Satish Kushwaha net worth, biography, age, blog name & more

Satish Kushwaha net worth, biography, age, blog name & more [Now]

Satish Kushwaha net worth, biography, age, blog name & more

Satish Kushwaha Wikipedia, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Income,  Biography & More


The story of today’s success and inspirational story is of 26-year-old Satish Kushwaha, who is also a Youtuber, Blogger and a Vlogger. Satish Impressional Motivational Story is the best example of Rage to Riches. Satish Kushwaha, coming out of a small town of Deoria in Uttar Pradesh, now he is very popular in YouTube today.

Satish Kushwaha net worth

Hello friends, we are going to talk about Satish kushwaha net worth. We will know the Satish kushwaha income as well. Satish kushwaha net worth is $ 37k. so friends today we are going to talk about satish kushwaha.

satish kushwaha biography

whatever you want to do, then make it your goal, Satish Kushwaha did the same thing. In his life, he has always followed his dreams, from which he wrote his success story. Satish is also a Small Town Entrepreneur Youtuber, Blogger, Content Creator by defeating all his Struggles.
Being from a small town, Satish had to face discrimination many times. Not having a good grasp in English was also a challenge for Satish, but Satish started reading books and developed his own personality.
Satish always had the attitude of Never Settle and Never stop learning. Today we will talk about many aspects of this journey of Satish Kushwaha. From whom you will get to learn a lot, so let’s know Satish Kushwaha Biography, Success and Inspirational Story of Satish k Videos.

Satish kushwaha age

Satish was born on 27 September 1994 in a simple Indian family in the village of Deoria, a small area in Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is Hargovind Kushwaha, who runs his own medical store. There are four brothers in the house, Jaiprakash Kushwaha, Montu, Kishan. Satish is a YouTuber. Known for motivational interviews through his Satish k Videos YouTube channel.

Satish Kushwaha home address  

Satish’s early education was completed in the government school of his village Deoria. Till 12th he studied from the school of Deoria itself. Satish was fond of appearing in front of the camera since childhood, that’s why he used to enjoy the camera only in marriage.
Were how people face the camera or how the camera works. This passion of his took him towards the film world. After passing 12th, he told the family members that he has to do film  now, the family members had no idea about it. He wanted to see him become a doctor or engineer like a normal family. The cost of film making was very high, so which he could not fulfill, then left it and went ahead.
He took admission in Computer Science at Axis College Kanpur in 2016. In college itself, he started learning about WiFi and how to earn money online from it and started writing YouTube and blogs.
Later he came to know that he can earn money even in 1 day from content writing, so he started writing articles for a blogger at 200 to ₹ 300.

Satish Kushwaha wiki

After completing college, he came to know that something has been launched in Mumbai by doing youtube space, where all the relative information is given from youtube. So he went to Mumbai by lying to his family members that he had got a job of 12000 in Mumbai.
He had lied to the family members, but as soon as he reached Mumbai, his life full of success and Struggle Journey had started. There was no source of income in those days, so he rented a room with 6 people in a 10*12 size chala and started living.
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