Manoj Saru net worth, biography, age, success story & more

Manoj Saru net worth, biography, age, success story & more [Now]

Manoj Saru net worth, biography, age, success story & more

So today I have brought for you ‘Success And Impressional Story’ and the hard working and motivational story of Manoj Saru, Technology Gyan, a well-known personality of the world of Youtube Tech, so let’s know how to become a hero from zero.

मनोज सारू ने यूट्यूब पर मचाया धमाल, जानें कैसे बने भारत के टॉप यूट्यूबर्स  में से एक - know how manoj saru registered his name in india top youtubers  – News18 हिंदी


Manoj Saru Biography 

As a child, Manoj Saru lived in a rented house, and the financial condition of the house was not good. Many times he had to leave it even for a meal at a time. Due to financial problems at home, he had to drop his admission in the college. But in spite of all this, there was no shortage of stubbornness, passion and passion in him. He took a laptop on loan and learned all the things by watching all the tech related videos for a year.
It is not that he did not have to struggle in this journey, he did not have to face the problem, the only difference is that he could not stand in front of her Hard Working, Dedication, Determination and Never Give up Attitude.
Today he has become an inspirational figure for many people.
Manoj saru life
Manoj Saru gives the latest information about tech relatives and smartphones on a YouTube channel named ‘Technology Gyan‘, and today his YouTube family has crossed 15 million, he started from zero and today one of the famous names in the world of YouTube Tech.

Manoj Saru age

Manoj Saru was born on 18 April 1994 in South Delhi. Let us tell you that Manoj’s family belongs from Nepal, but had come to Delhi many years ago.
Manoj did his early studies from DAV School Delhi, after that he did BCA from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) and completed software engineering from NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology).
Manoj saru story begins with a rented house, which was deprived of every kind of comfort. Manoj has two sisters and a brother, the whole family lived in the same room.
In the early days, he used to cook food in the stave and sometimes even read to leave a meal at home, because the financial condition of the house was not so good.

Manoj saru net worth

Manoj thought that I do not have to live like this in my life ahead, I have to do something, I have to change something. The most important role plays in Manoj saru life is that of his mother, his mother had said that ‘I may have to wipe the broom in whatever house I have to work, but I will make my children successful by writing and writing’.
After passing 12th, Manoj wanted to do from computer science. Because he was very fond of computer, gadget, even in school time, when the teacher faced any problem in computer class, Manoj used to tell him the solution.

Manoj saru school

Manoj wanted to complete his studies, get the degree he wanted. But could not do it due to lack of money. The fees for the college from which he wanted to do was around 1.5 lakhs. And he did not have enough income from the house that he could do the course. Then had to drop for 1 year, cried and despaired for 3 days due to not getting admission in the college of his choice.
Because his dream was completely broken then somehow managed himself and thought that I should not live like this and got ready for a new beginning.

Manoj saru contact number

We have no information about Manoj saru contact number.
After leaving college for 1 year, Manoj took a laptop with a fresh start and determination. That too by taking a loan which cost ₹ 15000, then he had a cheap smartphone and 2G network. By this way, by connecting that 2G network to the laptop, he gathered all the relative information from the computer.
IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) BC after not taking admission from big college at the time of dropping college for that 1 year, he achieved success in his life.
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Manoj saru income

So if we talk about Manoj saru income, then according to me, Manoj saru monthly income in 2022 is 5,00,000 plus and if we talk about Manoj saru net worth, then their net worth is $ 540k in 2021. Which is more than 4 crores in Indian Rupees.
And if we talk about Manoj saru income from a YouTube video, then his income is more than 60 thousand from a YouTube video, which is of only a few youtubers in India, Technology gyan income.
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