FactTechz net worth, real name, biography, house & more mskearnings.com

FactTechz net worth, real name, biography, house & more

FactTechz net worth, real name, biography, house & more 

Rajesh Kumar (FactTechz) Biography, Age, Wiki, Girlfriend, Family & More


In today’s blog post we are going to know about facttechz, we will know facttechz net worth, facttechz real name, facttechz house, facttechz new video and more.

Facttechz real name 

Friends, although there are many YouTubers in India, but the first number who is on YouTube in terms of facts is Rajesh Kumar, whose channel is on YouTube in the name of Facttechz. Even the man is compelled to accept his video and behind all these things, the hard work and research of Rajesh Kumar i.e. Facttechz is amazing.

Facttechz biography 

So friends, today we will talk about the facttechz of Rajesh Kumar i.e. about Rajesh kumar lifestyle, so let’s start, if you like our article, then please share it to more and more people, we will get happiness, 
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Facttechz age 

Friends Rajesh Kumar was born on April 1, 2002 in Delhi, according to 2021, his age is 21 years, Rajesh Kumar did his schooling from a small school in Delhi and friends Rajesh Kumar had a lot of interest in maths and science since childhood. Tha Rajesh Kumar always used to impress the same subjects in which some logic has always been talked about.

Facttechz house

Rajesh lives in Delhi with his family. Rajesh Kumar has an Innova Crysta and a Royal Enfield Bullet. 

Rajash Kumar career 

When Rajesh Kumar grew up slowly, his attention started moving towards YouTube and only then Rajesh Kumar thought that he should leave his studies and make a career on YouTube, his parents also supported him on this decision of Rajesh Kumar. 
And after studying till matriculation, Rajesh Kumar left studies, which in today’s date Rajesh Kumar is a profession on YouTube, since childhood, Rajesh Kumar was very fond of science subject, that is why Rajesh Kumar took up new techniques of science. He made his own channel on Facebook and YouTube to introduce the world with He uploaded his first video 2 months later on 18th September 2016, the title of the video was five facts about the earth, no matter how many did he come on that puzzle video at that time but this video has forced him to put more videos So many different ways than this, so now they have their own Started putting internet tricks and some mind blowing facts in the videos which people liked a lot and their videos also started getting a lot of views and in the same way they lightly did 1500 on their youtube channel which is a new youtube But it is a big deal for him that he took the video of his YouTube channel a step further i.e. started making videos related to different topics like time traveling and black holes and our superstition and the science behind it. Like before this, no Indian YouTuber had not explained so well and because of this, they started getting a good feedback from the people and people started liking them. but friends at the time were the videos of their most superhit Mysterious series. Which most liked people gave a lot of love and on seeing Rajesh Kumar completed 1 lakh subscribers on 27 January 2017 and people liked this content so much that people supported so much within 1 year. Rajesh Kumar without Revealed his face without any information and 10 days after revealing his face, it also crossed the mark of 10 million subscribers on 17th July 2019 Rajesh Kumar became the first on YouTube of India who crossed the 10 million subscriber mark. Did Rajesh Kumar want to name his channel as Body Minding first but he thought it more correct to name his channel as Facttechz Rajesh Kumar became India’s first Teen on YouTube who crossed 10 million subscribers mark in 2 years 11 months only Rajesh Kumar Scripting Voice Over. He does some things himself but his friend Rohan Sharma edits the videos. Fact Tags is India’s seventh non-cooperative channel, friends, although there are many fact channels in India, but only Rajesh Kumar is at number one.

Facttechz net worth 

So friends let’s talk about Facttechz income, we cannot tell what is Facttechz income, but Rajesh Kumar would have earned around 5 lakh rupees every month, Rajesh Kumar would have earned 40 to 50 lakh rupees with Ads promotion

Facttechz new video

Rajash kumar has more 20 million of YouTube subscribers because of his hard work. You can facttechz new video from his YouTube channel Facttechz.
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