Slayy point net worth, biography, age, education & more [Now]

Slayy point net worth, biography,  age, education & more


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So friends, let’s start this article today, if you are a fan of Slayy Point channel, then do not forget to share this article with your friends. In these article we will know complete information about slayy point, slayy point biographyslayy point real name, slayy point cars & more.

Slayy point income

Friends  now we are going to know about Slayy point income. Slayy point monthly income is 60 thousand from YouTube and by earning these Slayy point net worth is now more than 5 crore. All his efforts make him popular in the youtube and now he has more than 1 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. 

Slayy point age 

Friends Abhyudaya was born on 2 January 1998 and Gautami was born on 29 October 1998 in Maharashtra and both are friends from their high school time. Where both of them were from the same school ryan Inter College

Friends, he was very fond of playing and watching cricket since childhood and both were very smart in studies, where as seen now, 91% in class 10th in ICSC and 93% in class 10th of Gautami.

And after doing their intermediate, both of them thought of doing graduation.

So let’s talk about Slayy point YouTube Journey.

Friends, after intermediate, both thought that why not make a YouTube channel in free time and work on it.

Slayy point youtube channel

Thinking that for a few days he opened a youtube channel and started playing videos.

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Friends, this is the thing before 2016, when both of them had created the channel, the name of that channel was silly point and friends, they share their first video on WhatsApp group and social media so that they do not get more than 1000 views but after that there are many videos. He created that on which neither was getting any special response.

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And a few days later, the trailer of MS Dhoni The Untold Story movie came and he did a breakdown on this and got a lot of views on his video. And friends, he broke many trailers that after today he started getting that from Hathwa as well, along with this he completed his 10000 subscriber milestone on 10th December 2016.

Which was not theirs, it was a matter of great happiness. And friends, the name of this channel was Silly Point but they changed the name to Slayy Point but they did not change any in the channel.

Friends that both of them are very bored doing breakdown and analysis and they knew that no one sees our videos after the release of the movie, so they thought of doing something different. And friends, both of these wanted evergreen topics, which if someone sees them even after a year or two, if they remain the same, then they stepped into the field of roasting and after that they achieved many milestones one by one.

Slayy point net worth 

And friends, after stepping into roasting, he started roasting on a lot of topics and friends tell you that he did not even leave carryminati and made a video on him too, but the fans of carryminati hated the video a lot and they Had to delete that video.

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And friends, even after many ups and downs and strikes, his channel continued to run.

Slayy point biography 

Friends, in 2019, he got a big opportunity where he got a chance to roast in fanfest on behalf of youtube. And friends, just a few days after that, 1 million subscribers on his channel were completed very quickly.

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