative, durable and high quality plastic products for over 3 decades. The company is an ISO-9001:2015 accredited company, Also the only company in India with CE certified plastic furniture products. PIL Italica is also one of the most preferred plastic furniture brands in India.

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